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Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Yamaguchi先生

===Yamaguchi先生===Final: (104/18/4) - Closed as successful by Acalamari at 23:42, 5 November 2015 (UTC)====Nomination====I am Yamaguchi and have been a contributor to Wikipedia, off and on, for the past ten years. I now respectfully ask the community for permission to continue my volunteer efforts in an administrative capacity.The bulk of my time is spent performing minor copyedits, reverting vandalism, and ensuring that existing content is compliant with our editorial policies and manual of... read more

A Hint of You

''A Hint of You'' () is a 2013 Taiwanese romantic drama with a food theme television series produced by Sanlih E-Television, starring Michael Zhang, Nana Lee, Danson Tang, Demi Yin, Jay Shih, Cindy Song and Hans Zhang as the main cast. 「美味的想念」首映會 藍心湄可演貴婦或歐巴桑 . Retrieved April 17, 2015 A Hint of You dramalist page. Retrieved April 17, 2015 The Chinese title literally translates to "Taste of Missing You". Filming began on February 14, 2013 and completed on... read more

Category:National Football League owner navigational boxesja:Template:サンフランシスコ・フォーティナイナーズ先発QB read more

Category:Native American tribes in Alaska

fr:Catégorie:Peuple amérindien d'Alaskaja:Category:アラスカ州の先住民族 read more

Jun Kamita

Jun Kamita (嘉味田 隼, born 17 January 1992) is a Japanese football player.==External links==Category:People from Wakayama PrefectureCategory:Japan youth international footballers read more


Kuromido (Japanese: 黒味銅) is an alloy of 99% copper and 1% metallic arsenic. It is most commonly used as one of the metals associated with mokume-gane. read more

Zhang Fei

Zhang Fei (died 221), courtesy name Yide, was a military general who served under the warlord courtesy nameLiu Bei in the late courtesy nameLiu BeiEastern Han dynasty and early courtesy nameLiu BeiEastern Han dynastyThree Kingdoms period. Zhang Fei and courtesy nameLiu BeiEastern Han dynastyThree KingdomsGuan Yu , who were among the earliest to join Liu Bei, shared a brotherly relationship with their lord and accompanied him on most of his early exploits. Zhang Fei fought in various battles... read more

Katsuya Senzaki

Katsuya Senzaki (先崎 勝也, born April 9, 1987) is a Japanese football player.==References==Category:Sportspeople from Kanagawa Prefecture read more

Kumiko Sakino

Kumiko Sakino (先野久美子 ''Sakino Kumiko'', born September 9, 1975) is a Japanese volleyball player who plays for Hisamitsu Springs. read more

Mr. Asia Contest

MR. Asia Contest (亞洲先生競選), is an male beauty pageant contest run by Mr. Asia contest Organization based in Hong Kong read more

To Be A Better Man

To Be a Better Man(Chinese:好先生), is a highly popular 2016 Chinese TV series produced by LeEco.The series is directed by Zhang Xiaobo. read more

Qian Weidao

Qian Weidao (騫味道) (died January 11, 689) was twice briefly a chancellor of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, during the first reign of Emperor Ruizong.Little is known about Qian Weidao's career before his first stint as chancellor, as, atypical for a chancellor, he did not have a biography in either the ''Old Book of Tang'' or the ''New Book of Tang''.See the Table of Contents for the ''Old Book of Tang'' and the Table of Contents for the ''New Book of Tang''. It is, however, known that his... read more

Unique Flavor

''Unique Flavor'' () is a Taiwanese Hokkien television drama that began airing on SET Taiwan in Taiwan on 16 August 2006, from Mondays to Fridays, and ends on 19 September 2007, with a total of 286 episodes.It is directed by Fung Kai, with advisor Zhou You (周游).The slogan for ''Unique Flavor'' is ''Good, Interesting, True'' (好味、趣味、真情味).==Cast==The casts are classified according to the families they belong to in the drama.===Zhous (Otsu-mi-ya)===''Otsu-mi-ya'' is a Japanese restaurant... read more

Breathe (Edmond Leung album)

''Breathe'' (TC: 呼吸) is a Cantopop album by Edmond Leung.==Track listing==#Lovelorn Ten Thousand Times (失戀一萬次)#All I Need Is Love (我需要的只是愛)#Color, Aroma and Taste (濃情色香味) read more

English Footballer of the Year

The title English footballer of the year can refer to the winner of either: Football Writers' Association Footballer of the YearPFA Players' Player of the Yearzh:英格兰足球先生 read more


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