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''Pulya'' (, ''Bullet'') is the first album by the Russian ska-punk band Leningrad.== Track listing ==#"Я так люблю тебя" - Ya tak lyublyu tebya (I Love You So Much) – 2:53#"Таблетка" - Tabletka (Pill) – 4:19#"Таня" - Tanya (Russian girl's name) – 2:29#"Лёля" - Lyolya (Russian girl's name) – 2:40#"Любовь" - Lyubov (Love, or Russian girl's name as well) – 2:31#"Матросы" - Matrosy (Sailors) – 2:25#"Света" - Sveta (Russian girl's name) - 2:06#"Звёзды... read more

Leningradskaya (rural locality)

Leningradskaya () is a rural locality (a ''stanitsa'') and the administrative center of Leningradsky District in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. Population: ==History==Founded in 1794 as Umanskoye (),Азаренкова А. С., Бондарь И. Ю., Вертышева Н. С. Основные административно-территориальные преобразования на Кубани (1793-1985 гг.). — Краснодар: Краснодарское книжное издательство,... read more


Coat of arms of Mezmai. Mezmay, Krasnodar Krai.Mezmai forest Mezmay () is a settlement in Apsheronsky District of Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located in the valley of the Kurdzhips River near its confluence with the Mezmay River, south-east of Apsheronsk. Population: less than a thousand inhabitants. It is a popular mountain resort.The village was linked with Absheron by narrow-gauge railway. but in 2011 this was completely interrupted due to a landslide.==Name==The name Mezmay is formed of the two... read more

Vorontsovka Caves

The Vorontsovskaya Cave System (Воронцовская система пещер) is a long chain of caves in the Khosta and Adler districts of Sochi, Russia. It is part of a range of Mesozoic limestones that runs parallel to the Black Sea coast for 400 km. and contains the Voronya Cave, the world's deepest cave.The Vorontsovskaya Cave (Воронцовская пещера) was the first cave to be surveyed. It may be accessed through a dozen entrances dotting the slopes of the Kudepsta... read more

Vyacheslav Lunev

Vyacheslav Petrovich Lunev (; born May 9, 1940) is a Soviet football goalkeeper. Master of Sports of the USSR.The pupil of Minsk FSM. From 1959 to 1961 he played for ''Belarus'', wores in 1959 the name of ''Spartak'', composed of the strongest at the time of the Minsk club played 29 matches, 7 of them in the highest level of the league of the USSR.Season 1962 held in Krasnodar ''Spartak'' in 3 meetings of the championship missed 3 goals,''Вишталь В. П., Гайдашёв И. Ю., Рубан... read more

Shapsug Reservoir

The Shapsug Reservoir, also known as the Shapsugskoye Reservoir () is a deactivated reservoir in Takhtamukaysky District of the Republic of Adygea, Russia, located southwest of Krasnodar.It was built between 1940И. И. Алексеев, А. С. Коновалов. "Очерки истории Краснодарской организации КПСС". Краснодарское книжное издательство, 1976. Стр. 339 and 1952Журнал "Огонёк", №49 (2422), 1... read more

Kuban Airlines

OAO Kuban Airlines () was an airline based in Krasnodar, Russia.. Kuban Airlines. Retrieved on 23 June 2010. "350912, Россия, г. Краснодар, ул. Е.Бершанской, 355" It operated domestic schedules within Russia and international charters. Its main base was Krasnodar International Airport. Its name comes from Kuban Province in southern Russia. On Kuban Airlines ceased operations due to financial difficulties.== History ==The airline's root was a division of Aeroflot founded... read more

Sergio Padt

Sergio Padt (born 6 June 1990) is a Dutch footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for FC Groningen in the Dutch Eredivisie. Padt previously played on loan from AFC Ajax for HFC Haarlem in the Eerste Divisie, and later for Go Ahead Eagles and in the Belgian Pro League for AA Gent. He represented the Netherlands U-17 team at the 2007 UEFA European Under-17 Football Championship.===AFC Ajax===Prior to joining Ajax, Padt played for R.K.S.V. Pancratius and SV Hoofddorp. On 28 March 2008, he signed his first... read more


Decossackization (Russian: Расказачивание, ''Raskazachivaniye'') was the Bolshevik policy of systematic repressions against Cossacks of the Russian Empire, especially of the Don and the Kuban, between 1917 and 1933 aimed at the elimination of the Cossacks as a separate ethnic, political, and economic entity.Many authors characterize decossackization as genocide of the Cossacks,Orlando Figes. ''A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution: 1891–1924.'' Penguin Books, 1998. ISBN 0-14-024364-XDonald... read more

Operation Storm-333

Operation Storm-333 (Шторм-333, ''Shtorm-333'') was the codename of an operation that took place on 27 December 1979, in which Soviet Union forces stormed the Tajbeg Palace in Afghanistan and captured Afghan President Hafizullah Amin. An unknown number of Afghan palace guards were killed while 150 were captured. Amin's 11-year-old son died from shrapnel wounds. The Soviets installed Babrak Karmal as Amin's successor.Several other government buildings were seized during the operation, including... read more

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