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Shaily Lipa

Shaily Lipa (; born May 22, 1974, in Tel Aviv) is an Israeli cookbook author, food journalist, culinary editor and TV cookery show anchor.אירית מטיאס, "דורשות צדק חברתי", במגזין עולם האשה בגיליון מס' 341, מרץ 2012, עמ' 76.==Background==Shaily Lipa was born in Tel Aviv and raised there and in Ra'anana, the daughter of Tel Aviv natives whose origins are in Greece and Turkey. Her Greek grandparent is a Holocaust survivor who survived Auschwitz. She... read more

Kfar Saba

Kfar Saba (, lit. "Grandfather's Village"), officially Kfar Sava, is a city in the Sharon region , of the Center District of Center DistrictIsrael . At the end of 2009, Kfar Saba had a population of 83,600.==History==The origins of the name are not known - in Hebrew it means 'grandfather's village'.===Antiquity===Kfar Saba (ancient Capharsaba) was an important settlement during the period, Kfar Sava Municipal Council and is mentioned for the first time in the writings of , in his account of... read more


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