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Fort Manoel

Fort Manoel () is a star fort on Manoel Island in Gżira, Malta. It was built in the 18th century by the Order of Saint John, during the reign of Grand Master António Manoel de Vilhena, after whom it is named. The British military took over the fort in 1800 and it remained in use by them until 1964. The fort was severely damaged in World War II, but it was restored and it is now in good condition.Fort Manoel is located to the north west of Valletta, and commands Marsamxett Harbour and the anchorage... read more

Manoel Island

Manoel Island () is a small island which forms part of the municipality of Gżira in Marsamxett Harbour, Malta. It is named after the Portuguese Grand Master António Manoel de Vilhena, who built a fort on the island in the 1720s. Previously, the island had been known as ''l'Isolotto'' or ''l'Isola del Vescovo'' ().==Geography==Manoel Island is a flat island shaped roughly like a leaf. It is located in the middle of Marsamxett Harbour, with Lazzaretto Creek to its south and Sliema Creek to its north.... read more

António Manoel de Vilhena

António Manoel de Vilhena (28 May 1663 – 10 December 1736) was a Portuguese nobleman who was the 66th Prince and Grand Master of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem from 19 June 1722 to his death in 1736. Unlike a number of the other Grand Masters, he was benevolent and popular with the Maltese people. Vilhena is mostly remembered for the founding of Order of St. John of JerusalemFloriana , the construction of Order of St. John of JerusalemFlorianaFort Manoel and the Order of St. John... read more

Lazzaretto of Manoel Island

The Lazzaretto () is a former quarantine facility and hospital on Manoel Island in Gżira, Malta. It is a complex of various buildings dating back to between the 17th and 19th centuries. Most of the structures still exist, although they are in a bad state due to damage sustained during World War II and over 30 years of abandonment. It is planned that the Lazzaretto be restored.==History==From 1526 onwards, Marsamxett Harbour began to be used for quarantine purposes. During the , a temporary lazzaretto... read more

Manoel Carlos

Manoel Carlos Gonçalves de Almeida (March 14, 1933) is a Brazilian television telenovela writer born in São Paulo, Brazil. He is the father of actress Júlia Almeida.==External links==Category:Authors of Brazilian telenovelas read more

Manoel Tobias

Manoel Tobias da Cruz Júnior (born 7 April 1971), commonly known as Manoel Tobias, is a former futsal player. read more

Manoel Felciano

Manoel Felciano (born November 12, 1974)http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2280555/ is an American actor, singer, and songwriter. He is best known for playing Tobias Ragg in the 2005 Broadway revival of ''Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street'', for which he was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical. In this production, all of the actors played their own instruments, with Felciano playing the piano, violin and clarinet.http://www.ibdb.com/person.php?id=76174Felciano... read more

Manoel Villar

Manoel da Rocha Villar (November 21, 1912 – October 15, 2012) was an Olympic freestyle swimmer from Brazil, who participated at two Summer Olympics for his native country. At the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, he swam the 4×200-metre freestyle, finishing 7th in the final, along with Manuel Silva, Isaac Morais and Benvenuto Nunes. He also swam the 100-metre freestyle, not reaching the finals. At the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, he swam the 400-metre, 1500-metre, and 4×200-metre freestyle,... read more

Viktor Manoel

Viktor Manoel (born 1957) is a Mexican-American dancer, choreographer, writer, and actor.Manoel was born and raised in Mexico. He worked such choreographers as Édouard Lock of Canadian dance group La La La Human Steps and Toni Basil. Basil hired him for David Bowie's world stadium ''Glass Spider Tour'' after she spotted him performing in a L.A. nightclub in 1987.Manoel has performed in numerous shows including ''Open Doors'' and ''Whistle Revisited'' (based on Stephen Sondheim's ''Anyone Can Whistle''),... read more

Manoel Urbano

Manoel Urbano is a municipality located in the center-western region of the Brazilian state of Acre.As of 2010 it was one of the poorest municipalities in Brazil, with a low Human Development Index.==Location==Manoel Urbano is in the state of Acre, the Vale do Acre mesoregion and the Sena Madureira microregion.It is from the state capital, Rio Branco, along the BR-364, which is paved to the municipality.It is bounded on the north by the state of Amazonas, on the south and east by the municipality... read more

Manoel Theatre

The Manoel Theatre (Maltese: ''It-Teatru Manoel'') is a theatre and important performing arts venue in Malta. The theatre is often referred to as simply "The Manoel", and is named after Grand Master of the Order of the Knights Hospitaller, Fra António Manoel de Vilhena, who ordered its construction in 1731. The theatre is reputed to be Europe's third-oldest working theatre (older than the San Carlo in Naples), and the oldest theatre still in operation in the Commonwealth of Nations.The theatre is... read more

Manoel Viana

Manoel Viana is a Brazilian municipality in the western part of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. It has a population of 7,074 (2010). Its elevation is 113 m. It has an area of 1,390.7 square kilometers making it one of the largest municipalities in the state. It is located 590 km west of the state capital of Porto Alegre and east of Alegrete. It is the only municipality that is by the Ibicuí River.==External links==Category:Municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul read more

Manoel Beckman

Manoel Beckman, also known as Bequimão, was a 17th-century trader and farmer in São Luís, Maranhão in the North East of Brazil. He was son of a German father and a Portuguese mother, both of Jewish origin. . In 1684, together with his brother Thomas, he started a rebellion against the Portuguese colonial authorities because of unfulfilled promises of shipments of slaves and ships. The rebellion was eventually put down by Portuguese troops and Beckman was executed in November 1686.Category:Brazilian... read more

Manoel Amorim

Manoel Luiz Ferrao de Amorim (born 1958) is the President and CEO of Abril Educação, the largest publisher of educational material and largest service provider for elementary, middle and high schools in Brazil. He previously served as president and CEO of Globex S.A., one of the largest consumer electronics, appliances and furniture retailers in Brazil. He has also served as CEO of the Brazilian Telecommunications firm Telefonica Empresas, a subsidiary of Telefonica, as president of AOL Brazil,... read more

Sérgio Manoel

Sérgio Manoel Júnior, commonly known simply as Sérgio Manoel (born March 2, 1972), was a professional association football attacking midfielder, who played for several Campeonato Brasileiro Série A clubs, and the Brazilian national team.==Career==Born in Santos, São Paulo state, Sérgio Manoel started his professional career playing for Santos. He played his first professional game for Santos on November 28, 1989. During his career he played for several clubs, winning the Taça Guanabara with... read more


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