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Zamalek SC (handball)

Al Zamalek Handball Club ( Arabic نادي الزمالك لكرة اليد), is a Egyptian handball team based in Giza, that plays in the Egyptian Handball League. Al Zamalek Handball Club is the African Club of the 20th Century.==External links==Category:Sports clubs established in 1976 read more

Zamalek SC (volleyball)

Zamalek volleyball club (In Arabic: نادى الزمالك للكرة الطائرة) is an Egyptian club that is currently playing in the first division in the Egyptian Volleyball League, based in Giza, Egypt.==History==The volleyball section was founded since the start of Zamalek SC (1911), the club is one of the most strongest clubs in Egypt and Africa. The club first championship was in 1959 by winning the Egyptian Volleyball League which was the first of 7 consecutive years. read more

Saudi National Day

The Saudi National Day (Al-Yaoum Al-Watany,اليوم الوطني) is celebrated in Saudi Arabia on every 23 September. Saudi National Day follows the day where the King Abdulaziz announced the country as a kingdom on 23 September 1932. 2015 was its' 85th Saudi National Day. Since then there have been seven kings, the current one being King Salman. read more

Arab League–Russia relations

Russia–Arab League relations include various contacts between the Russian Federation and the multi-state Arab organization. The Russian Federation maintains various contacts with the Arab League and plays a mediating role in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.==Russian-Arab Business Council==Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev in the Arab League Headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.The Russian-Arab Business Council is an organization that develops the trade and... read more

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مجلس المدينة لنواب الشعبيبلغكم أنه وبسبب وقوع حادثةفي مفاعل تشيرنوبل النووي للطاقةفقد تطورت حالة إشعاع غير مرضية.سيتولى الحزب ومجالس السوفيتات والجيشاتخاذ الإجراءات اللازمة.من أجل توفير السلامة الكاملة للشعبأن يتم إخلاء سكان المدينة مؤقتاًإلى نقاط الإخلاء في (مقاطعة) كييف... read more

Al Alam Al Youm

''Al Alam Al Youm'' (in Arabic العالم اليوم meaning ''The World Today'' in English) is an Arabic business newspaper published in Cairo, Egypt. It is the first private specialized independent paper of the country.==History and profile==''Al Alam Al Youm'', based in Cairo, was launched in 1991 as a first business newspaper in Egypt. In addition, it is the first privately owned independent newspaper of the country. Yasser Thabet and Emad Adeeb are the founders of the paper.The owner of the... read more

Emarat Al Youm

''Emarat Al Youm'' (Standard Arabic: الإمارات اليوم, ''al-Imārāt al-yawm'' - meaning ''The Emirates Today'') is an Arabic newspaper published by Dubai Media Incorporated. Google The paper is published in Dubai. The newspaper content focuses on domestic issues and other topics of interest to Arab readers.==History and profile==''Emarat Al Youm'' was first published on 20 September 2005. The owner and publisher of the paper was the Arab Media Group until October 2009 when the Dubai Media... read more

Draft:بيرسي سبنسر

ولد سبنسر في هولاند، ماين وخلال عمر الثمانية أشهر، مات والده، فتركته أمه تحت رعاية عمته وزوجها. مات زوج عمته عندما بلغ سبتسر عمر سبع السنوات، الأمر الذي دفعه لترك المدرسة والاتجاه للعمل وكسب المال حفاظاً على حياته وحياة عمته. بين عمر الثانية عشرة و عمر السادسة عشرة كان سبنسر... read more

Alam Al Yawm

''Alam Al Yawm'' (in Arabic عالم اليوم meaning ''The World of Today'') was an Arabic newspaper published in Kuwait. The paper had an independent and moderate stance.==History and profile==''Alam Al Yawn'' was first published on 8 January 2007. The founders were two businessmen, Ahmad Al Daas and Ahmad Al Jabr Al Shemmeri. The former was also the editor-in-chief. Al Shemmeri was the owner of ''Alam Al Yawm''.The 2012 circulation of the daily was 23,000 copies.In April 2014, the paper and... read more

Eslami ya Misr

Eslami ya Misr ("Be safe, O Egypt"; ) was the national anthem of Egypt from 1923 to 1936. Written by the Egyptian poet, Mostafa Saadeq Al-Rafe'ie, and the music is composed by Safar Ali.It is adopted currently as the song of the Egyptian Police Academy.== Lyrics ==اسلمى يا مصر إننى الفداذى يدى إن مدت الدنيا يداإننى أرجو مع اليوم غداومعى قلبى وعزمى للجهادولقلبى أنت بعد الدين دينهرم الدهر الذى... read more

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== Arabic translation ==This is what I am trying to say in Arabic.I love you very much Ian. Shoot me one of your sweet smiles today, they always make my day. (this is from a man to another man)is this correct: I love you very much Ian. Shoot me one of your sweet smiles today, they always make my day. أحبك كثيرا ايان. اطلاق الرصاص على واحدة من الابتسامات الحلوة اليوم ، أنهم دائما أصنع يومي.???== Analyzing the sentence "welcome... read more

Draft:Ayla Aviation Academy

Ayla Aviation Academy is a privately owned aviation academy located at King Hussein International airport in Aqaba, Jordan.The school is approved by Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission of Jordan (CARC), and an approved European Aviation Safety Agency EASA satellite.The school was founded in 2006 by The Near East Group. The academy's fleet includes the Diamond DA40, Diamond DA42, Cessna 172 Skyhawk, as well as the ALSIM AL-200 – DA42. Upon completion of the school’s Global Program; cadet... read more

Al Yaum (newspaper)

''Al Yaum'' (in Arabic اليوم meaning ''The Day'' ''Today'' in Arabic) is a Dammam-based, supposedly pro-government Arabic daily newspaper published in Saudi Arabia.==History and ownership==''Al Yaum'' was first published in Dammam in 1965. Initially, it was a weekly eight-page magazine. Its frequency and size improved over time, becoming a daily newspaper in 1978. The owner and publisher of the paper is Dar Al Yaum Organization for Printing and Publishing. The headquarters of ''Al Yaum'' is... read more

Said Fayad

Said Fayad (Arabic سعيد فياض ); Mohammad Said Ibrahim Efendi Fayad (1921–2003) is a Lebanese poet and literary journalist from the village of Ansar (Arabic أنصار) in the Nabatieh Governorate of southern Lebanon.==Personal life==Said ِFayad was the eldest son of Ibrahim Efendi Fayad - a local notable who served as a district governor (Muhafez) under the French mandate - and Lamia Ali Dhaher, niece of the poet and religious figure Sheikh Suleiman Dhaher (Arabic العلاّمة الشيخ... read more


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