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Omm ol Qasab-e Musa

Omm ol Qasab-e Musa (, also Romanized as Omm ol Qaşab-e Mūsá; also known as Ebrāhīm Mūsá (Persian: ابراهيم موسي), Omm ol Qasab (Persian: ام القصب), and Raddeh-ye Ebrāhīm Mūsá) is a village in Jazireh-ye Minu Rural District, Minu District, Khorramshahr County, Khuzestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its existence was noted, but its population was not reported. == References ==Category:Populated places in Khorramshahr County read more

Ommolkorm Island

Ommolkorm Island (Also: Gorm, Ommolgorom) (Persian: جزیره ام الکرم, ''jazireye Ommolkorm'') is one of the Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf. This Island has an area of some 10–12 km2. It is surrounded by 14 km of sandy beaches suitable for marine turtle nesting although the southern and eastern parts are more heavily used, especially a stretch of 6–700 meters on the east coast used by hawksbill turtles. The island is located southeast of Bushehr. read more

Masud Sa'd Salman

Mas'ud-i Sa'd-i Salmān () was an 11th-century Persian poet of the Ghaznavid empire who is known as the prisoner poet. He lived from 1046 to 1121.==Early life==He was born in 1046 in Lahore to wealthy parents from Hamadan, present-day Iran. his father Sa'd bin Salman was a great Persian ambassador who was sent to India by Ghaznavids.Masud was born there and he was highly learned in astrology, hippology, calligraphy, literature and also in Arabic and Indian languages.==In prison==In 1085, he was imprisoned,... read more

Rafah Elementary Co-Ed B School

Rafah Elementary Co-Ed “B” School (مدرسة رفح الابتدائية كو-إد بي) is a school in Rafah, a town in the Gaza Strip, run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). It stands 800 meters from the border with Israel and has been damaged by weapons fire on several occasions.On January 31, 2005, pupil Noran Iyad Deeb was killed by a bullet said to have been fired from the area of the Israeli-controlled border. A second pupil was injured in the... read more


Sisakht (; Lurish: سي سخت , SỉSext, also Romanized as Sīsakht and Sī Sakht; also known as Deh Bozorg-e Sīsakht, Deh Bozorg-e Sīsākht, and Deh-e Bozorg Sīsakht) is a city in and the capital of Dana County, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 6,342, in 1,528 families. Sisakht is located on the foothills of Zagros Mountains, 34 km from Yasuj, in the northern part of the province. The area of Dena is a protected area.==History==Traces... read more


The RPG-32 Nashshab (Arabic: ار بي جي نشاب) (Russian: РПГ-32) (called Nashshab in Jordan) is a Russian-Jordanian hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher. It was designed and developed by state-owned FGUP "Bazalt" weapons manufacturing company.==Description==The RPG-32 multipurpose grenade launcher consists of a short, reusable launcher tube with grips, firing controls and sight mount, detachable collimating sight and disposable ammunition containers, which are pre-loaded at the factory... read more

Template:عشيرة القضاه

عشيرة القضاه (AlQudah or Al-Qudah) وهي من اكبر عشائر المملكة الاردنيه الهاشميهالقضاة عشيرة بشمال الاردن بمحافظة عجلون وهم من اعقاب الحسين بن علي هاجر الجد الاكبر للقضاه الى دمشق طالباً للعلم وتوفي هناك وخلف وراه ولده اسمه علي وعلى انجب 3 اولاد وهم : محمود واحمد وزين الدينخرج احمد الى الكرك... read more

Cura Si Manjakini

The Cura Si Manjakini sword as seen second from the right, among the rest of the Perak royal regalia, photographed in 1907.Cura Si Manjakini (Malay: ''Pedang Cura Si Manjakini'' Jawi: ڤدڠ چورا سي منجاکيني) is a sword mentioned in the legends of the Malay Annals as originally possessed by Sang Sapurba, the legendary ancestor of Malay kings. For hundreds of years, the sword became a symbol of a rightful sovereignty and power in Malay culture. It was first inherited by Sang Nila Utama... read more

C.H Aidarus Musliyar

C.H Aidarus Musliyar (Malayalam: സി.എച്ച്. ഐദറൂസ് മുസ്‌ലിയാർ, Arabic: الأستاذ سي أتش عيدروس المسليار), (1994–1933) was a Sunni Muslim religious scholar from the Kerala state of South India. He was the vice President of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, the supreme religious organization of Muslims in Kerala. He served as the President of Darul Huda Islamic University from1985 to July 1993.==Birth and Family==He was born to... read more

Hadith of Position

The Hadith of Position (, ''Hadith al-Manzilah'') is a Sahih Hadith in Islamic traditions, in which Muhammad draws a parallel between himself and Musa (Moses) and Ali to Haroun (Aaron). It is one of the primary hadiths used by the Shia to justify Imam Ali's right in the Succession of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad; Sunnis however, interpret it otherwise and do not consider Ali to be the successor stating that Haroun (Aaron) did not succeed Musa (Moses) .==The hadith and its context==Hadith are collections... read more

Draft:Mohammed Bawazir For Trading Co. Ltd.

Mohammed Bawazir For Trading Co. Ltd. logoMohammed Bawazir For Trading Co. Ltd. main office buildingMohammed Bawazir for Trading Co. Ltd. is an international FMCG distribution firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since its founding in 1987, it has sourced, marketed, and distributed foods, beverages, tobacco, household products, personal care and hygiene items, and other consumer goods to the KSA and surrounding regional and international markets. Additionally, it operates several brands and smaller... read more


Faltah Arabic فلتة was the word used by Umar for the process of appointment of Abu Bakr at Saqifah. Refer the excerpts from a sermon delivered by Umar in the last year of his caliphate when he learned that people wanted to appoint an Imam for themselves:" . . . let me clarify this to you that the allegiance with Abu Bakr was a faltah but Allah saved us from its evil. Therefore, whoever (intends to) acts like this you must kill him. . ."as-Sahih, al-Bukhari, vol. 8, p. 211; as-Sirah an-Nabawiyyah,... read more

Umm el Kanatir

Um el Kanatir (Umm al-Qanāṭir) (ام القناطر) () (lit. "Mother of the Arches") is an archaeological site in the Golan Heights dated to the 6th-8th century. Excavations have revealed a Roman-era Jewish city and synagogue. The site is located 10 kilometers east of the Dead Sea Transform, two kilometers west of Kibbutz Natur.==Etymology==The name derives from the location 200 meters from a natural spring that flows from the cliff into three basins that were once topped by monumental basalt... read more

Mawqef Micro

Mawqef Micro (''Arabic:'' موقف ميكرو) is 's second 2D cartoon animated production aimed at adult audience (the first being ).Mawqef Micro Poster showing B'ro (front right) and Shadi (back left)The show criticizes certain aspects, practices and retrograde ideologies found within the Syrian society and government, while simultaneously highlighting positive traits.The first season of the show aired on Addounia TV from August 11, 2010, which coincided with the first day of the Arabic month of... read more

Nasrat Parsa

Nasrat Parsa (, February 22, 1968 – May 8, 2005) was a popular Afghan singer. Up until his murder, he continued his music in exile from Hamburg, Germany, occasionally touring other countries.===Background===Nasrat Ali Parsa was born in a suburb of Kabul, Afghanistan. His family, especially his oldest brother Najibullah Parsa, was already involved in music to a certain extent and the environment of a musical household helped materialize Nasrat’s artistic talents. According to Nasrat's personal... read more


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