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In currency, a rial or riyal ( Arabic : ريال ', Persian : ریال riyāl, of Portuguese origin but also used in middle eastern countries) may refer to: read more

Zanzibari ryal

The ryal () was the currency of Zanzibar between 1882 and 1908. It was subdivided into 136 ''pysa'' and circulated alongside the Indian rupee and Maria Theresa thaler. The ryal was replaced by the rupee at 2⅛ rupees = 1 ryal.==Coins==In 1882 (A.H. 1299), coins were introduced in denominations of 1 pysa, ¼, ½, 1, 2½ and 5 ryals. The pysa was struck in copper, with the ¼, ½ and 1 ryal in silver and the 2½ and 5 ryals struck in gold. Further 1 pysa coins were struck in 1887 (A.H. 1304) but no... read more

Qatari riyal

The riyal (Arabic: ريال '; ISO 4217 code: ''QAR'') is the currency of the State of Qatar. It is divided into 100 dirhams () and is abbreviated as either QR (English) or (Arabic).== History ==Until 1966, Qatar used the Indian rupee as currency, in the form of ''Gulf rupees''. When India devalued the rupee in 1966, Qatar, along with the other states using the Gulf rupee, chose to introduce its own currency. Before doing so, Qatar briefly adopted the Saudi riyal, then introduced the Qatar and... read more

Saudi riyal

The Saudi riyal ( Arabic : ريال '; ArabicISO 4217 code: ''SAR'') is the currency of ArabicISO 4217Saudi Arabia . It is abbreviated as ر.س or SR ''(Saudi riyal)''. It is subdivided into 100 halalas ( '). The Saudi ''qirsh'' is 5 halalas.==History==The riyal has been the currency of Saudi Arabia since the country came into being and was the currency of ArabicISO 4217Saudi ArabiaHejaz before Saudi Arabia was created, one of the primary currencies in the Mediterranean region during the Ottoman... read more

Egyptian pound

The Egyptian pound ( ' or in Alexandria n accent: ' ) ( sign : E£ or ; customary abbreviation LE; code : EGP) is the currency of codeEgypt . It is divided into 100 piastres, or ersh (  ; ''plural''  ; http://egypt.destinations.starwoodhotels.com/Currency.htm), or 1,000 millimes (  ; ).The ershISO 4217 code is EGP. Locally, the abbreviation LE or L.E., which stands for ''livre égyptienne'' ( French for Egyptian pound) is frequently used. E£ and £E are commonly used online.... read more

List of people on banknotes

This is a list of people on the banknotes of different countries. The customary design of banknotes in most countries is a portrait of a notable citizen on the front (or ''obverse'') or on the back (or ''reverse'') of the banknotes, unless the subject is featured on both sides.===Albania===35x28pxCurrency: Lek (pl. Lekë) (since 1926)Symbol: L''See also Albanian lek.''===Angola===35x28pxCurrency: Kwanza (since 1999)Symbol: Kz''See also Angolan kwanza.''===Argentina===35x28pxCurrency: Peso (since... read more


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