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Tác is a village in Hungary. In the time of Roman Empire it was known as ''Gorsium-Herculia''. An open-air museum presents the ruins.== External links ==Aerial photography: Gorsium - Tác - HungaryCategory:Populated places in Fejér County read more

Việt Điện U Linh Tập

''Việt Điện U Linh Tập'' (chữ Hán:粵甸幽靈集 or 越甸幽靈集) Collection of Stories on the Shady and Spiritual World of the Viet Realm) is a history of Vietnam written in Chinese (chữ nho) compiled by Lý Tế Xuyên during the 14th century Trần dynasty. The English "Viet Realm" (or "Yue Territory") derives from alternative Chinese characters designating Vietnam under the Chinese domination as Jiaozhi. Chinese sources tend to use the Chinese title Yuedian (粵甸, Yue as in... read more

Hà Huy Tập

Hà Huy Tập (Cẩm Xuyên, 24 April 1906 – executed at Hóc Môn 28 August 1941) was the third General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV).Hoang ''Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang: A Contemporary History of a National Struggle'' 2008 Page 244 "Later, a number of cadres in the New Vietnam Revolutionary Party (TVCMĐ) - Hà Huy Tập, Trần Phú, and Trần Phạm Hồ - disbanded and formed the Indo-Chinese Communist League"Ngày này năm xưa - Văn Hải Nguyễn... read more

Thiền uyển tập anh

''Thiền uyển tập anh'' (禪苑集英, Collection of Outstanding Figures of the Zen Garden) is a Chinese-language Vietnamese Buddhist biographical text dating to 1337.Cuong Tu Nguyen Zen in Medieval Vietnam: A Study and Translation of Thiè̂n Uyẻ̂n Tập AnhPhilip Taylor -Modernity and Re-Enchantment: Religion in Post-Revolutionary Vietnam 2007 - Page 464Thien Do Vietnamese Supernaturalism: Views from the Southern Region 2012 34 Thiền Uyển Tập Anh, the fourteenth century text on... read more

Quốc âm thi tập

The ''Quốc âm thi tập'' (國音詩集 "National language poetry collection") is a vernacular-Vietnamese language poetry book written in chữ nôm script attributed to Nguyễn Trãi. The collection of 254 poems was traditionally written after Nguyễn Trãi's retirement from court life.Mark W. McLeod, Thi Dieu Nguyen Culture and Customs of Vietnam 2001- Page 68 "... printing them — the earliest body of nom texts that we have dates from the early post-occupation era and is attributed to Nguyen... read more

An Phú, Thuận An

An Phú is ward of Thuận An town in Bình Dương Province of Southeast region of Vietnam. An Phú is divided into 5 neighborhoods: 1A, 1B, 2, 3, 4. First Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) is located in An Phú near Bình Đáng of Bình Hòa ward.==References==Category:Populated places in Binh Duong Province read more


Year 3 ( III ) was a IIIcommon year starting on Monday or Tuesday (link will display the full calendar) of the TuesdayJulian calendar (the sources differ, see leap year error for further information) and a leap year errorcommon year starting on Monday of the leap year errorcommon year starting on MondayProleptic Julian calendar . At the time it was known as the Year of the leap year errorcommon year starting on MondayProleptic Julian calendarConsulship of Lamia and LamiaServilius... read more


''3%'' is an upcoming Brazilian thriller series. It is a reboot of a 2011 web series of the same name created by Pedro Aguilera which had its pilot episode produced and uploaded to YouTube. ''YouTube'' channel. It will be Netflix's first original production shot in Brazil, and will be one of Netflix's first shows produced in a language other than English. 3% will star Bianca Comparato and João Miguel.The show is set in a future where people are given a chance to go to the "better side" of a world... read more

3 + 3

''3 + 3'' is the eleventh album released by The Isley Brothers for the Epic label under their T-Neck imprint in August 7, 1973. Their first album for the label after several years in Buddah Records, it was also the first time the family group, which had consisted of founding members O'Kelly Isley, Jr., Rudolph Isley and Ronald Isley, officially included six members instead of the standard three. Following the recording and release of ''Brother, Brother, Brother'' the previous year, this was the first... read more


''3X3'' is an EP by the English rock band Genesis. It was released in 1982. Its three songs were recorded during the ''Abacab'' sessions. The lead single, "Paperlate", peaked at No. 10 on the UK charts, No. 32 on the U.S. ''Billboard'' Hot 100, and No. 2 on the ''Billboard'' Rock Tracks chart.==Production==All songs were recorded during the session for ''Abacab''. A bootleg demo tape exists of the band playing an entire session of songs for ''Abacab'', with the three songs from this EP also included.''Abacab... read more

Vietnamese poetry

Vietnamese poetry originated in the form of folk poetry and proverbs. Vietnamese poetic structures include ''six-eight, ''double-seven six-eight'', and various styles shared with Classical Chinese poetry forms, such as are found in Tang poetry; examples include verse forms with "seven syllables each line for eight lines," "seven syllables each line for four lines" (a type of quatrain), and "five syllables each line for eight lines." More recently there have been ''new poetry'' and ''free poetry''.With... read more

Hoàng Hiệp

Hoàng Hiệp (Chợ Mới, 1 October 1931 - Saigon, 9 January 2013) was a Vietnamese songwriter.John Shepherd -Continuum encyclopedia of popular music of the world: Volumes 3-7 2005 "The poem addresses the dangers and hardships of their respective routes; Hoang Hiep's setting is lyrical and evocative of southern folk music. In South Vietnam, while the army and the war played an important role, popular music was largely .." He was a recipient of the Hồ Chí Minh Prize in 2000. (VOV) 20 Jan 2013... read more

Wikipedia:Articles for creation/2008-02-02

== CARICOM wharf Trinidad ==''This request for creation has been reviewed. The reviewer comments appear below the article text.''If you want to make changes and try again, copy and paste your article into a new submission and make your changes there.CARICOM Wharf better known as Queens Wharf Port of Spain, located at Beetham Highway Sea Lots Port Of Spain.=== Sources === (talk) 00:36, 2 February 2008 (UTC)20px Declined. The proposed article is not suitable for Wikipedia. Please see... read more

Cà Lồ River

The Cà Lồ River () is a river of Vietnam. It flows through Vĩnh Phúc Province, Hanoi and Bắc Ninh Province for 89 kilometres and has a basin area of 880 km²., trang 504 trong Kỷ yếu Hội thảo Khoa học lần thứ 9 của Viện Khí tượng thủy văn, tập tin pdf tách ra, trang 3 read more

3×3 Eyes

''3×3 Eyes'', pronounced in Japanese , is a Japanesemanga written and illustrated by JapanesemangaYuzo Takada . The manga was serialized in '' JapanesemangaYuzo TakadaYoung Magazine '' from 1987 to 2002, spanning to a total of 40 volumes. In 1993, it won the JapanesemangaYuzo TakadaYoung MagazineKodansha Manga Award for JapanesemangaYuzo TakadaYoung MagazineKodansha Manga Awardshōnen . The English -language translation was being published by EnglishDark Horse Comics , but was discontinued... read more


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