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Nour El-Semary

Nour El-Semary (Arabic: نور السمري ; Cairo, 28 September 1980) is an Egyptian actress and former beauty pageant titleholder.El-Semary she was the official Pantene Miss Egypt 2003 winner.http://weekly.ahram.org.eg/2006/791/_li1.htm She represented Egypt in Miss Universe 2003. In 2003 she also acted in the TV Series Al Atar Wa Elsabaa Banat (العطار و السبع بنات) with Nour El-Sherif (نور الشريف).Nour currently hosts 'The Bollywood Show' on Panorama FM, Saudi Arabia... read more

Nureddine Rifai

Nureddin Rifai (1899-1980) (نور الدين الرفاعي) was director of Lebanon's Internal Security Forces and Prime Minister.Rifai was appointed to be Prime Minister by Suleiman Frangieh during Lebanon's short-lived military government. He served only three days before resigning his post in the face of tremendous protest.==References==Category:Members of the Parliament of Lebanon read more


Lioua (ثشتهر بالتمور دقلة نور) is a town and commune in Biskra Province, Algeria. According to the 1998 census it had a population of 15,960, but this had grown to 21,416 in 2008. ==References==Category:Populated places in Biskra Province read more

Queen Noor Civil Aviation Technical College

Queen Noor Civil Aviation Technical College (Acronym: QNAC or QNCATC; Arabic: الملكة نور الفنية للطيران المدني كلية ) is a private engineering college located in Aqaba, Jordan. This college was established in 1973 with support of ICAO. In 1990 the college became one of the first members of the ICAO TRAINAIR Program.== External links ==Category:Educational institutions established in 1973 read more

Nur Ahmed Nur

Nur Ahmed Nur (نور احمد نور), an Afghan communist, belonging to the Parcham fraction. Nur was one of four candidates of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan who were elected to the Afghan parliament in 1965. After the overthrow of the Daoud government in April 1978, Nur became Minister for Internal Affairs. In July the same year, Nur was removed from his office and sent to Washington as the new Afghan ambassador to the United States.Nur was a politburo member of the PDPA and the... read more

Noor Al-Sham

Noor Al-Sham, also spelled Nour El-Sham (Arabic قناة نور الشام, literal translation "The Light of Sham" is a state-run, religious satellite television station based in Damascus, Syria since 31 July 2011.The channel intends "to convey a broad and genuine understanding of Islam and its legal rules", according to SANA.==External links==Category:Arabic-language television stationsCategory:Television channels and stations established in 2011 read more

Kārte Naw

Kārte Naw (''New Quarter''), historically known as Syed Noor Mohammad Shah Maina (سید نور محمد شاه مېنه) is a neighborhood in eastern Kabul, Afghanistan. It falls under Kabul's District 8. ==History==It was a main arena of battle between Mojahedin groups in 1990s and in the recent years has seen remarkable reconstruction.==Postal code==The area's government postal code is 1005., AfghanPost.gov.af read more

Noor Al-Qassim

Noor Al-Qassim (Arabic: نور القاسم); is a Bahraini classical pianist and culture activist. She was listed as one of Bahrain's most successful women in the field of Arts and Music in the Bahrain Supreme Council for Women's annual catalogue 2006.== Causes ==•Children and education~ Music education•Fund raising and benefit concerts for crises and wars•Artist democracy and freedom of speech read more

Dara-I-Nur District

Dara-i-Nur (Pashto/Persian/Pashayi: دره نور) is a district in the north of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. Its population was estimated at 120,000 in 2002, of whom 28,000 were children under 12.The dominant language in the district is Pashayi and Pashto.The district centre is the village of Dara-I-Nur. There are nine major villages and many smaller ones in the district. Some of the well-known villages in Dara e Noor are Amla, Barkot, Khewa, Qala e Shahi, Sutan Lam, Noor Gal, and Kashmund.==External... read more

Al-Mansur Ali

Al-Mansur Ali (Arabic: المنصور على ) (''epithet'': Al-Malik Al-Manṣūr Nūr ad-dīn ʾAlī ibn Aybak, Arabic: الملك المنصور نور الدين على بن أيبك ) (b. c. 1244, Cairo) was the second of the Mamluk Sultans of Egypt in the Turkic, or Bahri, line. Some historians, however, consider Shajar al-Durr as the first of the Mamluk Sultans; thus, to them Al-Mansur Ali was the third Mamluk Sultan and not the second.(Shayal, p.115/vol.2.) He ruled from 1257 to 1259 after... read more

Draft:محمد رشاد

محمد رشاد هو مطرب مصري مواليد 16 اكتوبر 1987https://web.facebook.com/mohamed.said.rashadشارك في برنامج اراب ايدل بنسخته الثالثه واشتهر باتقانه الغناء باللون الشعبي المصري الاصيل الى جانب الالوان الغنائيه الاخرىوكان محمد رشاد قد غادر البرنامج قبل خطوة واحدة من نيله اللقب، وذلك في الحلقة قبل الأخيرة... read more

Mariam Nour

Mariam Nour (Arabic: مريم نور) (born May 24, 1936) is a Lebanese television personality who discusses food and lifestyle issues in Arab media.Light Luise (1996). ''Vegetarian Times'' September 1996Povoledo, Elisabetta (October 22, 2004). A charged food fest. ''New York Times''== Life and career ==Nour was born in Douma, Lebanon as Marie Yeghiayan to an Armenian father and Lebanese mother. She traveled to the United States where she was taught by Osho and Michio Kushi.Since the late 1990s,... read more

Ibn al-Qamar

Nūr ad-Dīn 'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn al-Qamar (Arabic: نور الدين عبد العزيز بن القمر) better known just as Ibn al-Qamar (1326 – 9 December 1398), was a Tunisian Berber Muslim prince and wealthy trader who profited immensely from the North African and Mediterranean trade routes.Dunn, Ross E. (1986) ''The adventures of Ibn Battuta: a Muslim traveller of the fourteenth century''. p. 276. ISBN 0-7099-0811-3. He was also a master falconer and known for designing elaborate labyrinths... read more

Draft:أختر حميد خان

اختر حميد خان (١٥ يوليو ١٩١٤ - ٩ أكتوبر ١٩٩٩) كان عالمًا اجتماعيًا وممارس تنمية باكستانيًا. روّج للتنمية الريفية في باكستان ودول نامية أخرى، ودعا على نطاق واسع إلى إشراك المجتمع في التنمية. كان إسهامه تحديدًا هو تأسيس مشروع شامل للتنمية الريفية، نموذج الكوميلا (١٩٥٩). أكسبه النموذج... read more

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الدكتور احمد منير حجازي - مدينة صيدا - لبنانولد عام 1946م في مدينة صيدا - لبنان.و هو من مواليد بستان الكبير الوسطاني صيدا .اتم الدراسة الابتداءية في مدرسة الفيصل الاولى و دراسته المتوسطة و الثانوية في مدرسة المقاصد للبنين.بدء حياته الجامعية في لبنان حيث نال على شهادة "ليسانس" العلوم... read more


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