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Midge Ure

James "Midge" Ure, OBE (born 10 October 1953) is a Scottish singer, musician, songwriter and producer. His stage name, Midge, is a Scottishphonetic reversal of Jim, the Scottishphonetic reversaldiminutive form of his given name.Ure enjoyed particular success in the 1970s and '80s in bands including Scottishphonetic reversaldiminutiveSlik , Scottishphonetic reversaldiminutiveSlikThin Lizzy , Scottishphonetic reversaldiminutiveSlikThin LizzyRich Kids and Visage , and most notably as frontman... read more

Ian Ure

John Francombe "Ian" Ure (born 7 December 1939) is a Scottish former football er. Ure began his career in his native Scotland with Dundee , before moving to England to play for Arsenal and Manchester United . After eight years in England, Ure returned to Scotland with St Mirren ; however, after two years with St Mirren, Ure had only made three appearances and went into management with East Stirlingshire . During his time with Dundee and Arsenal, Ure also made 11 appearances for the Scottish... read more

Joan Ure

Joan Ure was the pen name of Elizabeth Thoms Clark (22 June 1918 – 1978), a Scottish Scottishpoet and Scottishpoetplaywright . She was born Elizabeth (Betty) Thoms Carswell on 22 June 1918 in ScottishpoetplaywrightWallsend , ScottishpoetplaywrightWallsendTyneside , of Scottish parents who moved to ScottishpoetplaywrightWallsendTynesideGlasgow . She had a daughter, Frances, by Jack Clark, a businessman. Her sister Joan provided the first half of her pen-name.==Being a Scot==Joan chose... read more

Gudrun Ure

Gudrun Ure (born 12 March 1926) is a Scottish actress, most famous for her portrayal of the title character in ''Super Gran''. she was born in Campsie, Strathclyde.In Orson Welles' 1951 stage production of ''Othello'', Welles (as the title character) once got carried away and banged Desdemona's head vigorously against the wall, eliciting protests from the audience. Ure was the victim of his enthusiasm. She also starred in the pilot of a series called ''Life After Life'', written by ''Yes Minister''... read more

Andrew Ure

Prof Andrew UrePronounced to rhyme with "pure". FRS (18 May 1778 – 2 January 1857) was a Scottish doctor, scholar, chemist, Scriptural geologist and early business theorist.Wren, Daniel A., and Arthur G. Bedeian. ''The evolution of management thought,'' 6th ed. 2008. p. 70-73.==Biography==Andrew Ure was born in Glasgow, the son of Alexander Ure, a cheesemonger and his wife, Anne. He received an M.D. from Glasgow University in 1801, and served briefly as an army surgeon before settling in Glasgow,... read more

River Ure

The River Ure is a river in North Yorkshire, England, approximately long from its source to the point where it changes name to the River Ouse. It is the principal river of Wensleydale, which is the only one of the major Dales now named after a village rather than its river. The old name for the valley was Yoredale after the river that runs through it.The Ure is one of many rivers and waterways that drain the Dales into the River Ouse. Tributaries of the Ure include the River Swale and the River... read more

Mary Ure

Eileen Mary Ure (18 February 1933 – 3 April 1975) was a Scottish stage and film actress. She was first married to playwright John Osborne, and later to the actor Robert Shaw.==Early life==Born in Glasgow, Ure was the daughter of civil engineer Colin McGregor Ure and Edith Swinburne. She went to the independent Mount School in York, and trained for the stage at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Known for her beauty, Ure began performing on the London stage and quickly developed... read more

Jean Ure

Jean Ure (1943) is an English children's author. Her first book, ''Dance For Two'' (1960) was published by John Goodchild Publishers when she was sixteen and still at school. Since then she has published over 170 children's books., including the stories of Frankie Foster. She currently lives with her husband in Croydon, Surrey.==Background==Jean Ure was born and brought up in a suburb of London and attended school in Croydon. She wrote her first book when she was six years old and had her first... read more

William Ure

William Kenneth Ure (December 22, 1913 — February 4, 2001) was a provincial level politician from Alberta, Canada. He served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta from 1959 to 1971 sitting with the governing Social Credit caucus.==Political career==Ure ran for as a seat to the Alberta Legislature for the first time in the Red Deer electoral district in the 1959 Alberta general election. He defeated incumbent Progressive Conservative MLA William Kirby in landslide to pick up the district... read more

Ure Dam

Ure Dam is a gravity damhttp://structurae.net/structures/data/index.cfm?id=s0041532 in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan. read more

Alan Ure

Alan Ure was an English football manager. He managed Gillingham for the 1937–38 season, which saw the club finish bottom of the Football League Third Division South and fail to gain re-election. This was his only known managerial appointment, and there is no record of him having played football at a professional level. read more


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Alberto is the Romance version of the Latinized form (''Albertus'') of Germanic ''Albert''. It is used in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The diminutive is ''Albertito'' in Spanish or ''Albertico'' in some parts of Latin America, and Albertino in Italian. It derives from the name Adalberto which in turn derives from ''Athala'' (meaning noble) and ''Berth'' (meaning bright).==References==Category:Portuguese masculine given names read more

Breathe (Midge Ure song)

''Not to be confused with Breathe (The Prodigy song), Breathe (Faith Hill song) or any other song with that title.''"Breathe" is a song by Scottish singer Midge Ure released March 22, 1996, as the first single from his album ''Breathe''.The song was written by Midge Ure and produced by Richard Feldman.It was made particularly famous by its use in a popular television advertising campaign of the Swatch, two years after its actual publication, which has revived the fortunes of both the commercial track... read more

Percy and Annie Ure

Percy Neville Ure M.A. (10 May 1879''A Short Biography of Professor Percy Ure Commemorating 100 Years of the Classics Department Collection 1909–2009.'' Reading: Sally Fox, 2009. – 3 April 1950"Deaths", ''The Times'', 5 April 1950, No. 51658.) was the University of Reading's first Professor of Classics (1911–1946) and the founder of the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology at Reading. His wife and former pupil at Reading, Annie ''(Nan)'' Dunman Ure (née Hunt) (1893–1976), was the museum's first... read more


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