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The Hobart Zoo (also known as Beaumaris Zoo) was an old-fashioned zoological gardens located on the Queens Domain in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The Zoo site is very close to the site of the Tasmanian Governor's House, and the Botanical Gardens. Although its location is now primarily the site of a Hobart City Council depot, some remnants, and archaeological remains of the original Zoo can still be seen.The Zoo was set in the surrounds of sweeping gardens, and had commanding views across the River... read more

Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo is a zoological garden in Auckland, New Zealand, situated next to Western Springs park not far from Auckland's central business district It is run by the Auckland Council with the Auckland Zoological Society as a supporting organisation.Auckland Zoo opened in 1922 experiencing early difficulties mainly due to animal health issues. By 1930 a sizeable collection of animals had been assembled and a zoological society formed. The zoo consolidated during the Second World War and was at that... read more


Hobart () is the capital and most populous city of the capitalAustralia n island state of capitalAustraliaTasmania . Founded in 1803 as a capitalAustraliaTasmaniapenal colony ,Frank Bolt, ''The Founding of Hobart 1803–1804'', ISBN 0-9757166-0-3 Hobart is Australia's second oldest capital city after capitalAustraliaTasmaniapenal colonySydney , capitalAustraliaTasmaniapenal colonySydneyNew South Wales . The city is located in the state's south-east on the estuary of the Derwent River , making... read more

Oakland Zoo (cheering section)

The eleventh iteration of the logo that appears on the front of Oakland Zoo T-shirts for the 2012-13 season. The logo incorporates elements from the University of Pittsburgh's seal.The Oakland Zoo is the student cheering section for the University of Pittsburgh men's and women's basketball teams. The Zoo cheers on the Panthers from the bottom tier of the stands at the Petersen Events Center, primarily across from the teams' benches and on the baselines under the baskets. The "Pete" holds a rowdy... read more


The entrance of the San Diego Zoo, California, May 2007Giants of the Savanna Exhibit at the Dallas Zoo, Texas, October 2011A zoo (short for zoological garden or zoological park, and also called an animal park or menagerie) is a facility in which animals are confined within enclosures, displayed to the public, and in which they may also be bred.The term zoological garden refers to zoology, the study of animals, a term deriving from the Greek ''zōon'' (ζῷον, "animal") and ''lógos'' (λóγος,... read more

Vere Hobart, Lord Hobart

Vere Henry Hobart, Lord Hobart (8 December 1818 – 27 April 1875) was a British peer and colonial administrator.Hobart was born on 8 December 1818 at Welbourne, Lincolnshire to Augustus Edward Hobart-Hampden, 6th Earl of Buckinghamshire and Mary Williams. In 1840, he graduated from Trinity College, Oxford with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A). On 4 August 1853, he married Mary Katherine Carr, daughter of the former Bishop of Bombay Rt. Revd. Thomas Carr and Catherine Emily MacMahon. He worked as a clerk... read more

HMAS Hobart

Two ships of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) have been named HMAS ''Hobart'', for Royal Australian NavyHobart , the capital city of Royal Australian NavyHobartTasmania .==Battle honours==Ships of the name HMAS ''Hobart'' have earned nine Royal Australian NavyHobartTasmaniabattle honour s:==References== VietnamCategory:Royal Australian Navy ship names read more

Percy Hobart

Major General Sir Percy Cleghorn Stanley Hobart (14 June 1885 – 19 February 1957), also known as "Hobo" , was a British "Hobo"military engineer noted for his command of the 79th Armoured Division during 79th Armoured DivisionWorld War II . He was responsible for many of the specialised armoured vehicles (" 79th Armoured DivisionWorld War IIHobart's Funnies ") that took part in the 79th Armoured DivisionWorld War IIHobart's Funniesinvasion of Normandy and later actions.==Early life==Hobart... read more

Hobart Bridge

The Hobart Bridge was a that crossed the , connecting the eastern and western Shores of the City of , .== History ==Plans for a bridge to link the Derwent River’s two shores near Hobart date back to 1832. It was not until 1943 that the first bridge was completed, the Hobart and lift span. The bridge was opened to toll traffic on 22 December 1943 and the collection of tolls continued until midnight on 31 December 1948.Soon after its opening a violent storm blew in and damaged a section of the... read more

Hobart (disambiguation)

Hobart is the capital of Tasmania, Australia. read more

Rose Hobart

Rose Hobart (born Rose Kefer; May 1, 1906 – August 29, 2000) was an American actress and Screen Actors Guild official.==Career==Hobart's father, Paul Kefer, was a cellist in the New York Symphony Orchestra and her mother, Marguerite was an opera singer. Rose had one sister, Polly. When Rose was 15, she was cast in New York Symphony OrchestraFerenc Molnár 's '' New York Symphony OrchestraFerenc MolnárLiliom '', which opened in New York Symphony OrchestraFerenc MolnárLiliomAtlantic City,... read more

Garret Hobart

Garret Augustus Hobart (June 3, 1844 – November 21, 1899) was the 24th 24thVice President of the United States (1897–1899), serving under President 24thVice President of the United StatesWilliam McKinley . He was the sixth American vice president to die in office.Hobart was born in Long Branch , Long BranchNew Jersey , on the Long BranchNew JerseyJersey Shore , and grew up in nearby Marlboro . After attending Rutgers College , Hobart Rutgers Collegeread law with prominent ... read more

Hobart, Indiana

Hobart is a city in Lake County , Lake CountyIndiana , Lake CountyIndianaUnited States . The population was 29,059 at the 2010 census. Although it has been historically primarily residential, recent annexation has added a significant retail corridor to the city.==Geography==According to the 2010 census, Hobart has a total area of , of which (or 98.6%) is land and (or 1.4%) is water.Hobart is approximately southeast of Lake CountyIndianaUnited StatesChicago .===2010 census===As of the Lake... read more

Hobart, Oklahoma

Hobart is a city and the United States Census BureauUnited States Geological Surveycounty seat of Kiowa County , Kiowa CountyOklahoma , Kiowa CountyOklahomaUnited States . It was named for Kiowa CountyOklahomaUnited StatesGarret Hobart , the twenty-fourth Kiowa CountyOklahomaUnited StatesGarret HobartVice President of the United States . The population was 3,756 at the 2010 census , a decline of 6.0 percent from 3,997 at the 2000 census. It is served by 2010 censusHobart Regional Airport... read more

Hobart, Washington

Hobart is a United States Census Bureaucensus-designated place (CDP) in King County , Washington , WashingtonUnited States . The population was 6,221 at the 2010 census .Based on per capita income , one of the more reliable measures of affluence, Hobart ranks 31st of 522 areas in the state of Washington to be ranked.==Geography==Hobart is located at (47.415568, -122.005950).According to the per capita incomeUnited States Census Bureau , the CDP has a total area of 18.8 square miles... read more


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