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In the Mandarin Chinese reading Wénshān: read more

文 (disambiguation)

文 (pinyin ''wén'') is Kangxi radical (no. 67). The Chinese character 文 ''wén'' means "literature" or "culture", and may also be a Chinese surname. read more

Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/Draft:陳文龍

The result of the discussion was Speedy deleted by . — xaosflux Talk 16:13, 21 February 2016 (UTC) ====Draft:陳文龍====October 2015 non-AFC of Chinese language that says "Chen Wenlong" with no real context. Ricky81682 (talk) 10:13, 18 February 2016 (UTC) read more

Draft:大國文化 MusicNation

大國文化集團於2002年3月成立,是一間提供全方位音樂服務的公司。本公司不斷發展多元化的音樂和娛樂活動,並以中國內地為我們的首要中心,致力專注於音樂製作、藝人和節目管理的項目。 read more

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/MK style in Hong Kong (MK文化)

The result was Delete. Kaldari (talk) 07:02, 19 April 2013 (UTC)===MK style in Hong Kong (MK文化)===Non notable subculture phenomena Shadowjams (talk) 01:48, 12 April 2013 (UTC) read more

Consort Guo (Jingzong)

Consort Guo, imperial consort rank ''Guifei'' (郭貴妃), was an imperial consort of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty. She was the favorite concubine of Emperor Jingzong (Li Zhan).==As consort to Emperor Jingzong==It is not known when Consort Guo was born. Her father was the imperial guard general Guo Yi (郭義), whose geographical origin was lost to history. Toward the end of the ''Changqing'' era of Emperor Muzong (821-824), on account of her beauty, she was selected to be a consort to Emperor... read more

Geng Bingwen

Geng Bingwen () (1334 - 1403) was a Ming dynasty general. He participated in the Jingnan Campaign. He committed suicide.《明史》(卷百三十):“耿炳文,濠人。父君用,從太祖渡江,積功為管軍總管。援宜興,與張士誠兵爭柵,力戰死。炳文襲職,領其軍。取廣德,進攻長興,敗士誠將趙打虎,獲戰船三百余艘,擒其守將李福安等,遂克長興。長興據太湖口,陸通廣德,與宣、歙接壤,為江、浙門戶。太祖既得其地,大喜,改為長安州,立永興翼元帥府,以炳文為總兵都元帥,守之。溫祥卿者,多智數。避亂來歸,炳文引入幕府,畫守御計甚悉。張士誠左丞潘元明、元帥嚴再興帥師來爭。炳文奮擊,大敗去。久之,士誠復遣司徒李伯升帥眾十萬,水陸進攻。城中兵七千,太祖患之,命陳德、華高、費聚往援。伯升夜劫營,諸將皆潰。炳文嬰城固守,攻甚急,隨方御之,不解甲者月余。常遇春復帥援兵至,伯升棄營遁,追斬五千余人。其明年,改永興翼元帥府為永興衛親軍指揮使司,以炳文為使。已而士誠大發兵,遣其弟士信復來爭。炳文又敗之,獲其元帥宋興祖。士信憤甚,益兵圍城。炳文與費聚出戰,又大敗之。長興為士誠必爭地,炳文拒守凡十年,以寡御眾,大小數十戰,戰無不勝,士誠迄不得逞。大軍伐士誠,炳文將所部克湖州,圍平江。吳平,進大都督府僉事。”《明史》(卷百三十):“始,炳文守長興,功最高,太祖榜列功臣,以炳文附大將軍達為一等。及洪武末年,諸公、侯且盡,存者惟炳文及武定侯郭英二人;而炳文以元功宿將,為朝廷所倚重。建文元年,燕王兵起。帝命炳文為大將軍,帥副將軍李堅、寧忠北伐,時年六十有五矣。兵號三十萬,至者惟十三萬。八月次真定,分營滹沱河南北。都督徐凱軍河間,潘忠、楊松駐鄚州,先鋒九千人駐雄縣。值中秋,不設備,為燕王所襲,九千人皆死。忠等來援,過月漾橋,伏發水中。忠、松俱被執,不屈死。鄚州陷。而炳文部將張保者降燕,備告南軍虛實。燕王縱保歸,使張雄、鄚敗狀,謂:「北軍且至。」於是炳文移軍盡渡河,並力當敵。軍甫移,燕兵驟至,循城蹴擊。炳文軍不得成列,敗入城。爭門,門塞,蹈藉死者不可數計。燕兵遂圍城。炳文眾尚十萬,堅守不出。燕王知炳文老將,未易下,越三日,解圍還。而帝驟聞炳文敗,憂甚。太常卿黃子澄遂薦李景隆為大將軍,乘傳代炳文。比至軍,燕師已先一日去。炳文歸,景隆代將,竟至於敗。”《明史》(卷百三十):“燕王稱帝之明年,刑部尚書鄭賜、都御史陳瑛劾炳文衣服器皿有龍鳳飾,玉帶用紅鞓,僭妄不道。炳文懼,自殺。”《明史》(卷百三十):“子璿,前軍都督僉事。尚懿文太子長女江都公主。炳文北伐,璿嘗勸直搗北平。炳文受代歸,不復用,璿憤甚。永樂初,杜門稱疾,坐罪死。” read more

Cao Wei family trees

This article contains the family trees of members of the Cao clan, who ruled the state of Cao Wei (220-265) in the Three Kingdoms period (220-280) in China. Only Cao Cao's lineage is shown in this article. The lineages of his relatives, such as Cao Ren, Cao Zhen and others, are not included here.==Cao Song==Cao Song was a foster son of the eunuch Cao Teng and he had at least four sons: Cao Cao, Cao Bin, Cao De,(世語曰:嵩在泰山華縣。太祖令泰山太守應劭送家詣兗州,劭兵未至,陶謙密遣數千騎掩捕。嵩家以為劭迎,不設備。謙兵至,殺太祖弟德於門中。)... read more

Manting Chan

Manting Chan (traditional Chinese: 陳文婷) (born on December 7, 1987) is a Hong Kong-American singer and songwriter. Since her debut EP album ''Musical Journey'' was released in July 2011 by Sony Music Hong Kong, Manting has been called the "musical theater princess" by the Hong Kong media because of her sweet-heavenly voice and her love for musical theater.== Early life ==Manting was born in New York City, New York, and raised on Long Island. Her father is Chinese-Indonesian and her mother, from... read more


Hirofumi (written: 弘文, 浩文, 浩史 博文, 博史, 宏文, 浩文, 広文, 洋文, 拓史 or 裕史) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include: read more

Sichuan Symphony Orchestra

The Sichuan Symphony Orchestra (Chinese: 四川 交响乐团; pinyin: Sichuan Jiāoxiǎng Yuètuán; abbreviated SSO) was established in 2002. The average age of musicians in SSO is 30, making it the youngest symphony orchestra in mid-western China. The performance schedule of the orchestra is the most vigorous. The orchestra's former executive director and principal conductor was Mr. Tang Qingshi 唐青石先生. The current music director is Barnaby Palmer. Its deputy executive directors are Mr.... read more

Jiang Qian

Jiang Qian (; 1876–1942), courtesy name Yiyuan (易園), art name Yangfu (陽複), was an influential Chinese scholar and educator.==Biography==In his early years, Jiang studied at the Ziyang Academy in Huizhou, Anhui, and Wenzheng Academy in Nanjing. In 1902 he helped Zhang Jian to found Tongzhou Normal School, the first Chinese normal school, and then became the school's president. In 1914, he was appointed the president of Nanking Higher Normal School, on the site of former Liangjiang Higher... read more


Takayuki (written: 孝之, 孝行, 孝幸, 隆之, 隆行, 隆幸, 高之, 高行, 高猷, 貴之, 貴幸, 貴由, 貴由輝, 崇之, 崇幸, 敬之, 卓行 or タカユキ in katakana) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include: read more


Guoju (郭巨镇) is a town in Beilun District, Ningbo City in China. read more

Vân đài loại ngữ

The ''Vân đài loại ngữ'' () is a 1773 Chinese-language encyclopedia compiled by the Vietnamese scholar Lê Quý Đôn. Its title is variously translated into English as "Categorized Sayings from the Van Terrace" or "Classified discourse from the library."Sources of Vietnamese Tradition George Edson Dutton, George E. Dutton, Jayne Susan Werner - 2012- p603 "Categorized Sayings from the Van Terrace (Van dai loai ngu; Le Quy Don), pp170–74David Kelly, Anthony Reid -Asian Freedoms: The Idea... read more


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