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Draft:سید احمد یمانی

سید احمد فرزند سید اسماعیل فرزند سید صالح فرزند سید حسین فرزند سید سلمان فرزند امام محمدابن الحسن العسکری ( ارواحنا لتراب مقدمه الفداه) است.او متولد منطقه مُدَینه شهر بصره در جنوب شرقی عراق است. تحصیلات دانشگاهی خود را در رشته مهندسی شهر سازی در دانشگاه بصره به اتمام رساند . در... read more


Ahmadnagar ( Urdu : احمد نگر ) is located in UrduGujranwala District , Punjab , PunjabPakistan .==External links== AminabadAhmadnagar SultanateCategory:Populated places in Gujranwala District read more

Ahmad Ghahreman

Ahmad Ghahreman (احمد قهرمان, in Persian) (born 1928, Babol - died November 7, 2008 Tehran) was an Iranian botanist and professor of Tehran university. read more

Ijaz Ahmed (cricketer, born 1969)

Ijaz Ahmed (Urdu: اعجاز احمد) (born February 2, 1969, in Lyallpur, Punjab, Pakistan) is a former Pakistani cricketer who played in 2 Tests in 1995 and 2 ODIs in 1997.Category:Pakistan One Day International cricketers read more

Ahmed Abdallah Wayel

Ahmed Abdallah Wayel (Arabic: احمد عبد اللّه واييل) was Minister of Education of Somalia. Central Intelligence Agency, September 4, 2009==References==Category:Government ministers of SomaliaCategory:Year of birth missing (living people) read more

Ahmed Abdelkader

Ahmed Abdelkader (Arabic: احمد عبدالقادر; born 17 September 1986) is a Libyan footballer who plays for Petrojet as a striker. He played for Libya national football team at 2012 Africa Cup of Nations qualification.== External links ==Category:Libya international footballers read more

Fahad Al-Kassar

Fahad Abdalla Ahmad Al Kassar Banihammad (Arabic: فهد عبد الله احمد الكسار بني حماد; born 1973) is an Emirati football referee who has been a full international referee for FIFA.Al-Kassar became a FIFA referee in 2011.FIFA. . Retrieved on 25 April 2013. He also refereed at the regional league such as 2011 SEA Games. read more


Bavlin (, also Romanized as Bāvlīn; also known as Emamzadegan Ahmed va Mahmud (Persian: امامزادگان احمد و محمود), also Romanized as Emāmzādegān Āḥmed va Maḥmūd) is a village in Kakavand-e Gharbi Rural District, Kakavand District, Delfan County, Lorestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 18, in 4 families. == References ==Category:Populated places in Delfan County read more

Amirul Hakim

Amirul Hakim Ahmad (Jawi: أميرول حاكيم احمد born 22 September 1991 in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia) is a Malaysian actor and currently a broadcast journalist with TV3. He is known for his first television role as ''Anding'' in Disney's Waktu Rehat.==References==Category:Malaysian people of Malay descent read more

Ahmed Ali Kohzad

Ahmed Ali Kohzad (Urdu: احمد علی کوهزاد) is a prominent Hazara Politician in Quetta Pakistan and General Secretary of Hazara Democratic Party. He completed his Political Science degree from Balochistan University and since then he has been active in politics and a member of Hazara Student Federation.==References==Category:Hazara Democratic Party politiciansCategory:Politicians from Balochistan, Pakistan read more

Zafar Ahmed Ansari

Zafar Ahmad Ansari (Urdu: ﻇﻔﺮ احمد اﻧﺻﺎﺭﻯ) (1908 - 1991) Pakistani Muslim scholar, politician ang joint secretary of All India Muslim League. He was an expert in constitutional law and Islam. He was appointed to the Council of Islamic Ideology in Pakistan in 1977. read more

Jalan Temenggong Ahmad

Jalan Temenggong Ahmad or Jalan Parit Jawa (Johor state route J31) (Jawi: جالن تماڠڬوڠ احمد) is a major road in Johor, Malaysia. The road was built on the former site of the Muar State Railway (MSR) service until 1925. The road is very straight without any bends. There are many ''parit'' (canals) along this road. read more

Ahmad Khan Madhosh

Ahmad Khan Madhosh(Sindhi احمد خان مدهوش) was born on 15 April 1931 at village Sultan Chandio near Khairpur Nathan Shah, Dadu.He was a famous poet of Sindhi language. He started writing poetry in 1960.His two poetry books were published.Ahmad Khan Madhosh died on 26 June 2010. read more

Legend of morocco

رضوان سالم علي مبارك احمد شاعر و ناقذ سينمائي و مؤلف باحث في شؤون عدة (الله يحفظ و صافي) و هو الذي طور المجال الساركاسمي بالمغرب و قد اوصله لاعلى المراتب في المغرب و يعتبر قدوة البعض في عالم الساركاسم وصلت اعماله لاكثر من 400 الف شخص حول المغرب و رغم ذلك فهو مظلوم اعلاميا هادشي .لي... read more

Mukhtiar Ahmad Junejo

Honorable Mr. Justice Mukhtar Ahmad Junejo (Urdu: مختار احمد جونیجو), (Sindhi: مختار احمد جوڻيجو) is a former judge of The Supreme Court of Pakistan and former acting Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan. He is the member of syndicate, University of Sindh (Jamshoro) and The member of Lawyer Committee at SZABIST.Junejo was born at Village Paat Sharif in Sindh to a landlord, Asmatullah Junejo. After completing his education in Law, he became a lawyer in Karachi and... read more


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