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Public holidays in the Soviet Union

There were eight major Public holidays in the Soviet Union. There were over 30 holidays total.Is currently called День защитника отечества ("Day of the Defender of the Fatherland") in Russia read more

Ukrainian avant-garde

The term "Ukrainian Avant-Garde" was first introduced by Parisian art historian Andréi Nakov for the exhibition ''Tatlin's dream'', arranged in London, 1973, where works of international standard by avant-garde Ukrainian artists Vasyl Yermylov and Alexander Bogomazov were presented to the Western audience. Famous artists were mentioned by Nakov, such as Kazimir Malevich, David Burliuk, Vladimir Tatlin, Aleksandra Ekster, who were connected to Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa by birth, education, national... read more

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

The International Day for the Abolition of Slaveryhttp://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/un/international-day-abolish-slavery is a yearly event on December 2, organized by the United Nations General Assembly. The Day was first celebrated in 1986.The Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Othershttp://www.unhcr.org/refworld/docid/3ae6b38e23.html was approved by the United Nations General Assemblyhttp://www.un.org/en/ga/about/index.shtml... read more


''Dachniki'' (, ''Cottage People'') is the third studio album by the Russian band Leningrad.==Track listing==#"Дачники" - Dachniki (Cottage People) – 2:10#"Когда нет денег" - Kogda net deneg (When You Have No Money) – 2:59#"Руки из карманов" - Ruki iz karmanov (Hands Out of Pockets) – 1:33#"Колбаса-любовь" - Kolbasa-lyubov (Sausage Love) – 1:18#"Хуй в пальто" - Khuy v palto (Cock in a Coat) – 2:58#"Космос" - Kosmos (Cosmos)... read more

Leningrad udelivaet Ameriku Disk 1

''Ленинград уделывает Америку (Диск 1)'' ('Leningrad Does America (Disc 1)) is a 2003 album by the Russian band Leningrad.==Track listing==#"Когда нет денег" - Kogda net deneg - (When there's no money) – 3:48 #"Группа крови" - Gruppa krovi - (Blood type) – 4:42 #"Дачники" - Dachniki - (Farmers) – 3:15 #"Пидарасы" - Pidarasy - (Fags) – 3:47 #"Дикий мужчина" - Dikiy muzhchina - (Wild man) – 3:56 #"Бляди"... read more

Sunless (song cycle)

''Sunless'' (, ''Bez Solntsa'', literally ''Without Sun'') is a song cycle by Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky, written in 1874, to poems by Arseny Golenishchev-Kutuzov, a relative of the composer.==Song titles==The individual song titles are as follows:#"В четырех стенах" ("Within four walls") – D major#"Меня в толпе ты не узнала" ("Thou didst not know me in the crowd") – D major#"Окончен праздный шумный день" ("The noisy festival day is... read more

Anatoly Aleksin

Anatoly Georgievich Aleksin () (born 3 August 1924 in Moscow), original surname Goberman) (), is a Russian writer and poet.In the late thirties his poems were published in a children's newspaper, ''Pionerskaya Pravda''. In 1950 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies and his first novel ''Thirty one day'' (Тридцать один день) was published. He was a chairman of the Russian Federation Union of Writers from 1970 to 1989 and a member of the editorial board in of the... read more

Lyudmila Senchina

Lyudmila Petrovna Senchina (; born 13 January 1948 or 13 December 1950, Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, USSR) is a Soviet and Russian singer (soprano). In 1979 she was awarded the title of Meritorious Artist of the RSFSR and in 2002 the title of People's Artist of Russia.Merited Artist of Ukraine (2003). She made popular such songs as ''"Cinderella" ("Золушка"), "Stones" ("Камушки"), "Love and Separation" ("Любовь и разлука"), "White Acacia" ("Белая акация"),... read more

International Day of Human Space Flight

The International Day of Human Space Flight (in other official languages of the UN: Russian. Международный день полета человека в космос, Spanish. Día Internacional de los Vuelos Espaciales Tripulados, French. Journée internationale du vol spatial habité), which is also Cosmonautics Day in Russia and other countries, is the annual celebration, held on April 12, of the anniversary of the first human space flight by Yuri Gagarin. It was proclaimed at the 65th... read more

Avtomaticheskie udovletvoriteli

Avtomaticheskie udovletvoriteli abbreviated AU (''The Automatic Satisfiers'', abbreviated АУ) were an iconic and highly influential Russian punk band, formed in Saint Petersburg in 1979.''Continuum encyclopedia of popular music of the world'' ed. John Shepherd - 2005 p63 "Avtomaticheskie udovletvoriteli (Automatic Satisfiers)" p73 album list "Avtomaticheskie udovletvoriteli. Terri, Cherri, Svin. 1984:"Maximum rocknroll N.278 2006 "He played in Russia's oldest punk band - Avtomaticheskie udovletvoriteli... read more

A Day in the Strife

"A Day in the Strife" is an episode from the third season of the science fiction television series '' Babylon 5 ''.==Synopsis==An alien probe approaches the station with a series of questions that have to be answered correctly within 24 hours, or Babylon 5 will be destroyed. G'Kar struggles to retain leadership of the Babylon 5Narn community aboard Babylon 5, whose families have been threatened with arrest and torture if G'Kar doesn't return to Narn. Dr. Franklin struggles with a Stim addiction,... read more


The Sudebnik of 1497 (''Судебник'' in , or ) was a collection of s introduced by in 1497. It played a big part in the of the Russian , creation of the nationwide and elimination of .It took its roots from , including , ly s, and , the regulations of which had been upgraded with reference to social and economic changes. Basically, ''Sudebnik'' was a collection of s. It established a universal system of the bodies of the state, defined their and , and regulated . ''Sudebnik'' expanded... read more

Mankurt (1990 film)

''Mankurt'' (Turkmen: Mankurt, Russian: Манкурт - "Manwolf", or "Bird memory") is a 1990 Soviet film written by Mariya Urmatova and the last film directed by SovietKhodzha Narliyev . The main cast were Tarik Tardzhan, Maya-Gozel Aymedova, Jylmaz Duru, Khodzhadurdy Narliev, and Maysa Almazova.==Background==The film was partially filmed on location in SovietKhodzha NarliyevSyria and in SovietKhodzha NarliyevSyriaTurkey , representing a Turkish-Soviet cooperation in filmmaking. The film... read more

Leonid Pervomayskiy

Leonid Pervomayskiy (, birth name: Ilya Shlyomovich (Solomonovich) Gurevich) (May 4/17, 1908 – December 9, 1973), was a Jewish-Ukrainian Soviet poet, a winner of the 1946 Stalin Prize for literature and a member of the Communist party since 1954.Pervomayskiy was born in Konstantinograd (now Krasnohrad, Kharkiv region of Ukraine) to the family of a bookbinder. He worked in a factory, then at a library and a newspaper. During 1941-1945, he was a military reporter. After the World War II, he published... read more

George's Day in Autumn

Yuri's Day in the Autumn. ''A Peasant Leaving His Landlord on Yuri's Day'', painting by Sergey IvanovSaint George's Day of Autumn ( ''Egoriy Osenniy''; also just Юрьев день ''Yuriev den' '' "George's day"; ''Dzhurdzhith'') is one of two feasts feasts of Saint George, celebrated on 26 November by the Russian Orthodox Church, the other being Saint George's Day of Spring (6 May)Yuri's Day in the Autumn, celebrated at the time when the agricultural year is over and the harvest is in, had... read more


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