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中山 is an East Asian name composed of two characters which individually mean "middle or centre" and "mountain or hill". read more

B'z TV Style Songless version

''B'z TV Style Songless version'' is the first compilation album by the Japanese rock duo B'z. It is a karaoke compilation with instrumentals only. The album sold 231,340 copies in total, reaching #2 at Oricon.== Track listing ==#Kimi no Naka de Odoritai (君の中で踊りたい) - 3:45#Tonari de Nemurasete (となりでねむらせて) - 4:14#Taiyou no Komachi Angel - (太陽のKomachi Angel) - 4:11#Itoshii Hitoyo Good Night... (愛しい人よGood Night...)- 6:16#Kodoku no Runaway (孤独のRunaway)... read more

File:Yun Zhong Ge (云中歌).jpg

== Licensing ==Category:Tong Hua (writer)-related images read more

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/荃豐中心

The result was speedy delete. WP:CSD#A7, on the basis of the Google translation. JohnCD (talk) 16:35, 6 April 2011 (UTC)===荃豐中心===Non english content Maimai009 14:14, 6 April 2011 (UTC) read more

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/芜湖一中

The result was Speedy Delete copyvio Jac16888Talk 23:21, 20 February 2010 (UTC)===芜湖一中===Foreign language article. Seems to be about a Chinese school. Probably lacks notability and content could be gibberish. Needs to be checked by language proficient person and possible deleted or speedily deleted. Duribald (talk) 23:18, 20 February 2010 (UTC) read more

Nakano (surname)

Nakano (written: 中野) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: read more

Super Radical Gag Family

is a Japanese comedy manga series by Hamaoka Kenji. An anime adaptation by Studio Deen aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System in 1998. A second anime aired from July 6 to December 21, 2014.=== Super Radical Gag Family (1998) ===# Take Some Nuts (あんとんナッツ)# Daitetsu Twilight (大鉄トゥワイライト)# The Juston Peanut (ジャストンぴーなつ)# Zoramu in Diapers (むつでゾーラム)# New Ni-chan U-tan (新にーちゃんうーたん)# New Bombom the Moon (新ボンボンらむーん)#... read more

Wikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkReports/chk888.com隆中草廬

Reporting statistics of link chk888.com隆中草廬; 1 records.# 10:13:01, Mon Nov 26, 2007 :zh:user:Chk888 chk888.com隆中草廬 (100%/28.57%/28.5% - calculated overlap Chk888 chk888.com隆中草廬) - :zh:隆中隱 - - COIBot UserReport - :zh:Special:Contributions/Chk888. read more

Nakano Station

Nakano Station (中野駅; ''Nakano Eki'') is the name of three train stations in Japan.Station formerly called Nakano Station (名香野駅): read more


Nonaka (written: 野中 lit. "in the middle of a field") is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: read more

YAT Anshin! Uchū Ryokō

is an anime series produced by Group TAC.It aired on NHK in Japan from October 5, 1996, to September 27, 1997; a second series aired from April 11, 1998, to October 3, 1998. The show has also aired in Thailand, Singapore, Spain, Mexico, Israel, The Philippines, Indonesia and Peru.==Plot==The series is set in the year 5808. The human civilization has taken gigantic steps in the conquest of the space, and with the creation of the three-dimensional tunnel, people can travel to any Galaxy in the universe.... read more


深圳第一家公改民办的专科医院——深圳中山泌尿外科医院迁至福强路(原彩田医院)并正式开业接诊。设在该院的深圳中山生殖与遗传研究所也同时揭牌。深圳中山泌尿外科医院成立于1997年,在深圳已有22年历史。2009年,在深圳市政府支持下,深圳中山泌尿外科医院乔迁至福强路原彩田医院一址。迁址后的深圳中山泌尿外科医院占地1万平方米,建筑面积8600平方米、业务用房面积7500平方米,比原来的规模扩大2倍。医院以泌尿外科为主体,重点发展密切相关的泌尿、生殖医学、男科、妇科、健康产业,并开设内科、外科、儿科、口腔科、中医科、耳鼻喉科、皮肤性病科和康复理疗科。此外,中山大学附属医院将派出20余名专家教授定期到医院应诊。 read more

Kumiko Nakano

Nakano Kumiko (中野公美子, born March 3, 1977 in Osaka, Japan) is an actress who debuted as a Japanese idol with the girl band Osaka Performance Doll from 1993 to 1997. read more


Yachū-ji (野中寺) is a Buddhist temple in Habikino, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. It was founded by Prince Shōtoku is affiliated with Kōyasan Shingon-shū.== See also ==Category:Buddhist temples in Osaka Prefecture read more

Takanori Fukushima

Dr. Takanori Fukushima (福島孝徳; born 1942) is a Japanese neurosurgeon,Marc Sindou ''Practical Handbook of Neurosurgery: From Leading Neurosurgeons'' 2009 p154 ISBN 3211848207 "Takanori Fukushima is Professor of Neurosurgery at the Duke University Medical Center and at the West Virginia University Medical Center. He is internationally renowned for "『「ありがとう」すべては感動のために』ISBN 488150441X (2007) "その人は、福島孝徳(ふくしま・たかのり)氏です。あるとき、テレビで「神の手」と呼ばれる脳外科医・福島孝徳氏にスポットを当てた番組を放映しているのを見ました。偶然、目にした番組でしたが、私はその福島ドクターのわが身を削って仕事に取り組む姿や、「... read more


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