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白山 could refer to the following locations in East Asia: read more

Draft:大國文化 MusicNation

大國文化集團於2002年3月成立,是一間提供全方位音樂服務的公司。本公司不斷發展多元化的音樂和娛樂活動,並以中國內地為我們的首要中心,致力專注於音樂製作、藝人和節目管理的項目。 read more

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/MK style in Hong Kong (MK文化)

The result was Delete. Kaldari (talk) 07:02, 19 April 2013 (UTC)===MK style in Hong Kong (MK文化)===Non notable subculture phenomena Shadowjams (talk) 01:48, 12 April 2013 (UTC) read more

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浑江市,又名白山市,是一个新城市,曾经隶属于通化市。中国大陆解放以后从通化市分离出来,成为地级市。位于吉林省与北朝鲜交界处,邻近长白山天池。该市以长白山脉的矿物质泉水出名,水质甘甜,色泽清澈,含有丰富的对人体有益天然矿物质。该市一个叫做温泉的乡镇内,有舒适的天然温泉。浑江市的重工业程度低,拥有较好的自然环境,是非常适合居住,休假的圣地。Hunjiang... read more

Baijinbao culture

Baijinbao () is an archaeological site of the Baijinbao culture (白金宝 文化 Baijinbai Wenhua), a Bronze Age culture in China's northeastern province of Heilongjiang, dated by about 900 BC, the time of the Western Zhou period. The site is located in the village Baijinbao (Ch. 白金宝 屯) on the left bank of the Nen Jiang 嫩江 river near a town Minyi (民意 乡) of the Zhaoyuan county in the Songnen Plain.http://www.china.com.cn/aboutchina/data/wwbhdw/txt/2006-12/12/content_7495700.htmThe... read more

Manshu Musume

"Manshū Musume" (, lit. Manchurian Girl) is a Japanese hit song in 1938.南 博, 社会心理研究所 (1987). ''昭和文化 1925~1945 '', 勁草書房. ISBN 4326600497.池田憲一 (1985). ''昭和流行歌の軌跡'', 白馬出版. ISBN 4826601352. Lyrics is by Akiji Ishimatsu and Music is by Tetsuo Suzuki.== Lyrics ==inchūhō ga saita naraoyome ni iki-masu tonari-muraWan-san mattete Chōdai ne read more

Nasu people

The Nasu people 纳苏, literally "black people", are an ethnic group in the People's Republic of China. They are a subgroup of the Yi people and are mainly distinguished by their use of the Nasu language, one of five main branches of the Yi languages. They are divided into the Eastern Nasu with more than 400,000 persons, the Jinghong Nasu with more than 20,000, the Panxian Nasu with more than 300,000, the Southern Nasu with more than 100,000, and the Wusa Nasu.http://www.joshuaproject.net/people-profile.php?rop3=114245&rog3=CHhttp://www.joshuaproject.net/people-profile.php?peo3=18626&rog3=CHhttp://www.joshuaproject.net/people-profile.php?peo3=18627&rog3=CHhttp://www.unreachedoftheday.org/index.php?y=2010&m=4&d=23http://www.joshuaproject.net/languages.php?rol3=yig... read more

Bobai Campaign

The Bobai Campaign (博白战役) was a campaign fought between the nationalists and the communists during the Chinese Civil War in the post-World War II era and resulted in communist victory. The campaign was part of Guangxi Campaign.After the nationalist offensive in the southern front had been defeated by the advance communist, Bai Chongxi ordered the nationalist III Corps and XI Corps to immediately retreat. The communist forces at the southern front consisted of units of the communist II Field... read more


Shichongkou Town () is an urban town in Xinhua County, Loudi City, Hunan Province, People's Republic of China.==Administrative division==The town is divided into 43 villages and 1 community, the following areas: Chenjiawan Community, Choumu Village, Panjiawan Village, Chaoshuipu Village, Nanyan Village, Yangzhuang Village, Yutian Village, Gaochebian Village, Daqiao Village, Shichongkou Village, Helong Village, Shizhu Village, Mancang Village, Longwangchi Village, Luomaqiao Village, Dawantang Village,... read more


Munhwa (Hangul: 문화, Hanja: 文化) means culture in Korean. read more

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Iwase Province

Map of the former Japanese provinces with Iwase highlighted is an old province of Japan lasting for a brief period of time in the old provinceNara period in what is now western old provinceNara periodFukushima Prefecture Kodama. (1958). 図日本文化史大系, p. 30; excerpt, ==History==Iwase Province was created during the reign of old provinceNara periodFukushima PrefectureEmpress Genshō .Meyners d'Estrey, Guillaume Henry Jean (1884). ; excerpt, '' Genshō crée sept provinces : Idzumi,... read more

Shantang Street

Shantang Street (; Suzhou Wu: Se daon ka, ), also known as Seven-mile Shantang (), is a street in northwestern Gusu District, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. The street connects Changmen () in the east with Huqiu in the west, with a total length of about 3,829.6 meters, or a little more than seven li.==History==Construction of the Shantang Canal (Chinese:山塘河) started in 825 AD, during the Tang Dynasty by Bai Juyi, a poet and the ''Cishi'' (modern-day equivalent of the prefectural governor) of Suzhou,... read more

Fengcheng, Chongqing

Fengcheng Subdistrict () is a Subdistrict in Changshou District, Chongqing, People's Republic of China.==Administrative division==The subdistrict is divided into 14 villages and 10 community, the following areas: Taohua Community, Qi'an Community, Xiangyanglu Community, Fengling Community, Wangjianglu Community, Sanxialu Community, Qinghualu Community, Binjianglu Community, Dongjie Community, Fuyuan Village, Yongfeng Village, Changfeng Village, Zouma Village, Dongxin Village, Honghua Village, Yanghe... read more


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