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Dynamo Kursk

"Dynamo" Kursk's Basketball players, 2012.WBC Dynamo Kursk (In Russian: ЖБК «Динамо» Курск) is a Russian women's basketball club from Kursk playing in the Russian Premier League. in eurobasket.com In 2012, it won the FIBA Eurocup,. FIBA Europe the First title ever.==External links==Category:Women's basketball teams in RussiaCategory:Basketball teams established in 1994 read more

Dinamo-2 Moscow

Dinamo-2 Moscow (''Динамо-2'' in Russian) are a futsal club based in Moscow, Russia. They had been founded in 2005. They compete in Russian Futsal Super League.==External links==Category:Sports clubs established in 2005 read more

List of HC Dynamo Moscow seasons

HC Dynamo Moscow (Russian: Динамо Москва) is a Russian professional ice hockey club based in Moscow. They are members of the Bobrov Division in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL).''Note: GP = Games played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, OTL = Overtime Losses, Pts = Points, GF = Goals for, GA = Goals against, PIM = Penalties in minutes''===Russian Cup===Category:Kontinental Hockey League team seasons read more

Dynamo Mayak

HK Dynamo Mayak (Russian: ХК «Динамо-Маяк» Краснотурьинск, literally "HC Dynamo-Lighthouse") is a bandy club in Krasnoturyinsk, Russia. The club was founded in 1948 and has earlier been playing in the Russian Bandy Super League, the top-tier of Russian bandy. The home games are played at Stadium Mayak in Murmansk. The club colours are red, white and blue.==References==Category:Bandy clubs in the Soviet UnionCategory:Bandy clubs established in 1948 read more

Serhiy N. Morozov

Serhiy N. Morozov (born 15 January 1961) is a former professional footballer from Ukraine. He became topscorer of the Meistriliiga 1994–95 (Estonian Premier League) by scoring 25 goals for Lantana Marlekor. He also played as a professional in Latvia. His last club was Olimpia Yuzhnoukrainsk from Ukraine. As of 2006, Morozov was working as a youth coach at MFC Mykolaiv.http://www2.ua-football.com/ukrainian/news/44e4da70.html Сергей Морозов: "Федерация футбола СССР... read more

Expocenter of Ukraine

Expocenter of Ukraine () is a permanent multi-purpose exhibition complex in the Teremky neighborhood of Kiev, Ukraine. Located on the outskirts of the scenic Holosiiv Forest bigger portion of which has been converted into a park zone, the expo specializes in demonstrating Ukrainian achievements in the sphere of industry, science, and so on. Formerly known as Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of Ukrainian SSR (). Expocenter of Ukraine has been functioning since 1958. The exhibition... read more

Draft:Игорь Михалевич-Каплан

Игорь Михалевич-Каплан – поэт, прозаик, переводчик, издатель – (настоящая фамилия Иза Михайлович-Каплан, второй псевдоним Игорь Спивак) родился 22 июля 1943 г. в городе Мары, Туркменистан. Вырос во Львове, Украина. Отец – преподаватель, жил в Париже и Варшаве. После фашистской оккупации... read more

WBC Dynamo Novosibirsk

WBC Dynamo-GUVD Novosibirsk (''ЖБК «Динамо-ГУВД» Новосибирск'') is a Russian women's basketball club, currently competing in the Russian Women's Basketball Premier League. in Eurobasket.com Founded in 1955 as Burevestnik Novosibirsk, it was transferred into the Dynamo SS in 1966.The team rose into the European elite in the second half of the 1980s, winning the 1985-86 Ronchetti Cup and three Soviet Championships in a row until 1988. Dynamo reached the final of the European... read more

Dynamo Leningrad (bandy club)

Dynamo Leningrad (Russian: «Динамо» Ленинград) was a bandy club in Saint Petersburg, which existed from 1924-1965. During that time, Saint Petersburg was called Leningrad.The club won the bronze medals in the Russian championship in 1936. The club was the runner-up finalist in the Soviet Cup in 1947. The club won the local Leningrad championship in 1935, 1936, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1945, 1946, 1947.Well-known players and coaches in the club were among others Mikhail Butusov and Valentin... read more

Ministry of Transportation and Communication (Ukraine)

The Ministry of Transportation and Communication () was a government ministry of Ukraine.The head office was in Kiev."." Ministry of Transportation and Communication. 10 March 2010. Retrieved on 29 April 2013. "01135, г. Киев-135, пр. Победы, 14""." Ministry of Transport. 10 August 2003. Retrieved on 29 April 2013. "03680, м. Київ-150, вул. Щорса, 7/9"In December 2010 Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych reorganized the former Ministry of Transportation and Communication... read more

Alexandra Strelkova

Alexandra Ivanovna Strelkova (1833–1902) was a Russian stage actress.Born in to a family of serf actors in Novgorod, she was the sister of the actress Hion Ivanovna Talanova (1822–1880), who was a star at the Maly Theatre (Moscow) 1860–80. She acted on the stage in Nizhny Novgorod already as a child. In 1852, she debuted as an adult actress in Kazan. She became one of the most famed tragediennes in 19th-century Russia, and it was said, that during the 1850s and 1860s, her name was known from... read more

Wikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkReports/centre7.org.ua

Reporting statistics of link centre7.org.ua; 0 records.Below a full report on all use of the link centre7.org.ua.This list is intended to see how the external link gets used, it does not imply that involved accounts are having a conflict of interest in adding the link, or that the involved accounts are spamming the link.# 2008-09-23 06:56:54 (UTC): User w:uk: (talk - contribs; 9) to :w:uk:Українська Гельсінська спілка з прав людини ( - ) - Link:... read more

Wikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkReports/wearekiev.com

Reporting statistics of link wearekiev.com; 0 records.Below a full report on all use of the link wearekiev.com.This list is intended to see how the external link gets used, it does not imply that involved accounts are having a conflict of interest in adding the link, or that the involved accounts are spamming the link.# 2008-08-29 08:28:44 (UTC): User w:ru: (talk - contribs; 22) to :w:ru:Киевская крепость ( - ) - Link: wearekiev.com/culture_ru/museums_ru/126-kievskaja-krepost.html.*... read more

Olga Arefieva

Olga Arefieva (Arefeva) (born 21 September 1967 in Verkhnyaya Salda) is a Russian singer-songwriter, poet and musician. by Alexander Kushnir, "Moscow Times" July 28, 1994 She has graduated from Gnessin State Musical College (her teacher was Lev Leshchenko), founded band "Kovcheg" (''The Ark''), composed more than 400 songs, issued 15 music albums, and won the literary prize of magazine "Znamya" for her poems. Her poetry was described by literary critics as a combination of realism and mysticism,... read more


Hubkiv () is a village in Berezne Raion, Rivne Oblast, Ukraine. In 2001, the community had 788 residents. Postal code — 34654. == History ==The first mention about a village Hubkiv is dated 1504 by a year, when became drenched and a township was pranged by Tatars. In more late acts sometimes named as ''Khupkiv''.A defensive castle ruins of which were until now saved on a high bank on the fence surrounding village of village was here built in a ÕV item.From the first half of ÕV² item the proprietors... read more


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