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Škoda Superb

The current Škoda Superb is a large family car that has been produced by the Czech car manufacturer large family carŠkoda Auto since 2001.The first generation of the modern Superb, produced from 2001 to 2008, was based on the B5 platform of the Volkswagen Passat , but was elongated by . The second generation Superb used a stretched version of the PQ46 platform from the then-current Passat , and was introduced in 2008. The third, and current, generation entered production in 2015. It is... read more

Škoda Works

The Škoda Works () was one of the largest European industrial conglomerates of the 20th century, founded by Czech engineer Doosan Škoda PowerPilsen SteelŠkoda AutoŠkoda JSŠkoda TransportationEmil Škoda in 1859 in Doosan Škoda PowerPilsen SteelŠkoda AutoŠkoda JSŠkoda TransportationEmil ŠkodaPlzeň , then in the Doosan Škoda PowerPilsen SteelŠkoda AutoŠkoda JSŠkoda TransportationEmil ŠkodaPlzeňKingdom of Bohemia , Doosan Škoda PowerPilsen SteelŠkoda AutoŠkoda JSŠkoda TransportationEmil... read more

Emil Škoda

Grave of Emil Škoda, St. Nicholas Cemetery, Plzeň Emil Ritter von Škoda (19 November 1839 – 8 August 1900) was a Czech Czechengineer and Czechengineerindustrialist , founder of CzechengineerindustrialistŠkoda Works , the predecessor of today's CzechengineerindustrialistŠkoda WorksŠkoda Auto and CzechengineerindustrialistŠkoda WorksŠkoda AutoŠkoda Transportation .==Life and work==Emil Škoda was born in CzechengineerindustrialistŠkoda WorksŠkoda AutoŠkoda TransportationPlzeň... read more

Škoda Auto

Škoda Auto (), more commonly known as Škoda, is a Czech automobile manufacturer founded in 1895 as automobileLaurin & Klement . It is headquartered in automobileLaurin & KlementMladá Boleslav , automobileLaurin & KlementMladá BoleslavCzech Republic .In 1925 automobileLaurin & KlementMladá BoleslavCzech RepublicLaurin & Klement was acquired by automobileLaurin & KlementMladá BoleslavCzech RepublicLaurin & KlementŠkoda Works Official website which itself became state owned during the... read more

Škoda Favorit

The Škoda Favorit (''Type'' 781) was a range of supermini cars produced by Czech auto manufacturer Škoda Auto from 1987 to 1995. It was Škoda's first car to follow the European trend of locating the engine at the front, mounted transversely, and was also their first car to use front-wheel drive. The Favorit was premiered in July 1987 at the Brno Engineering Fair. Like other models in the Škoda lineup, the name "Favorit" had been first used on an earlier vehicle - a large imposing luxury limosine... read more

Vladimír Škoda

Vladimír Škoda (born October 9, 1983) is a Czech professional ice hockey player who is currently playing for HKm Zvolen in the Slovak Extraliga. read more

Škoda Elektra

Škoda Elektra is trade name of line of trams made by Czech company Škoda Transportation of Pilsen (not to be confused with car manufacturer Škoda Auto of Mladá Boleslav). The designation applies to both unidirectional and bidirectional vehicles. The end parts of the vehicles (except 06T and 10T) were created by Porsche Design Group. The vehicles are built in the Škoda factory in Plzeň.The line of Škoda Elektra trams includes: read more

Michal Škoda

Michal Škoda (born 3 January 1988 in Prague) is a Czech football player who currently plays for Zbrojovka Brno. He is younger brother of Milan Škoda.==External links==Category:FK Bohemians Prague (Střížkov) players read more

Škoda Rapid

Škoda Rapid is a name used by the Czech automotive company Škoda Auto on a variety of different cars: read more

Jiří Škoda

Jiří Škoda (born 27 March 1956) is a retired Czech cyclist who specialized in road racing. He won a bronze medal in the 100 km time trial at the 1980 Summer Olympics and at the 1981 UCI Road World Championships.Together with Miloš Hrazdíra, he is the most successful rider of the Tour de Slovaquie, which he won in 1976, 1980 and 1985. He also won the Ytong Bohemia Tour three times (1978, 1983 and 1985) and the Giro delle Regioni twice (1984 and 1985).==References==Category:Olympic cyclists of... read more

Škoda Popular was a 1930s Czechoslovak small family car made by Škoda. It was the company's most affordable car at the time.==Background==Škoda introduced a new line of cars in 1930s which significantly differed from its previous products. A new design of chassis with backbone tube and all-around independent suspension was developed under the leadership of chief engineer Vladimír Matouš and derived from the one introduced by Hans Ledwinka in Tatra. First used on model Škoda 420 Standard in... read more

Škoda 1203

Škoda 1203, Škoda 1203 M, TAZ-Š 1203 and TAZ 1500 was an automobile which was produced from 1968 to 1999 in Vrchlabí and Trnava by AZV Škoda and TAZ. The vehicle is still being produced by Ocelot Auto, a small manufacturer situated in Žacléř in the Czech Republic. Plans for production were first drawn up in 1956. Political problems in then Czechoslovakia were the reason the production was delayed until 1968. The Škoda 1202 serves as the technical basis of the vehicle. There were several... read more

Milan Škoda

Milan Škoda (born 16 January 1986) is a Czech footballer who plays as a forward for Slavia Prague.He made his senior international debut for the Czech Republic on 12 June 2015 in a 2–1 away loss to Iceland in UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying, coming on as a substitute for Lukáš Vácha in the 79th minute. He scored his first two international goals against Kazakhstan in Euro 2016 Qualifying.==External links==Category:Czech Republic international footballers read more

Škoda VOS

The Škoda VOS is a full-size luxury car produced by the Czechoslovak automaker AZNP at their plant in Mladá Boleslav between 1949 and 1952. For a few years it was the preferred car for senior political and military personnel in Czechoslovakia. It was never sold to the general public.==Background==In 1949 the plant at Mladá Boleslav assembled the last Škoda Superbs, large six-cylinder limousines evoking the style of American cars in the late 1930s. The authorities needed a more modern replacement... read more

Škoda ForCity

Škoda ForCity is a family of low-floor trams built by Škoda Transportation. ForCity trams were ordered by transport companies of Bratislava, Chemnitz, Helsinki, Konya, Miskolc, Prague and Riga. Until June 2016 was ordered 513 units. read more


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