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Sudan Premier League

Sudan Premier League (Arabic: الدوري السوداني الممتاز) is the top division of the Sudan Football Association, it was created in 1965. read more

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== Summary ==حضرت آية الله آقا ميرزا آقا اصطهباناتي و فرزندان ايشان به ترتيب از راست به چپ سيد محمد، سيد ابوالقاسم و سيد محمود Estahbanati 00:44, 15 January 2007 (UTC) read more

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1975–76 Saudi Categorization League

The league included all top-performing clubs from their respective regional leagues of the East, West, and Central regions. The league was titled The Categorization League (Arabic: الدوري التصنيفي), because it categorized which clubs play in the Premier league and which clubs play in the Saudi First Division. It is not considered as Saudi Premier League in FIFA, making an end to Saudi Regional Leagues.Sixteen teams took part on a home and away basis. The top four from each group qualified... read more

Al-Kass Sports Channel

Al-Kass Sports Channel is a sports channel that is broadcast 24/7 from Qatar. Its official name is Al Dawri wal Kass (Arabic:قناة الدوري والكأس), which means The League and the Cup in Arabic, since it was initially launched to broadcast domestic football in Qatar.==History==Al-Kass was launched in June 2006 as the second sports channel from Qatar after Al Jazeera Sports. In its first year, the channel won many viewers with its unmatched coverage of domestic sports, especially football.... read more

Mubarak al-Duri

An Iraqi doctor, Mubarak al-Duri (مبارك الدوري) (also ''Mubarak Douri'', ''Mubarak el Doory'') ran an agricultural project owned by Osama bin Laden from 1992–94, and is alleged to have procured weapons and equipment overseas., page 521, footnote 58==Life in the United States==In the 1980s, he was living in Tucson, Arizona where he was in contact with Wadi al-Hage, who also lived in the city., pp. 57-58Intelligence report, "Bin Ladin's business activities in 1992", Mar. 31, 1994; Intelligence... read more

Qatar Stars League

The Qatar Stars League (Arabic: دوري نجوم قطر), formerly known as the Q-League (Arabic: س الدوري), is the highest professional league in Qatari football, with the next tier being the Qatargas League. The league's first season was played in 1963, although the first official season occurred in 1972. The league's most recent winner was Lekhwiya SC, and the club who has won the most cumulative championships is Al Sadd SC, with 12. The league currently features 14 clubs, with one club... read more

Lebanon national rugby league team

The Lebanon national rugby league team (Arabic: لبنان الرجبي الوطني فريق في الدوري) is the representative side of Lebanon in rugby league football. They are nicknamed "The Cedars" after the Lebanon Cedar tree, which is also on the Lebanese flag. The team has been participating in international competition since 1998. The team was originally formed in New South Wales, Australia, composed of Lebanese Australians. But their success has helped the game grow in Lebanon and... read more

Influence of Arabic on other languages

Arabic has had a great influence on other languages, especially in vocabulary. The influence of Arabic has been most profound in those countries dominated by Islam or Islamic power. Arabic is a major source of vocabulary for languages as diverse as Amharic, Bengali, Hindi, Indonesian, Kazakh, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Malay, Pashto, Persian, Punjabi, Sindhi, Somali, Swahili, Tigrinya, Turkish, Turkmen, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek as well as other languages in countries where these languages are spoken. For example,... read more


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