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Kyriakos Velopoulos

Kyriakos Velopoulos (; born 24 October 1965) is a Greek politician and former parliament member, and television personality. Born in Germany, his parents were refugee peasants. After his graduation from Dendropotamos high school, he studied journalism and was awarded a scholarship. During his compulsory military service in the Hellenic Army, he served as an officer on the islands of North-Eastern Aegean Sea, and the Greek mainland. He is a member of the Academy of the Greek language in Germany and... read more


Cyaneae (; also spelt Kyaneai or Cyanae) was an ancient Lycian town.Plin. v. 27. William Martin Leake says that its remains were discovered west of Andriaca. The place, which is at the head of Port Tristomo, was determined by an inscription. Leake observes that in some copies of Pliny it is written Cyane; in Hierocles and the Notitiae Episcopatuum it is Cyaneae. It is said in Spratt and Forbes: Cyaneae is located on the high table land between port Tristomo and the inland valley of Kassabar, we found... read more

Dionysos, Greece

Dionysos () is a town and a municipality in northeastern Attica, Greece. The seat of the municipality is the town Agios Stefanos. Greece Ministry of Interior ==Geography==Dionysos is situated on the northeastern slopes of the forested Penteliko Mountains. It is 5 km south of Agios Stefanos, 9 km west of Nea Makri, on the Aegean Sea coast, and 18 km northeast of Athens city centre. Its built-up area is continuous with those of the neighbouring suburbs Drosia and Rodopoli to the northwest. Even... read more


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