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Esti Mamo

Esti Mamo (Ge'ez: እስቲ ማሞ ''istī māmmō'', Hebrew: אסתי ממו; born 1983) is an Ethiopian-born Israeli fashion model and actress.==Childhood==Of Ethiopian Jewish descent, Esti Mamo was born in 1983 in Chilga, in northwestern Ethiopia. She is a member of the Beta Israel community.At the age of 9 she and her family immigrated from Ethiopia to Israel, where the family lived in a poor district of a southern Israeli city. A younger brother committed suicide in 2004.As a teenager Mamo founded... read more

Saul M. Ginsburg

Saul M. Ginsburg (Sha'ul Moiseevich Ginsburg, שאול גינזבורג; born Minsk, 1866 – died New York, 16 November 1940) was a Jewish-Russian American author, editor, and historian of Russian Jewry.== Biography ==Ginsburg was born in Minsk, in the Russian Empire. He received both a traditional Jewish and a secular education. In 1891 he graduated with a law degree from the University of St. Petersburg.Slutsky, Yehuda. "Ginsburg, Saul." ''Encyclopaedia Judaica''. 2nd ed. Vol. 7. Detroit: Macmillan... read more

Estee Shiraz

Estee Annerl Shiraz, born Etty Shiraz (Hebrew: אסתי שירז), is an Israeli-American entrepreneur, publisher, communication expert, and the founder of 'Israel Goes World', a nonprofit organization aimed to improve Israel’s image around the world through non-political activity.==Early Life and Career==Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, Shiraz started her career in 1994 as a spokesperson and director of public relations at the Opera Tower residential and commercial center, completed that year... read more


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