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Live! Live! Live!

''Live! Live! Live!'' is a live album released by Bryan Adams through A&M Records in 1988. It was recorded live at the Rock Werchter festival on 3 July 1988 in Werchter, Belgium. One track, "Into the Fire", was recorded live in Tokyo. The album sold over 1 million copies.The concert was taped while it "rained in torrents".Album liner notes, page 6. At the end of It's Only Love, Adams comments to the audience, "I've got to tell you something. For you people to sit out in the rain, means you're one... read more

Live Live Live Extra

''Live Live Live Extra'' is a live album released by X Japan on November 5, 1997. Supplemental to the previously published ''Live Live Live Tokyo Dome 1993-1996'', it contains more recordings from the band's annual New Year's Eve concerts at the Tokyo Dome. All tracks on this album were recorded on December 31, 1996, with the exception of "Piano Solo", which was taken from the 1995 performance. The album reached number 13 on the Oricon chart.== References ==Category:Albums recorded at the Tokyo Dome read more

Live! Live! Live! (EP)

''Live! Live! Live!'' is a live EP by the Detroit, Michigan punk rock band The Suicide Machines, released in 1998 by Hollywood Records. It was a promotional EP released in preparation for their then-upcoming album ''Battle Hymns''. It contains three songs recorded during performances on December 27 and 28, 1997 at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit. The first two songs are tracks that appear on ''Battle Hymns'', while the third, "Friends," was originally featured on the band's 1994 'Green World' cassette.... read more

Live Live Live

''Live!-Live!-Live!'' (Curb Records, 1986) is an album containing live recordings from 1985 Bachman-Turner Overdrive concerts in East Rutherford, NJ and Detroit, MI as the opening act on Van Halen's 5150 tour.It was recorded with the lineup from the ''Bachman-Turner Overdrive'' 1984 reunion album - a short-lived line up of the band featuring founding members Randy Bachman, Tim Bachman, and C. F. "Fred" Turner, who had not played together since Tim's departure after the second BTO album. This lineup... read more

Live A Live

is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the Super Famicom , and released on September 2, 1994. It was never released outside Japan, but it has been unofficially translated into English.''Live A Live''s story begins with a series of seven seemingly unrelated chapters that can be played in any order, based on popular genres such as Western , Westernscience fiction , and Westernscience fictionmecha . Each chapter has its own plot, setting, and characters. Although... read more

Live Live in Paris

''Live Live in Paris'' is a live album by punk rock band Backyard Babies. read more

Live Baby Live

''Live Baby Live'' is Australian rock band INXS's first live album. It was released on 11 November 1991 and features tracks recorded during their Summer XS Tour in Paris, New York, Chicago, London, Dublin, Glasgow, Rio de Janeiro, Montreal, Spain, Switzerland, Melbourne, Sydney, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas. The album peaked in the top 10 on both the Australian and United Kingdom albums charts. It has sold over one million copies in the United States, earning a platinum certification by the RIAA.... read more

Live Stiffs Live

''Live Stiffs Live'' is a live album released in 1978, containing performances by various Stiff Records artists from the first "Live Stiffs Tour", which ran from 3 October to 5 November 1977.It features tracks by Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Ian Dury & the Blockheads, Nick Lowe, Wreckless Eric and Larry Wallis. The album opens with tour MC (and later Clash road manager) Kosmo Vinyl calling audience members away from the bar and introducing the first act as "Nick Lowe's Led Zeppelin". The... read more

Live Live Live Tokyo Dome 1993-1996

''Live Live Live Tokyo Dome 1993-1996'' is a live album released by X Japan on October 15, 1997. As the title implies, it contains songs recorded at the Tokyo Dome between 1993 and 1996, all of them at the band's annual New Year's Eve concerts at that stadium. The album reached number 3 on the Oricon chart. A supplemental disc, titled ''Live Live Live Extra'' was released the following month.== References ==Category:Albums recorded at the Tokyo Dome read more

Live action

In filmmaking , filmmakingvideo production , and other media , live action is mediacinematography or mediacinematographyvideography that does ''not'' use mediacinematographyvideographyanimation (though sometimes based on an original animated series).==Overview==As the normal process of making visual media involves live action, the term itself is usually superfluous, but it makes an important distinction in situations in which one might normally expect animation, as in a animatedPixar... read more

Live oak

Live oak or evergreen oak is a general term for a number of unrelated s in several different sections of the genus ''Quercus'' that share the characteristic of foliage.The name ''live oak'' comes from the fact that evergreen oaks remain green and "live" throughout winter, when other oaks are dormant and leafless. The name is used mainly in , where evergreen oaks are widespread in warmer areas along the coast from southeast to , west along the to and , and across the southwest to and southwest... read more

Live Box

''Live Box'' is a set of 4 live CDs, a live DVD and a 36-page booklet by Iceland ic musician IcelandBjörk , released in August 2003 . Each live CD roughly corresponds to one album in her (at the time of release) four album solo discography. The 4 live CDs were later released separately in June 2004==Background==When Björk was pregnant with her daughter Ísadóra in 2002 she decided to start sorting through the hundreds of hours of live recordings she had collected from her tours. Assisted in... read more

Live television

Live television refers to a television production broadcast in real-time, as events happen, in the present.From the early days of television until about 1958, live television was used heavily, except for television productionfilm ed shows such as '' television productionfilmI Love Lucy '' and '' television productionfilmI Love LucyGunsmoke ''. Although television productionfilmI Love LucyGunsmokevideotape was invented in 1957, it cost $300 per one hour reel ()meaning it was only very gradually... read more

Live Bullet

''‘Live’ Bullet'' is a live album by American rock band Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band , released in April 1976 . It was recorded at 1976Cobo Hall in 1976Cobo HallDetroit , 1976Cobo HallDetroitMichigan , during the heyday of that arena's time as an important rock concert venue. The album is credited, along with '' Night Moves '', with launching Seger's mainstream popularity.==History==Live' Bullet'' became a staple of FM rock radio in Detroit. Classics such as the live version... read more


''Live/Dead'' is the first official live album released by the live albumSan Francisco -based band live albumSan FranciscoGrateful Dead . It was recorded over a series of live concerts in early 1969 and released later in the year on November 10. At the time of its release, live albumSan FranciscoGrateful DeadRobert Christgau wrote that side two of the double album "contains the finest rock improvisation ever recorded." A landmark live album that captured the Grateful Dead's improvisations at... read more


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