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Perm (;Gramota.ru. ) is a city and the cityadministrative center of cityadministrative centerPerm Krai , cityadministrative centerPerm KraiRussia , located on the banks of the cityadministrative centerPerm KraiRussiaKama River in the European part of Russia near the cityadministrative centerPerm KraiRussiaKama RiverUral Mountains .According to the 2010 Census , Perm's population is 991,162, down from 1,001,653 recorded in the 2002 Census and 1,090,944 recorded in 1989 Census . As of... read more

Perm International Airport

Perm International Airport () is an international airport located in Perm Krai, Russia located southwest of Perm, in the village of Bolshoye Savino. It is the only airport in Perm Krai with scheduled commercial flights. There are bus and minibus services during daytime to Perm's main bus terminus.It is a joint civil-military airfield with a small number of fighter and bomber pads. It is operated by 764 IAP (764th Interceptor Aviation Regiment), the only regiment of combat aviation in the 5th Army... read more

Perm Airlines

Perm Airlines (Russian: Пермские авиалинии) was an airline based in Perm, Russia. It operated domestic and international scheduled and charter services within Russia and the CIS. Its main base was Bolshoye Savino Airport, Perm.== History ==The airline was established and started operations in 1968. It was formed from the Aeroflot Perm Division (Ural RCAD).Throughout its operational history, Perm Airlines offer routes from Perm Bolshoye Savino airport to Moscow Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo... read more


Reconstruction of one of the prisoner barracksPerm-36 (also known as ITK-6) was a Soviet forced labor camp located near the village of Kuchino, 100 km northeast of the city of Perm in Russia, part of the large prison camp system run by the Soviet Union (now Russia) in the Stalin era known as the Gulag. Built in 1946 and closed December 1987, the camp was preserved as a museum in 1994 by the private Russian human rights organization Memorial and since 1995 has been open to the public as The... read more

Bishop International Airport

Bishop International Airport is a commercial and general aviation airport located in Flint, Michigan. It is named after banker and General Motors board member Arthur Giles Bishop (April 12, 1851 – January 22, 1944), who donated 220 acres of his farmland for the airport in 1928., Our Genealogy.comPicture History of Flint: U.S. Bicentennial Edition, Edited by Lawrence R. Gustin, Published in 1976 by The Flint Journal, ISBN 0-8028-7036-8 The third busiest airport in Michigan, it surpassed competitor... read more

Chaykovsky, Perm Krai

Chaykovsky () is a town in Perm Krai, Russia, located on the Kama River southwest of Perm, the administrative center of the krai. Population: 86,714 (2002 Census); ==Name==The town is named after the Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, who was born in the nearby town of Votkinsk.==Geography==The town is located in the Cis-Ural region on left bank of the Kama River, near its confluence with the SaygatkaTrip-guide.ru. in the southwestern part of Perm Krai. The confluence of the Kama and... read more

Perm Academic Theatre

The Perm Academic Theatre established in Perm as an amateur theater for working youths. Its first performance, the Battleship Potemkin, was held on March, 14th, 1927 on the site of the theater, which at that time had no constant base, but managed to stage 25 new plays a month with their own scenarios, costumes, etc. . The theater's own building for one thousand spectators was built by local architects V.P. Davydenko and V.I. Lyutikova in 1982.С.А.Торопов. ''Пермь: путеводитель.''... read more

Legend of Perm Bear

"The Legend of Perm Bear" () or "The Walking Bear" () is a sculpture in Perm, which depicts a walking bear (the symbol depicted on the coat of arms of city). It is situated in the central part of city, at the Lenin Street, in front of Organ Concert Hall and close to the building of Legislative Assembly of Perm Krai. The author of the sculpture is Vladimir Pavlenko, a monumentalist sculptor from Nizhny Tagil, a member of Artists' Union of Russia and UNESCO International Association of Arts. The monument... read more

Perm International Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival

The International Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival "Ice, Snow, and Fire" (sometimes translated as "Ice, Snow and Flame") has been held annually in Perm, Russia, in Gorky Amusement Park since 1995.The festivals holds two competitions: in ice sculpture and snow sculpture. read more

Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre

The Perm Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre is an opera and ballet theatre in the city of Perm in Russia. It is one of the oldest theatres in the country, and it has remained a major musical centre during its history, in which many significant art events have taken place. Its ballet troupe is one of the most popular in Russia.The theatre is often named "Tchaikovsky's House", and all stage works of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, who was born in the region, are presented in its repertoire: 10 operas and... read more

International airport

San Francisco International Airport at night, with departure gates radiating out from the terminal building, aerobridges, apron, and parked planesAn international airport is an airport that offers customs and immigration facilities for passengers travelling between countries. International airports are typically larger than domestic airports and often feature longer runways and facilities to accommodate the heavier aircraft commonly used for international and intercontinental travel. International... read more


An airport is an with facilities for flights to take off and land.Wragg, D.; ''Historical dictionary of aviation'', History Press 2008. Airports often have facilities to store and maintain aircraft, and a . An airport consists of a , which comprises an aerially accessible open space including at least one operationally active surface such as a for a plane to take off or a , and often includes adjacent utility buildings such as s, s and s. Larger airports may have , s, s, air traffic control centres,... read more

Belfast International Airport

Belfast International Airport is an UK Civil Aviation Authorityairport northwest of UK Civil Aviation AuthorityairportBelfast in UK Civil Aviation AuthorityairportBelfastNorthern Ireland . It was formerly known and is still referred to as Aldergrove Airport, after the nearby village of Aldergrove , which lies immediately to the west. Nearly 4.4 million passengers travelled through the airport in 2015, a 9% increase compared with 2014. Belfast International is the busiest airport in Northern... read more

Henri Coandă International Airport

Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport () is Romania 's busiest international airport , located in busiest international airportOtopeni , north of busiest international airportOtopeniBucharest 's city centre. It is currently one of two airports serving the capital of Romania, with the other being Aurel Vlaicu Airport , which however does not serve scheduled traffic anymore.The airport is named after Romanian flight pioneer Aurel Vlaicu AirportHenri Coandă , builder of Aurel Vlaicu... read more

Mohammed V International Airport

===1940s===The Casablanca Mohammed V Airport was originally built by the United States in early 1943 during as an auxiliary airfield for Casablanca's and was named Berrechid Airfield. The airfield handled diverse military traffic as a stopover en route to , and to on the North African - route. In addition, it was the terminus of Mid-Atlantic route transatlantic flights via the to and airfields on the .In addition to its transportation role, the airfield supported the with the operating photo-reconnaissance... read more


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