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Laith Abu Joda

Laith Abu Joda (Arabic: ليث ابوجودة) (born on November 9, 1994) is a Palestinian singer, composer, songwriter and oud player from Ramallah. Laith's upbringing was full of Music and Art, as he grew his passion for music grew. Laith rose to popularity as a contestant during the 10th season of Star Academy Arab World. Laith has made his first career debut with the song "Allah Ysamehna" (Arabic: الله يسامحنا) written and composed by the Lebanese Songwriter, composer, and Artist... read more

Dima Bashar

Dima Bashar Qadri Arafat (Arabic: ديمة بشار قدري عرفات) or ''Dima Bashar'' is a Palestinian-Jordanian Islamic Nasheed singer. She joined the children's TV show ''Toyour Al-Jannah'' (Birds of Paradise) at the end of 2008. She is the younger sister of singer Muhammad Bashar. She was also host of quiz shows on Toyor-al-Jannah channel including ''Bernamij Ashykal Alwan'' (برنامج أشكال ألوان), ''Hawa Sawa'' (الهواسوا) and ''Fawazirna'' (فوازيرنا). Bashar... read more


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