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== Summary ==Jolin Tsai/Cai Yilin/蔡依林/蔡依林 - Dancing Diva/Wu Niang/舞孃/舞娘3. Ma de Li Bu Si Yi (馬德里不思議) read more


==Summary==Courtesy National Central Library, Taipei, Taiwan. Please attribute. read more

Moon Lau

Moon Lau Pui-wai (, born 9 September 1989) is a Hong Kong actress and television presenter currently under Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) management. Lau is also a former pageant queen who won the second runner-up title in the 2013 Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Grace Chan Wins 2013 Miss Hong Kong Pageant!. Retrieved Aug 4, 2016==Biography==Moon Lau was born in a large family of seven. Her mother Lam Giu (林嬌), was contestant #15 in the 1985 Miss Hong Kong Pageant. 1985年第十三届香港小姐.... read more


Hosogai (written: 細貝) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: read more

Shap Pat Heung

Village gate and ancestral hall in Choi Uk Tsuen, Shap Pat HeungTin Hau Temple in Tai Kei Leng, Shap Pat HeungShap Pat Heung (, Pinyin: Shibaxiang) is an area in the New Territories of Hong Kong. Located south of Yuen Long and northeast of Tai Tong, the area occupied the plain north of hills of Tai Lam. Cantonese name Shap Pat Heung means eighteen villages at its beginning. It is later expanded to thirty villages. Administratively, it is part of Yuen Long District.The area is famous for the celebration... read more

Cui Shenji

Cui Shenji (崔神基), formally the Duke of Qingqiu (清丘公), was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty and Wu Zetian's Zhou Dynasty, briefly serving as chancellor during Wu Zetian's reign.It is not known when Cui was born, but it is known that his family was from Bei Prefecture (貝州, part of modern Xingtai, Hebei). His father Cui Yixuan (崔義玄) had served as a general and official under Tang's first three emperors -- Emperor Gaozu, Emperor Taizong, and Emperor Gaozong (Wu Zetian's... read more

List of critical theorists

==See also== Critical theoristszh:批判理論#批判思想家列表 read more

David S. C. Chu

David S. C. Chu (朱思九; pinyin: Zhū Sījiǔ) is an American politician and consultant. read more

Wang Hongyi

Wang Hongyi (王弘義) (died 694) was a secret police official during the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty and Wu Zetian's Zhou Dynasty.It is not known when Wang Hongyi was born, but it is known that he was from Hengshui. He was known as a hoodlum in his youth, and on one occasion, when he begged for melons from a farmer but the farmer refused, he falsely reported to the county magistrate that there was a white rabbit—then considered a sign of good virtue for the emperor—in the melon field; the... read more

Spisula sachalinensis

''Spisula sachalinensis'' (Japanese common name: Ubagai ウバガイ or Hokkigai ホッキ貝, 北寄貝) is a species of edible saltwater clam, a marine bivalve mollusk in the family Mactridae, the surf clams or trough clams. It is commonly referred to as "surf clam." This species is commercially exploited.This clam is widely used for sushi in Japan.孔 宁,李 琪,丛日浩,王庆志,.海洋科学,2011,(10):6-10 The species is found in Tomakomai, Hokkaido and numerous other areas. read more

Marquis Gōng of Cai

''They are not in the proleptic Gregorian calendar''.Marquis Gōng of Cai (Cài Gōnghóu 蔡宮侯) (? - ?), born as Ji ? (姬?), was the fourth ruler of the State of Cai. He was the only known son of Earl Huang of Cai (蔡伯荒) and close kin of King of Zhou. He was the first in the family to hold the title of the ''Marquis of Cai (Cai Guohou 蔡国侯)'' which would be in used until the end of the State of Cai in 447 BC. He was succeeded by his son.== References ==Category:10th-century BC Chinese... read more

Magical Musical Tour

''Magical Musical Tour'' (不思議な旅) is a studio album by Japanese duo Pink Lady. It was released on February 5, 1979. read more

Shangsi County

Shangsi County (上思县) is a county of Guangxi, China. It is under the administration of Fangchenggang city.Category:County-level divisions of Guangxi read more

Cai Yaohui

Cai Yaohui (Chinese:蔡尧辉) (born January 8, 1988) is a retired Chinese football player who mostly spent his career with Guangzhou Pharmaceutical.==External links==Category:Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao F.C. players read more

Marquis Mu of Cai

''They are not in the proleptic Gregorian calendar''.Marquis Mu of Cai (蔡穆侯) (? - 646 BC), born Jī Xiànwǔ (姫獻舞), was the fourteenth ruler of the State of Cai from 675 BC to 646 BC. He was the only known son of Marquess Ai of Cai (蔡哀侯), his predecessor. His reign was a period of 29 years. He was succeeded by his son.== References ==Category:7th-century BC Chinese monarchs read more


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