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西湖 (literally "west lake") may refer to: read more


西山 is an East Asian name meaning "Western mountain" or "Western mountains". read more


西海, meaning "west sea", may refer to: In the Korean reading Seohae, alternatively spelled Sŏhae:In the Japanese readings Saikai or Nishiumi: read more


== Summary ==File:The Portrait of the Qing Dynasty Cixi Imperial Dowager Empress of China in the 1900s.PNG read more

Pasir Panjang Group Representation Constituency

Pasir Panjang Group Representation Constituency (Traditional Chinese: 巴西班讓集選區; Simplified Chinese: 巴西班让集选区) is a defunct Group Representation Constituency in Pasir Panjang, Singapore that existed only from 1988 to 1991.==References==Category:Singaporean electoral divisions read more


Bongba (Chinese: 邦巴; Pinyin: Bāngbā) is a village (村) in Gê'gyai County, Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Wu Zhenhua (武振华), Xizang Diming (西藏地名; Place Names in Tibet), p.32, Chinese Zangxue Press (中国藏学出版社) 1996, ISBN 7-80057-284-6 It is situated at an altitude of 4,542 metres (14,904 feet).==Notes==Category:Populated places in Ngari Prefecture read more

Battle of Yangping

The Battle of Yangping, also known as the Battle of Yangping Pass, was fought between the warlords Cao Cao and Zhang Lu in 215 CE during the late Eastern Han dynasty. The battle concluded with a victory for Cao Cao.==Background==In the third lunar month of 215, Cao Cao launched a campaign against Zhang Lu in Hanzhong commandery. When Cao Cao's army arrived at Chencang (陳倉; present-day Chencang District, Baoji, Shaanxi) and was about to pass through Wudu (武都; around present-day Longnan, Gansu),... read more

Pasir Puteh District

Pasir Puteh (Chinese: 巴西富地) is a town, district (jajahan) and parliamentary constituency in Kelantan, Malaysia. The town of Pasir Putih is situated on the bank of Semerak River, about 30 kilometers to the south of Kota Bharu. Pasir Puteh district borders Terengganu to its south-east.==History==Before this place was known as Pasir Putih, it was known as Pangkalan Limbungan. The town of Pasir Putih derived its name after Sultan Muhammad IV visited this place. The Sultan was very impressed to... read more

Pasir Ris Bus Interchange

Pasir Ris Bus Interchange (Chinese: 巴西立巴士转换站) is a bus interchange located at Pasir Ris in the eastern part of Singapore. It is adjacent to Pasir Ris MRT Station and White Sands Shopping Centre is the nearest shopping mall from the bus interchange. This bus interchange also serves as a pick-up/drop-off point for shuttle buses ferrying NSF men heading to the SAF Ferry Terminal for their shuttle ferry to Pulau Tekong, and as an enroute stop for service 3 to Tampines Bus Interchange.From... read more

Idu Mishmi language

Diorama of Mishmi people in Jawaharlal Nehru Museum, ItanagarThe Idu Mishmi language () is a small language spoken by the Mishmi people in Dibang Valley district of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh and in Zayü County of the Tibet Autonomous Region, China. There were 8569 speakers in India in 1981 and 7000 speakers in China in 1994. It is considered an endangered language.==Locations==In China, Idu Mishmi is spoken in Xiba village 西巴村, which has just over 40 residents and is located at... read more

Minjiang dialect

The primary characteristic of the Minjiang dialect is that the stop consonants for checked-tone syllables in Middle Chinese have developed into tense vowels to create a phonemic contrast, and in several cities and counties the tense vowels retain a following glottal stop. It also keeps many characteristics of Ba-Shu Chinese phonology and vocabulary.刘晓南(2009年第8卷第6期),《试论宋代巴蜀方言与现代四川方言的关系——兼谈文献考证的一个重要功用:追寻失落的方言》,语言科学... read more

Lishan, Xiangxiang

Lishan Town () is an urban town in Xiangxiang City, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, People's Republic of China.==Cityscape==The town is divided into 24 villages and 1 community, the following areas: Xishantang Community, Xishan Village, Xinhe Village, Huangjin Village, Hongfu Village, Changchong Village, Jiufeng Village, Xiangsi Village, Liangju Village, Yangmei Village, Jinyin Village, Dashun Village, Shuangjiang Village, Lishan Village, Xiashang Village, Emei Village, Shiqiao Village, Daqi Village,... read more


Nishime (written: 西銘 or 西目) may refer to: read more

Bukit Pasir

Bukit Pasir (Chinese: 武吉巴西), is a New Village in Muar, Johor, Malaysia. Chinese were the majority populations of this town and follow by Malay populations.Bukit Pasir is small town between Muar and Pagoh. It is about from Muar Town. Besides that, it located in a vital communication line for Muar to go to Pagoh, Panchor, Lenga and Bukit Kepong. Furthermore, it is only away from the North-South Expressway, Pagoh Toll Exit. You may pass through this town from Muar along the route J32 to go... read more

St. Barnabas's Hospital in Beijing

St. Barnabas's Hospital (安国圣巴拿巴医院) is a hospital in Beijing, China founded by the Anglican Church of China.Category:Hospitals with year of establishment missing read more


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