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張鳳鳳,臺灣知名歌手及綜藝節目主持人。1998年推出首張老歌專輯“瞬間永恒”,1999年推出第二張專輯,2000年推出了第三輯“梁祝”,2003年加盟“華納唱片”。由高凌風及張鳳鳳共同主持的《金曲百樂門》入圍2006年金鐘獎歌唱綜藝節目主持人。白蘭香、明月千里、寄相思、小親親、恨不相逢、夜上海、待嫁女兒心、明日之歌、昨夜、夢中梁祝、樓台會、玫瑰玫瑰我愛你、明日之歌、昨夜、知道不知道、雪山盟等。《金曲百樂門》入圍2006年金鐘獎歌唱綜藝節目主持人Zhang... read more

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/張圭陽

The result was keep and let the PNT folks handle this one. Kimchi.sg 17:16, 22 November 2006 (UTC)===張圭陽===notenglish Yxz 17:11, 22 November 2006 (UTC) read more


Yasuko (written: 泰子, 靖子, 康子, 寧子, 育子, 保子, 康子, 安子, 甯子 or やす子, meaning "peaceful child") is a Japanese women's given name. read more

Template:Kagoshima Main Line

Category:Stations of Kyushu Railway CompanyCategory:Kyushu Railway Company templatesja:Template:鹿児島本線 (熊本地区)zh:Template:鹿兒島本線 (熊本地區)ja:Template:鹿児島本線 (鹿児島地区)zh:Template:鹿兒島本線 (鹿兒島地區) read more

Jingnan Campaign

Jingnan Campaign, or Jingnan Rebellion, was a civil war in the early years of the Ming Dynasty of China between the Jianwen Emperor and his uncle Zhu Di, the Prince of Yan. It started in 1399 and lasted for 3 years. The campaign ended after the forces of Prince of Yan captured the imperial capital Nanjing. The fall of Nanjing was followed by the demise of Jianwen Emperor, and Zhu Di was crowned the Yongle Emperor.== Background ==After establishing the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang began to consolidate... read more

Wong Tai Sin Children's Choir

Wong Tai Sin Children's Choir (黃大仙兒童合唱團) is a children's choirs in Hong Kong., Hong Konghttp://www.wtscchk.com/ Choir website read more

Kodama (surname)

Kodama (written: 兒玉, 児玉 or 小玉) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: read more

Empress Dowager Zhang

Empress Dowager Zhang (張太后) may refer to: read more

Zhang Yunshen

Zhang Yunshen (張允伸) (785''Old Book of Tang'', vol. 180. – March 8, 872 read more

Lan Yu (general)

Lan Yu (died 1393) was a Chinese general who contributed to the founding of the Ming Dynasty. His ancestral home was in present-day Dingyuan County, Anhui. In 1393 Lan was accused of plotting a rebellion and put to death by the Hongwu Emperor. About 15,000 people were implicated in the case and executed. ==Biography==According to the ''History of Ming'', in his early years, Lan Yu was a subordinate of Chang Yuchun, another general', Vol. 3, No. 4, p. 29. Art Text Ltd. (Hong Kong), 2000. Accessed... read more

File:Shen Bao 2.jpg

轉載自張靜廬:《中國的新聞紙》(光華書局, 中華民國十七年),頁20。 read more

Zhang Mi

Zhang Mi (Chinese: 张泌,張泌, dates of birth and death unknown), was a Chinese ''Ci'' poet who lived during the Later Shu. read more

Liang Shidu

Liang Shidu (梁師都) (died June 3, 628) was an agrarian leader who rebelled against the rule of the Chinese dynasty Sui Dynasty near the end of the reign of Emperor Yang of Sui. He, claiming the title of Emperor of Liang with the aid from Eastern Tujue, retained the modern northern Shaanxi and western Inner Mongolia region for over a decade, but was gradually weakened by attacks from Tang Dynasty, whose founding emperor Emperor Gaozu and successor Emperor Taizong had eliminated the rival contenders... read more

Zhang Fei

Zhang Fei (died 221), courtesy name Yide, was a military general who served under the warlord courtesy nameLiu Bei in the late courtesy nameLiu BeiEastern Han dynasty and early courtesy nameLiu BeiEastern Han dynastyThree Kingdoms period. Zhang Fei and courtesy nameLiu BeiEastern Han dynastyThree KingdomsGuan Yu , who were among the earliest to join Liu Bei, shared a brotherly relationship with their lord and accompanied him on most of his early exploits. Zhang Fei fought in various battles... read more

Zhang Chunhua

Zhang Chunhua (189-247) was the wife of Sima Yi, a prominent politician, general and regent of the state of Cao Wei in the Three Kingdoms period. She was posthumously honoured as "Empress Xuanmu" in 265 by her grandson Sima Yan, who ended the Wei regime and established the Jin dynasty that year.==Life==Zhang Chunhua was from Pinggao County (平臯縣), Henei Commandery (河內郡), which is in present-day Wen County, Henan. She was born in the late Eastern Han dynasty during the reign of Emperor... read more


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