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Domitian (; ;In Classical Latin , Domitian's name would be inscribed as TITVS FLAVIVS CAESAR DOMITIANVS AVGVSTVS. 24 October 51 – 18 September 96) was Classical LatinRoman emperor from 81 to 96. Domitian was the third and last emperor of the Classical LatinRoman emperorFlavian dynasty .Domitian's youth and early career were largely spent in the shadow of his brother Classical LatinRoman emperorFlavian dynastyTitus , who gained military renown during the Classical LatinRoman emperorFlavian... read more

Domitian (disambiguation)

Domitian was a Roman emperor of the Flavian dynasty who reigned 81–96.Domitian or Domitianus may also refer to: read more

Paris (actor under Domitian)

Paris was an actor in Rome in the 1st century AD.Born in Egypt, he came to Rome in the reign of Domitian, where his skills as a pantomimus won him popular favour, noblewomen as lovers, influence within the imperial court and the power to promote his favourites within the court. That influence would seem to be demonstrated by the story of Juvenal's banishment to Egypt for attacking Paris.Pseudo-Suetonius, Juv. vii.86-91, though this story is probably unreliable.His affair with Domitian's wife Domitia... read more

Domitian of Huy

Domitian of Huy (also, of Maestricht) was a Gaulish bishop of the sixth century who is noted for both his generosity and writings against heresy. He is venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church.==Life==Domitian was the bishop of Tongeren, in modern-day Belgium. He is notable for speaking out convincingly against heretics and pagans, especially at the Fifth Council of Orléans in 549. He encouraged the development of polemic against heresy in the early church, and worked to evangelize the... read more

Stadium of Domitian

The Stadium of Domitian (), also known as the ''Circus Agonalis'', was located to the north of the Campus Martius in Rome, Italy. The Stadium was commissioned around 80 AD by the Emperor Titus Flavius Domitianus as a gift to the people of Rome, and was used mostly for athletic contests.=== Construction and design ===The Stadium of Domitian was dedicated in 86 AD, as part of an Imperial building programme at the Field of Mars, following the damage or destruction of most of its buildings by fire in... read more

Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/Domitian

The article was promoted by User:SandyGeorgia 01:22, 3 August 2008 .===Domitian===This article has taken a lot of time and effort. As I believe it currently fits all the criteria for a Featured Article Candidate, I'm proud to put this up for nomination. Style should be good, structure is clear, images are free, treatment is comprehensive without going into unnecessary detail, etc... I would like to pre-emptively address three possible criticisms though:Any other objections I'd be very happy to discuss!... read more

Odeon of Domitian

The Odeon of Domitian was an ancient Roman building on the Campus Martius in Rome, used for plays and musical competitions and with room for an audience of 11,000. Begun by Domitian in imitation of Greek odeons (neighbouring his stadium to its south), it was completed or restored in 106 by Apollodorus of Damascus. The outline of its ''cavea'' is still preserved by the façade of the Palazzo Massimo alle Colonne, but the only actual remains is a cipoline monolithic column (possibly part of the stage)... read more

Palace of Domitian

The Palace of Domitian sits atop the Palatine Hill, and was built as Domitian's imperial palace. The structure was in close proximity to the House of Augustus, which resides in the district that the Republican House of the Griffins once inhabited. Designed by the architect, Rabirius, the Palace of Domitian is a massive three-part structure. The house is separated to allow business matters and the private residences to be conducted without disruption of either. However, there is a public wing with... read more

Domitian of Carantania

Domitian of Carantania or Domitian of Carinthia (, ; died ), also known as Domislav and Tuitianus, was a Slavic nobleman in the principality of Carantania (present-day Carinthia, Austria) during the reign of Charlemagne. He is regarded as the legendary founder of the Millstatt Abbey church and was venerated as a Catholic Saint.==Tradition==The hagiography of Domitian is documented in a parchment handwriting from the early 15th century; a transcript of earlier reports written in several phases between... read more

Lucius Minicius Rufus

Lucius Minicius Rufus was a Roman senator. He was consul with Domitian in AD 88. read more

Flavius Clement

Flavius Clement (died 96 AD) was an early Christian martyr. He was the brother of Roman emperor Vespasian and uncle of emperors Titus and Domitian. He was the husband of Saint Flavia Domitilla. He held the post of consul to Domitian in 95 AD, but was executed by Domitian for being a Christian. read more

Larginus Proclus

Larginus Proclus lived in the 1st century in Germany. He predicted that the Roman emperor Domitian would die on a certain day. He was in consequence sent to Rome, where he was condemned to death; but as the punishment was deferred, in order that he might be executed after the fatal day had passed, he escaped altogether, as Domitian died on the very day he had named.(Dio Cassius 68.16; cf. Suetonius ''Domitian'' 16.) read more

Draft:Gaius Oppius Sabinus

Gaius Oppius Sabinus was a Roman Senator and Governor in the 1st Century AD.Oppius was probably the son or nephew of Spurius Oppius, Suffect Consul in 43 AD. Oppius himself was ordinary consul in 84AD as the colleague of the Emperor Domitian. Oppius served as governor of Moesia under Domitian, where he was killed by an invading army of Dacians under Diurpaneus in the winter of 85/86 AD.Suetonius, ''The Twelve Caesars'', Domitian 6,1. read more


Diegis was a Dacian chief, general and brother of Decebalus, and his representative at the peace negotiations held with Domitian (89 C.E.). read more

Ganna (prophet)

Ganna was a German prophet and priestess of the Semnones tribe. She was politically active, and acted as a diplomat and representative of her tribe in negotiations with Emperor Domitian. read more


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