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Agrigento ( Sicilian : ''Girgenti'') is a city on the southern coast of SicilianSicily , Italy, and capital of the SicilianSicilyprovince of Agrigento . It is renowned as the site of the ancient Greek city of Akragas (also known as Acragas (Ἀκράγας) in Greek, Agrigentum in Latin and Kirkent or Jirjent in LatinArabic ), one of the leading cities of '' LatinArabicMagna Graecia '' during the golden age of golden ageAncient Greece with population estimates in the range 200,000 - 800,000... read more

Notizie degli scavi

''Notizie degli scavi'' (internationally released as ''News from the Excavations'') is a 2010 Italian drama film directed by Emidio Greco. It is based on the novel with the same name written by Franco Lucentini. It premiered, out of competition, at the 67th Venice International Film Festival. The film was awarded with two Globi D'Oro for best director and for best screenplay. read more

Agrigento Cathedral

Agrigento Cathedral (, ''Cattedrale Metropolitana di San Gerlando'') is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Agrigento, Sicily, dedicated to Saint Gerland.according to , also to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Founded in the 11th century, it was consecrated in 1099 as the seat of the restored bishop of Agrigento. The diocese was elevated to an archdiocese in 2000, and the cathedral is thus now the seat of the Archbishop of Agrigento.==Sources==Di Giovanni, Giuseppe: ''Agrigento, visita al centro... read more

Ribera, Agrigento

Ribera (Sicilian: ''Rivela'') is a ''comune'' in the province of Agrigento, Region of Sicily, southern Italy, between the Verdura and Magazzolo valleys in the so-called Plain of San Nicola.The town is connected by the SS115 state road, leading from Trapani to Syracuse. The Platani River, the third Sicilian river, flows nearby. It has enormously contributed to developing both farming and tourism in the area. Its mouth has been designated as a natural reserve.==History==The comune probably rose on... read more

Agrigento Airfield

Agrigento Airfield was a military airfield in Sicily, just to the northwest of Agrigento; approximately 5 km northeast of Porto Empedocle.A pre-war Regia Aeronautica Italian Air Force base, the airfield was a primary objective of the Operation Husky landings. After being secured, it was used by the United States Army Air Forces Twelfth Air Force 31st Fighter Group, equipped with three squadrons (307th, 308th 309th) of Supermarine Spitfires. Later, it was a command and control base for the 52d... read more

Fortitudo Agrigento

Fortitudo Agrigento is an Italian professional basketball team, based in Agrigento, Sicily. Founded in 1969, the side plays in the second division Serie A2 as of the 2015–16 season.==History==Before the creation of Fortitudo Agrigento, there were many different teams in Agrigento. In 1968 one of these local teams achieved the promotion to Serie C, but due to financial difficulties it had to left the league soon.In 1969 was founded the Fortitudo Agrigento that started from the 7th-tier League, "Promozione",... read more

Gerland of Agrigento

Saint Gerland of Agrigento (), also known as Gerland of Besançon (d. 25 February 1100) was a bishop of Agrigento in Sicily.==History==Believed to have been a native of Besançon, he was a relative of the Norman Roger I of Sicily. After the expulsion of the Saracens from Sicily, in 1088 (or 1093) Roger summoned Gerland as the first post-Saracen bishop of Agrigento, to re-establish the church throughout the island.He was canonised in 1159. His relics are in a silver urn in Agrigento Cathedral, which... read more

Temple of Juno, Agrigento

The Temple of Juno, also known as the Temple of Hera Lakinia, Juno being the Roman name of Hera, and as Temple D is a Greek temple of the ancient city of Akragas, located in the Valle dei Templi in Agrigento.It was built in the middle of the fifth century BC, about the year 450 BC, and in period and in style belongs to the Archaic Doric period. Signs of a fire which followed the Siege of Akragas of 406 BC have been detected, and long after that the temple was restored at the time of the Roman province... read more

Temple of Concordia, Agrigento

The Temple of Concordia () is an ancient Greek temple located in the Valle dei Templi (Valley of the Temples) in Agrigento (Greek: Akragas) on the southern coast of Sicily, Italy. It is the largest and best-preserved Doric temple in Sicily and one of the best-preserved Greek temples in general, especially of the Doric order.==Overview==The temple was built BC. The well-preserved peristasis of six by thirteen columns stands on top of a crepidoma of four steps (measuring , and high) The cella measures... read more

Temple of Heracles, Agrigento

The Temple of Heracles or Temple of Hercules (The Roman name of the hero) is a greek temple in the ancient city of Akragas, located in the Valle dei Templi in Agrigento.The building, in the archaic Doric style, is found on the hill of the temples, on a rocky spur near the Villa Aurea. The name ''Temple of Heracles'' is an attribution of modern scholarship, based on Cicero's mention of a temple dedicated to the hero ''non longe a foro'' "not far from the agora" (''Verrine'' II 4.94), containing a... read more

Province of Agrigento

The Province of Agrigento (; Sicilian : ''Pruvincia di Girgenti'') is a province in the autonomous island region of provinceSicily in provinceSicilyItaly , situated on its south-western coast. It has an area of , and a total population of 474,493. There are 43 provinceSicilyItalycomune s (Italian: ''comuni'') in the province.== History and location ==It is surrounded by provinceSicilyItalycomuneProvince of Palermo in the north, Trapani in the west, TrapaniMediterranean Sea in the south... read more

Gentile (bishop of Agrigento)

Gentile (or Gentilis) (died 1171) was the bishop of Agrigento in Sicily from 1154 to his death. He has been described as a ''prélat aventureux et vagabond'', an "adventurous and vagabond prelate" (Chalandon 1907).A Tuscan by birth, he originally served as an ambassador from Géza II of Hungary, but decided to remain in Sicily after a diplomatic mission. There he became bishop of Agrigento and a noted courtier. Noted, that is, for his luxury and debauchery. He threw lavish banquets, which he used... read more

Castello di Agrigento

The Castello di Agrigento, also known as the Castrum Agrigenti, is a ruined castle in Agrigento, Sicily. In the Middle Ages, it was one of the most important buildings in the city. It was mostly destroyed in 1909, and today only a few remains of the castle survive.==History==The castle began to be built in 1087, when Count Roger ordered the construction of a fort (''castellum firmissimum'') in Agrigento, which had just been captured from the Arabs. The castle was constructed on top of a hill which... read more

Temple of Olympian Zeus, Agrigento

Conjectural reconstruction of the temple's outer wall.The Temple of Olympian Zeus (or Olympeion; known in Italian as the ''Tempio di Giove Olimpico'') in Agrigento, Sicily was the largest Doric temple ever constructed, although it was never completed and now lies in ruins. It stands in the Valle dei Templi with a number of other major Greek temples.==History==The history of the temple is unclear, but it was probably founded to commemorate the Battle of Himera (480 BC), in which the Greek cities of... read more

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Agrigento

The Italian Catholic Archdiocese of Agrigento (), in Sicily, was elevated to archiepiscopal status in 2000. ''Catholic-Hierarchy.org''. David M. Cheney. Retrieved April 4, 2016 ''GCatholic.org''. Gabriel Chow. Retrieved April 4, 2016 The historic diocese of Agrigento was also known as the Diocese of Grigenti, and Diocese of Agrigentum. It used to be a suffragan of the archdiocese of Monreale.==History==Girgenti (the Greek Acragas, Roman Agrigentum) venerates Saint Libertinus as its earliest apostle;... read more


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