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== Summary ==funeral of Radziner Rebbe zatzal - seen is Rabbi Nosson Nochum Englard of Radzin - Yerushalayimרבי נתן נחום ענגלארד שליט"א מראדזין-ירושלים בהלווית כ"ק האדמו"ר זצוק"ל מראדזין read more

David Schütz

David Schütz (, born August 5, 1941) is an Israeli fiction writer.==Biography==David Schütz (birth name Dietmar Engbert Müllner) was born in Berlin and immigrated to Israel at the age of seven.He has a master's degree in History from The Hebrew University, and has also studied cinema at the BFI.His first book "The Grass and the Sand" () was published in 1978. The book was translated into French (L'herbe et le sable : roman) and into German (Gras und Sand : roman). The Institute for the Translation... read more

Katamon Medal

Katamon Medal () was an Israeli military decoration awarded during the Independence war.The Katamon Medal was instituted in May 1948 as decoration to IDF soldiers who took part in the battle for the conquest of the Katamon neighborhood of Jerusalem.Awarding of the Katamon Medal began in July 1949, however soon after the awarding of the medal the IDF withdrew its recognition and wearing of the medal has stopped.==Design==The medal shape is round and it's made of either bronze or silver.The front of... read more

City of David National Park

City of David National Park (גן לאומי סובב חומות ירושלים), also called Jerusalem Walls National Park, is an Israeli national park located near the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. The national park was designed originally to surround the old city from all sides, to separate between the old city and the new constructions surrounding it while at the same time connecting between them, while preventing construction near the walls. The National park connects to the site of the... read more

Be'ezrat Ha'Jam

Be'ezrat Ha'Jam (בעזרת הג'אם) is Hadag Nachash's fourth studio album. The name of the album, a pun on the Jewish phrase "Be'ezrat Ha'Shem" (בעזרת השם), literally meaning "with the help of god", or translated into modern speech, "God willing", literally means "with the help of the jam". Three songs "California", "Ma She'Ba Ba" and "Hine Ani Ba" were used in the film You Don't Mess With The Zohan (2009).==Information=="Hine Ani Ba" (הנה אני בא) ("Here I Come") describes the... read more

Beni Hammad Fort

Beni Hammad Fort, also called Al Qal'a of Beni Hammad (, בנימין זאב בנדיקט, "הערות לתולדות הרי"ף", קריית ספר כ"ז, ירושלים: תשי"א, עמ' 119 ואילך. נדפס שוב בתוך קובץ מאמריו: מרכז התורה בפרובאנס, ירושלים: מוסד הרב קוק, תשמ"ה-1985, עמ' 284 - 286 (להלן: "בנדיקט, הרי"ף"). לדעה זו הסכימו מרבית החוקרים, וסיכום דבריהם אצל ישראל שציפאנסקי,... read more

Ma'alot Dafna

Ma'alot Dafna () is an Israeli settlement and neighborhood in East Jerusalem. It borders the neighborhood of Shmuel HaNavi to the west, Ammunition Hill to the east, Ramat Eshkol to the north and Arzei HaBira to the south.The international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal under international law, but the Israeli government disputes this.==History==Ma'alot Dafna was established in 1972 on the hillside through which Israeli troops in the Six Day War made their way from... read more

Draft:עליזה זיו

עליזה זיו נולדה בירושלים בשנת 1932, אשת חינוך, שעיקר עיסוקה הוראת השפה העברית. פרסמה שני ספרים וחוברת זיכרונות.עליזה זיו נולדה בירושלים, ב- 17.6.1932 להוריה חנה ויצחק שושני שעלו לארץ בשנת 1921 . עליזה למדה בבית הספר היסודי "שפיצר" בירושלים בתקופת המנדט הבריטי בארץ. בתקופת המצור על ירושלים,... read more

Jerusalem Calling

Jerusalem Calling was the radio station established by the British Mandatory Authority through its broadcasting wing, the Palestine Broadcasting Service. It broadcast in three languages, Arabic, English and Hebrew. The English broadcasts were under the name Jerusalem Calling. The Hebrew language transmissions were under the name Kol Yerushalayim i.e. The Voice of Jerusalem (in Hebrew קול ירושלים), whereas the Arabic language broadcasts of the station used the name Iza'at al Quds i.e.... read more

Jerusalem pilgrim road

The road ascending toward the Temple MountSteps on the pilgrim road as they approach the Huldah Gates of the Temple.The Jerusalem pilgrim road is an ancient road used by ritual processions ascending from the Pool of Siloam to the Temple Mount via the Hulda Gates in the Southern Wall.==History==The ancient path was improved and paved in large, well-cut stone in the pattern of two steps followed by a long landing, followed by two more steps and another landing. The road was eight meters wide and... read more

Made in JLM

Made in JLM ("Made in Jerusalem") is a voluntary umbrella organizationKlein, Abigail. . Israel21c. August 2014 that connects and provides resources for the startup ecosystem in Jerusalem, IsraelCutler, Jach. 5 Emerging Tech Hubs From Around the World. Time Magazine; April 28, 2015. Jerusalem Post. 12/26/2013Orpaz, Inbal. . The Marker. Jan 12, 2014 (in Hebrew) Founded in 2012 by Hanan Brand, Roy Munin, and Uriel Shuraki, the NGO focuses on bringing together Jerusalem entrepreneurs, startup service... read more

Milkhemet Mitzvah

''Milḥemet Mitzvah'' or in Biblical Hebrew ''Milḥemeth Miṣwah'' (Hebrew: מלחמת מצווה, "War by commandment") is the term for a war during the times of the Tanakh when a king (of the Kingdom of Israel) would go to war in order to fulfill something based on, and required by, the Torah without needing approval from a Sanhedrin, such as war against Amalek. In contrast, a ''milkhemet reshut'' (לחמת רשות, "authorized war") is a discretionary war, which according to Jewish law requires... read more

Maccabi Jerusalem F.C.

Maccabi Jerusalem Football Club (Hebrew: מועדון כדורגל מכבי ירושלים) was an Israeli football club based at Jerusalem. The club was disbanded in 1963, but was reformed in 1970, before withdrawing again in 2005.==History==The club was founded in 1911, the second football club to be formed in Palestine. At first, all of the team's matches were friendly matches against local teams, foreign-based visiting teams or visiting army units' teams. After the establishment of the British... read more


Itai (''ee-tai'') is a Hebrew biblical name, and also a Shona name. The name can also be written: Itai, Ittai, Ittay, Etay, Eitay, Itay, Ytai, Etai, Itaj, or Eatai. Translating from Japanese, itai means "Ouch" in English.==Hebrew name==Itai () is a Biblical name that appears in the ShonaBooks of Samuel (see below ) and a very common name for men in belowIsrael . In recent years Itai has become one of the most common names for boys in that country.Sometimes, in order to strengthen the connection... read more

Hapoel Jerusalem F.C.

Hapoel Jerusalem Football Club (Hebrew: מועדון כדורגל הפועל ירושלים, ''Moadon Kadouregel Hapoel Yerushalayim'') is an Israeli football club in Liga Leumit. Hapoel plays at Teddy Stadium in Malha, Jerusalem.==History==Hapoel Jerusalem Club was established in 1926 and played in the inaugural season of the EIFA league, playing the league's first match against local rivals Maccabi Hasmonean Jerusalem. Do'ar HaYom, 13 November 1931, Historical Jewish Press Asher Goldberg, 17 November... read more


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