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Third Crusade

The Third Crusade (1189–1192), also known as The Kings' Crusade, was an attempt by European leaders to reconquer the from (Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb). The campaign was largely successful, capturing the important cities of and , and reversing most of Saladin's conquests, but it failed to capture , the emotional and spiritual motivation of the .After the failure of the , the controlled a unified and engaged in a conflict with the rulers of . The Egyptian and Syrian forces were ultimately... read more

Third Swedish Crusade

The Third Swedish Crusade to Finland was a Swedish military expedition against the pagan Karelians in 1293. It followed the First Crusade and the Second Crusade to Finland. As the result of the attack, Viborg Castle was established and western Karelia remained under Swedish rule for over 400 years. The name of the expedition is largely unhistorical, and it was a part of the Northern Crusades.According to Eric Chronicles, the reason behind the expedition were pagan intrusions into Christian territories.... read more

Unholy Crusade

''Unholy Crusade'' is the third album by Swedish black metal band Lord Belial. It was released in 1999 by No Fashion Records. The tenth and last track on this album is the second part of the twenty-minute-long song "Realm of A Thousand Burning Souls" from their second album named Enter The Moonlight Gate.== Track listing ==# "And Heaven Eternally Burns (Realm of a Thousand Burning Souls, Part II)" – 8:29 read more

Crusade (album)

''Crusade'' is the fourth album and third studio album by the British blues rock band John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, released on 1 September 1967 on Decca Records. It was the follow-up to ''A Hard Road'', also released in 1967. As with their two previous albums, ''Crusade'' was produced by Mike Vernon. The album was the first recordings of a young 18-year-old guitarist, Mick Taylor.==Track listing==''All songs by John Mayall except as noted''# "Oh, Pretty Woman" (A.C. Williams) – 3:40# "My Time... read more

Crusade song

A Crusade song (, ) is any vernacular lyric poem about the Crusades. Crusade songs were popular in the High Middle Ages: 106 survive in Occitan, forty in Old French, thirty in Middle High German, two in Italian, and one in Old Castilian. The study of the Crusade song, which may be considered a genre of its own, was pioneered by Kurt Lewent. He provided a classification of Crusade songs and distinguished between songs which merely mentioned, in some form, a Crusade from songs which were "Crusade songs".The... read more

Children's Crusade

The Children's Crusade is the name given to a disastrous by European to expel from the said to have taken place in 1212. The traditional narrative is probably conflated from some factual and mythical notions of the period including visions by a French boy and a German boy, an intention to peacefully convert Muslims in the to Christianity, bands of children marching to Italy, and children being sold into slavery. A study published in 1977 casts doubt on the existence of these events, and many... read more

Damnation Crusade

''Damnation Crusade'' is a six-issue comic book limited series from Boom! Studios, written by Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton.Set in the fictional world of Warhammer 40,000, it is a vision of never-ending war. Its storyline follows several different Space Marines of the Black Templars chapter.==Characters and plot==The series follows several characters in each issue. Dates and places are given in the form of crusade names and battlefields.Sword Brethren Gerhart, part of Marshal Korneliusz's Company,... read more

Venetian Crusade

The Venetian Crusade of 1122–24 was an expedition to the Holy Land launched by the Republic of Venice that succeeded in capturing Tyre.It was an important victory at the start of a period when the Kingdom of Jerusalem would expand to its greatest extent under King Baldwin II. The Venetians gained valuable trading concessions in Tyre. Through raids on Byzantine territory both on the way to the Holy Land and on the return journey, the Venetians forced the Byzantines to confirm, as well as extend... read more

Guardian's Crusade

''Guardian's Crusade'', known in Japan as , is a role-playing video game developed by Tamsoft and released for the PlayStation by Activision in 1999. The gameplay is that of a standard turn based role playing game with non-random encounters. While intended for an adult audience as well, the game was something of an introduction to RPGs for children. The game did not enjoy commercial success, though it still maintains a cult following.==Plot==The player controls a young messenger boy named Knight... read more

Crusade cycle

The Crusade cycle is an Old French cycle of ''chansons de geste'' concerning the First Crusade and its aftermath. ==History==The cycle contains a number of initially unrelated texts, collated into interconnected narratives by later redactors. None of the poems in the cycle survive independently, and the thirteen separate collections are all organized in different orders with different texts. The manuscripts were all written between approximately 1350 and 1425, in northeastern France, probably in... read more

Norwegian Crusade

The Norwegian Crusade was a crusade that lasted from 1107 to 1110, in the aftermath of the First Crusade, led by Norwegian king Sigurd I.Riley-Smith, 1986, p. 132 Sigurd was the first king to go on crusade to the Holy Land. The crusaders did not lose a single battle during the Norwegian Crusade.===From Norway to England (1107-08)===Sigurd and his men sailed from Norway in the autumn of 1107 with sixty ships and perhaps around 5,000 men. In the autumn he arrived in England, where Henry I was king.... read more

People's Crusade

Campaignbox CrusadesCampaignbox First CrusadeCampaignbox People's CrusadeCampaignbox Crusades BattlesThe People's Crusade was the prelude to the First Crusade and lasted roughly six months from April to October 1096. It is also known as the Peasants' Crusade, Paupers' Crusade or the Popular Crusade as it was not part of the official First CrusadeCatholic Church -organised expeditions that came later. Led primarily by First CrusadeCatholic ChurchPeter the Hermit with forces of First CrusadeCatholic... read more

Savoyard crusade

Fresco on the walls of a hall in the episcopal palace at Colle Val d'Elsa, depicting the departure of barons on a crusade, probably that of 1366, since the knight on the left is Amadeus VI. “The fresco is usually ascribed to the Sienese school and dated in the last half of the fourteenth century.”Cox, xv.The Savoyard crusade (1366–67) was born out of the same planning that led to the Alexandrian Crusade. It was the brainchild of Pope Urban V and was led by Amadeus VI, Count of Savoy, against... read more

Prussian Crusade

Baltic tribes and Prussian clans ca. 1200.The Prussian Crusade was a series of 13th-century campaigns of Roman Catholic crusaders, primarily led by the Teutonic Knights, to Christianize the pagan Old Prussians. Invited after earlier unsuccessful expeditions against the Prussians by Polish princes, the Teutonic Knights began campaigning against the Balts in 1230. By the end of the century, having quelled several Prussian Uprisings, the Knights had established control over Prussia and administered... read more

Fourth Crusade

The Fourth Crusade (1202–04) was a Western Europe an armed expedition called by Western EuropePope Innocent III , originally intended to conquer Muslim -controlled MuslimJerusalem by means of an invasion through MuslimJerusalemEgypt . Instead, a sequence of events culminated in the Crusaders sacking the city of Constantinople , the capital of the Christian-controlled sacking the city of ConstantinopleByzantine Empire .In January 1203, en route to Jerusalem, the majority of the crusader... read more


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