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Ten Wings

Ten Wings 十翼 ''shí yì'' - collection of commentaries (''zhuan'' 傳) to the classical Chinese Book of Changes traditionally ascribed to Confucius.#彖傳 ''Tuan zhuan'', or Commentary on the Judgment, the 1st 彖上傳#象傳 ''Xiang zhuan'', or Overall Image, the 1st 象上傳 (sometimes called Great Xiang 大象)#Xiang, the 2nd 象下傳 (aka Lesser Xiang or Little Images 小象)#繫辭傳 ''Xici zhuan'', the Commentary on the Appended Phrases, the 1st 繫辭上傳 #''Xici zhuan'', the 2nd... read more

File:Au Revoir Shanghai (Intertitle) (上海傳奇 (片頭字幕)).jpg

== Licensing ==zh:File:上海傳奇 (片頭字幕).jpg read more

66° Pohjoista Leveyttä

''66° Pohjoista Leveyttä'' was the 13th album by Mandopop singer Valen Hsu. It was released on 28 December 2007.==Track listing==# 看完煙火再回去 (Let's go back after watching the fireworks)# 我絕對不說我愛你 (I would never say I love you)# 北緯六十六度 (66° Pohjoista Leveyttä)# 北緯六十六度 (66° Pohjoista Leveyttä)# 看完煙火再回去 (Let's go back after watching the fireworks)# 我絕對不說我愛你 (I would never say I love you) read more

Sarah Chen

Sarah Chen is a Taiwanese singer who became famous during the late-1980s and early-1990s. Her most famous hit songs, many resulting from her collaborations with songwriter Jonathan Lee, include ''Awakening Dream'' 夢醒時分 and ''Is it Right to Love You?'' 這樣愛你對不對. Her 1989 album ''Talk to You, Listen to You'' 跟你說聽你說 became the first album to reach a million sales in Taiwan. After she retired from Taiwan's entertainment circle in 1998, many rumors have surfaced concerning... read more


== 簡歷 ==陸仁山自小在澳門長大,中學時隨教業中學作多次舞蹈比賽及演出,從此便與舞蹈結下不解之緣。在澳門中學畢業後,1998年獲香港演藝學院全額獎學金赴香港就讀亦是澳門首位獲此奬學金,2002年畢業於中國舞系,就讀演藝學院期間曾前往德國柏林、捷克布拉格、新加坡等地作演出,在2000年擔任《奔流》舞段的唯一男主角,更獲布拉格舞蹈節最高殊榮大獎。獲獎後回港更得到特首董建華親臨演藝學院祝賀。2002年加入香港舞蹈團,發展舞蹈事業。2008年參與北京奧運演出後,同年在澳門創立藝力製作有限公司,便開始從事演藝製作行業,先後參與粵港澳政協四洲盃粵曲大賽、澳門金曲娛樂真經典演唱會,上海世博澳門館短片製作及擔演角色,2010年更在香港成立閃耀娛樂有限公司,投資香港Wonder... read more

Jiang Gan

Jiang Gan (birth and death dates unknown), courtesy name Ziyi, was a debater and scholar who lived in the late Eastern Han dynasty. He is best known for his attempt to persuade Zhou Yu, a general serving under the warlord Sun Quan, to defect to Sun's rival Cao Cao ''after'' the Battle of Red Cliffs in the winter of 208–209. In the historical novel ''Romance of the Three Kingdoms'', the entire incident not only took place ''before'' the battle, but also received a dramatic makeup with the inclusion... read more

Lu Su

Lu Su (172–217), courtesy name Zijing, was a politician, diplomat and military general serving under the warlord courtesy nameSun Quan in the late courtesy nameSun QuanEastern Han dynasty . He was recommended by courtesy nameSun QuanEastern Han dynastyZhou Yu as a talent to Sun Quan in 200 CE when Sun had just taken over the reins of power from his elder brother and predecessor, courtesy nameSun QuanEastern Han dynastyZhou YuSun Ce . As one of Sun Quan's most important subjects in the warlord's... read more

Spirit of the Dragon

''Spirit of the Dragon'' (龍在江湖 李小龍傳奇) is a Hong Kong TV series based on famous martial artist Bruce Lee. The 30 episode series was released on ATV in 1992.Big5.xinhuanet.com. "." ''“青年李小龍”人選懸而未決 .'' Retrieved on 2010-07-15.==Synopsis==The story begins with the young Bruce Lee (David Wu) as a martial artist trying to make it big. He tries his best to expand martial arts via his entertainment career. He later meets Linda (Gwennie Tam) and develop a relationship.... read more

Wishing for Happiness

''Wishing For Happiness'' () is the seventh Mandarin studio album of Taiwanese Mandopop artist Rainie Yang (). It was released on 17 August 2012 by Sony Music Taiwan and the pre-order albums Forget the tears and Forget to smile editions. In this album, the song "忘了" (Forgotten) is the title track of the album.==Track listing==# "想幸福的人" (Wishing For Happiness)# "不要對自己說謊" (Don't lie to Yourself)# "一萬零一種可能" (Possibilities)# (BONUS)"王見王 "(feat.羅志祥)... read more

Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives/Language/2013 April 14

== Language Identification ==What in the flying sanskrit is this language? I've never seen it before, and i've tried looking at all the languages in google translate and none of them look anything like this. (talk) 00:55, 14 April 2013 (UTC)I have done a little searching on Google, and it appears that is more correct. (The text seems runic). Specifically, it seems to be SIMILAR to a language known as "Futhorc". However, i question if it is a variant of such, as most Futhorc... read more

Fate (EP)

''緣 Fate'' (sometimes credited as ''緣 • 痴心誤會 Fate • Loving Misunderstanding'') is an EP by cantopop singer Prudence Liew, released in 1989.==Background information==As Liew was pregnant with her second child after the release of ''Loving Prince 公子多情'', she was on maternity leave for much of 1989. To tie fans over until the release of her next album ''Jokingly Saying 笑說'', Current Records decided to produce a remix album and this EP containing two songs that were themes... read more

Taishi Ci

Taishi Ci (166–206), this sectioncourtesy name Ziyi, was a military general who lived in the late this sectioncourtesy nameEastern Han dynasty . A native of Donglai Commandery (around present-day this sectioncourtesy nameEastern Han dynastyLongkou , this sectioncourtesy nameEastern Han dynastyLongkouShandong ), he started his career as a minor official in the local commandery office. In 186, at the age of 20, he became famous after successfully completing a mission to prevent a letter from... read more

Guo Jia

Guo Jia (170–207), courtesy name Fengxiao, was an advisor to the warlord courtesy nameCao Cao in the late courtesy nameCao CaoEastern Han dynasty . Throughout his 11 years of service, Guo Jia aided Cao Cao greatly with his brilliance and foresight, and his strategies were instrumental to Cao's triumphs over rival warlords such as courtesy nameCao CaoEastern Han dynastyLü Bu and courtesy nameCao CaoEastern Han dynastyLü BuYuan Shao . For example, four years before Cao Cao's decisive victory... read more

Yuanhe Xingzuan

The ''Yuanhe Xingzuan'' () is an imperial Tang dynasty register of the genealogies of China's prominent families. It was compiled by Lin Bao (林寶), on the order of Emperor Xianzong (reigned 805–820), whose era name was Yuanhe. The book was completed in 812 and records 1,232 surnames.The ''Yuanhe Xingzuan'' contains the register of the most prominent families of the time, starting with Li 李, the imperial family. The other families are arranged according to the phonetic system of the ''Guangyun''... read more

Yu Fan

Yu Fan (164–233), courtesy name Zhongxiang, was an official of the state of Eastern Wu in the Three Kingdoms period.Initially a minor officer under Wang Lang, the Administrator of Kuaiji Commandery, Yu Fan later served under the warlord Sun Ce, who conquered the territories in the Jiangdong (or Wu) region in a series of campaigns from 194–199. Sun Ce regarded him highly and once enlisted his help in persuading Hua Xin, another commandery administrator, to surrender. After Sun Ce's death, Yu Fan... read more


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