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西湖 (literally "west lake") may refer to: read more


西山 is an East Asian name meaning "Western mountain" or "Western mountains". read more


西海, meaning "west sea", may refer to: In the Korean reading Seohae, alternatively spelled Sŏhae:In the Japanese readings Saikai or Nishiumi: read more


== Summary ==File:The Portrait of the Qing Dynasty Cixi Imperial Dowager Empress of China in the 1900s.PNG read more

KLG (restaurant chain)

KLG ( in Taiwan; referred to as ''Kuai Le Gee'' in Malaysia, meaning "Happy Chicken") is a fast food chain in Taiwan, headquartered in Fengyuan District, Taichung."." KLG. Retrieved on March 7, 2016. "快樂雞股份有限公司 台中市豐原區西勢路154號"It was a fast food restaurant chain in Malaysia, Taiwan, and mainland China, which had several similarities with KFC. The lettering of KLG adopted the same font and colour as KFC. KLG's logo depicted a plump chicken wearing a bow tie.In Malaysia,... read more

Pasir Panjang Group Representation Constituency

Pasir Panjang Group Representation Constituency (Traditional Chinese: 巴西班讓集選區; Simplified Chinese: 巴西班让集选区) is a defunct Group Representation Constituency in Pasir Panjang, Singapore that existed only from 1988 to 1991.==References==Category:Singaporean electoral divisions read more

Tibet Airlines

== History ==Tibet Airlines was approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China in March 2010. It has ordered three Airbus A319 airliners and intends to order more airliners from the same family. The airline received its first aircraft on 2 July 2011 and launched service by operating flight from Lhasa Gonggar Airport to Ngari Gunsa Airport on 26 July. It intends to start flight to Beijing and Shanghai by the end of 2011.The airline also announced plans to start direct flights to Europe by... read more

Draft:斯柯达15 T

2016 年, 斯柯达买到了为中车青岛西方机车车辆股份有限公司 15 T模型 十年。承包的价是大约 5 十亿克朗。中车青岛西方机车车辆股份有限公司 能制造400 电车单位。 read more

Jiangxi Ganyue Expressway

Jiangxi Ganyue Expressway ( Simplified Chinese : 江西赣粤高速公路股份有限公司 ; traditional Chinese : 江西贛粵高速公路股份有限公司 ; pinyin : Jiangxi Gan-Yue gāosùgōnglù gǔfèn yǒuxiàngōngsī ; literally: "Anonymous Motorway Company of Guangdong - Jiangxi") is a Chinese company specialising in the construction, operation and maintenance of motorways.The company is a member of the SSE Composite Index.==References==Category:Construction and civil engineering... read more

Wikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkReports/kamiman.com

Reporting statistics of link kamiman.com; 1 records.# 06:20:30, Tue Oct 30, 2007 :ja:user:Kamiman kamiman.com (100%/70%/70% - calculated overlap Kamiman kamiman.com) - :ja:加西市 - - COIBot UserReport - :ja:Special:Contributions/Kamiman. read more

Shanxi Coking Co.

Shanxi Coking (Group) Co. (山西焦化股份有限公司) is a state-owned coal mining company in China.==External links==Category:Government-owned companies of ChinaCategory:Companies with year of establishment missing read more


==简介== 一步旅行,免费出境游专属行程定制APP,含海量出国离线行程及指引地图、海外全攻略。海量精选行程自助下载,周边吃喝玩乐购指南。任选直销门票、玩乐、一日游、包车接送机等优惠产品。旅行,只需一步!==免费行程== 免费:专属行程定制,按需调整,速获线路。海量离线行程及地图。 定制:免费行程设计+超值机票或酒店,更多自助游服务,一站定制。==吃喝玩乐==... read more

Changning District

, is a district of Shanghai , China. It has a land area of and a population of 620,000 . The district government is located at 1320 Yuyuan Rd. Zhongshan Park is located in the district.==Economy== Zhongshan ParkShanghai Hongqiao International Airport is located in Changning. Zhongshan ParkShanghai Hongqiao International AirportChina Eastern Airlines has its headquarters, the China Eastern Airlines Building, on the airport grounds."." p. 2. "2550 Hongqiao Road Hongqiao International Airport... read more

Chongqing Bachuan International High School

Chongqing Bachuan International High School and Middle School (重庆市巴川国际高级中学校) or Chongqing Bachuan International Math & Science School is an international school in Tongliang District, Chongqing, China. The school shares its campus with Bachuan Middle School, Bachuan High School and the Bachuan Mini program. The international school opened in 2012."" (). Chongqing Bachuan International School. Retrieved on September 30, 2015. "Address:Chongqing city Tongliang County East... read more


Bongba (Chinese: 邦巴; Pinyin: Bāngbā) is a village (村) in Gê'gyai County, Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Wu Zhenhua (武振华), Xizang Diming (西藏地名; Place Names in Tibet), p.32, Chinese Zangxue Press (中国藏学出版社) 1996, ISBN 7-80057-284-6 It is situated at an altitude of 4,542 metres (14,904 feet).==Notes==Category:Populated places in Ngari Prefecture read more


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