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Entrepreneursja:Category:香港の実業家 Entrepreneursja:Category:香港の実業家pl:Kategoria:Hongkońscy przedsiębiorcy Entrepreneursja:Category:香港の実業家pl:Kategoria:Hongkońscy przedsiębiorcypt:Categoria:Empresários de Hong Kong Entrepreneursja:Category:香港の実業家pl:Kategoria:Hongkońscy przedsiębiorcypt:Categoria:Empresários de Hong Kongzh-yue:Category:香港企業家 Entrepreneursja:Category:香港の実業家pl:Kategoria:Hongkońscy przedsiębiorcypt:Categoria:Empresários... read more

West Kowloon Terminus

West Kowloon Terminus (WKT) is the terminus of the Hong Kong Section of Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong Express Rail Link (XRL), and is currently under construction. It is the only station in the Hong Kong Section and will connect to the mainland China section through a dedicated tunnel. It is being constructed by the MTR Corporation.Aedas, in collaboration with AECOM, have been awarded the contract to design the multi-story 380,000 square meter terminus.WKT will be located in Jordan, Kowloon, north... read more

MTR–KCR merger

Ticket gates at key interchange stations were removed one year after the mergerThere had been some discussion of merging the Kowloon–Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC), which was also government-owned, and the MTR to make the territory's transport system more efficient. The MTRCL backed such a merge while the KCRC opposed the plan. In March 2004, the Hong Kong Government officially encouraged the two companies to merge.On 11 April 2006, the Hong Kong Government officially announced the details of... read more

Minato Ward

Minato, TokyoMinato, NagoyaMinato, Osakade:Minato Minato, TokyoMinato, NagoyaMinato, Osakade:Minatoko:미나토구 Minato, TokyoMinato, NagoyaMinato, Osakade:Minatoko:미나토구ja:港区 read more


Minato (港) is Japanese for ''port''.== References == Minato ArisatoMinato NagaseAkaneiro ni Somaru SakaMinato SoftMinato ShimbunMinato LineCategory:Japanese-language surnames read more

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== 簡述 ==由香港中區IFC國際金融中心55字樓外望中環景色 read more

Nangan, Lienchiang

Nangan Township () is a township in the townshipMatsu Islands and the townshipMatsu Islandscounty seat of townshipMatsu Islandscounty seatLienchiang County , townshipMatsu Islandscounty seatLienchiang CountyTaiwan .Nangan was also known Nangantang (南竿塘; Nàng-găng-dòng) and Shanggantang (上竿塘). And because Lin Moniang's (who later became the goddess Matsu ) corpse was washed ashore here, Nangan was also known as Matsu Island (馬祖島; Mā-cū-dō̤).There is an airport in... read more

Pearl River Delta Rapid Transit

The Pearl River Delta Rapid Transit is a regional rapid rail network being gradually constructed in the Pearl River Delta, People's Republic of China. The project's goal is to have every major urban center in the Pearl River Delta to be within one-hour travel by rail to Guangzhou. On March 16, 2005, the State Council examined and approved plans for a regional rapid rail transit network for the Bohai Economic Rim, Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. According to the plan, by 2020, Pearl... read more

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Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (HK Section in blue)The Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link Hong Kong Section (XRL HK Section) is a proposed high-speed railway connecting Kowloon with the high-speed rail network of China at Shenzhen. As its name suggests, it is part of the rail link between Hong Kong and Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province.==Current plan==In April 2007, the Executive Council assigned the task of planning and design of the Hong Kong section of the... read more

Nanning Railway Bureau

Nanning Railway Bureau (simplified Chinese: 南宁铁路局; traditional Chinese: 南寧鐵路局) is a regional railway bureau under the jurisdiction of China Railway Corporation of the People's Republic of China,formerly known as the Liuzhou Railway Bureau.It supervises the railway network within Guangxi and Guangdong Provinces. read more


The ''tiexianzai'' (鐵弦仔), also known as the ''guchuixian'' (鼓吹弦), is a bowed string instrument in the ''huqin'' family originating in China. It is a two-stringed fiddle with a characteristic metal amplifying horn at the end of its neck.According to some sources, it was invented by the Fulao people. read more

Port of Zhongshan

The Port of Zhongshan is a natural estuary port located on the coast of Zhongshan Prefectural Level city, Guangdong, People's Republic of China. It opens into the Pearl River Delta.==Setting==Port of Zhongshan extends on the West Shore of the Pearl River Delta between Zhuhai and Guangzhou.==Layout==The Port of Zhongshan is divided into three main port areas: 东有中山港区, 北有小榄港区, 南有神湾港区 read more


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