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Alex Lutz

Alex Lutz (born 24 August 1978) is a French actor, comedian and director. He is best known for his role of Catherine in ''La revue de presse de Catherine et Liliane'' in Le Petit Journal.==Theater==He worked with comedian like Malik Bentalha, Pierre Palmade, Michèle Laroque, Jean-Loup Dabadie, Sylvie Joly, Audrey Lamy in different play or one man show as a comedian or a director.==External links==Category:21st-century French male actors read more

Lisa Lutz

Lisa Lutz is an American author. She began her career writing screenplays for Hollywood. One of her rejected screenplays became the basis for a popular series of novels about a family of private investigators, the Spellmans.==Biography==Lutz was born in Southern California in 1970. She attended UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine, University of Leeds in England and San Francisco State University, all without attaining a degree. During the 1990s she had many low-paying jobs, including work in a private investigation... read more

Giles A. Lutz

Giles Alfred Lutz (March 1910–June 1982) was a prolific author of fiction in the Western genre. Born in March 1910 in Missouri, United States, Lutz for many years wrote short stories about the American West that were published in pulp magazines. His story "Get a Wild Horse Hunter", an example of his pulp fiction writing, appeared in the June 1952 edition of the magazine ''Western Novels and Short Stories''. In the mid-1950s Lutz made the transition to full-length novels, and until his death... read more


Lutz is a short form of Ludwig and may refer to: read more

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Barney Lutz

The result was keep. ''Wizardman'' Operation Big Bear 16:10, 16 October 2011 (UTC)===Barney Lutz===Non-notable individual. Never played, coached or managed at the major league level, meaning he fails WP:BASE/N. Scouts are not inherently notable and his case is especially weak as he did not receive any notable awards. The "Barney Lutz Memorial Award" is very minor, as there are exactly zero hits on Google News Archive and only three on regular Google (and they all are the prose found in the Lutz... read more

Alex Roe

Alex Roe (born Alexander Michael Roe-Brown; 18 June 1990) is an English film and television actor, best known for playing Jay Keaton in the series ''The Fugitives'' and Elliott Baden in ''The Cut''. He is also a football player.== Career ==Roe made his acting debut in 2000 with the horror film ''The Calling'' along with Laura Harris, Richard Lintern, Francis Magee, and Alice Krige.In 2005, Roe played the lead role of Jay Keaton in the children's science fiction drama series ''The Fugitives''.In 2010,... read more

Alex Moser

Alexander "Alex" Moser (born 1979) is an Austrian hair stylist living and working in Vienna.== Career ==Moser was born in the Austrian province of Burgenland and learned his profession in Vienna's most prestigious hair salons − Bundy & Bundy, Grecht and Erich Joham. In 1999 and in 2000 he was employed at the Theater an der Wien as hair stylist for the musical ''Mozart!''. Thereafter he completed his training at Toni & Guy in Vienna and Stuttgart and, in 2006, started a five year long cooperation... read more

Alex Benoit

Alex Benoit (born October 9, 1995) is an American competitive ice dancer. With partner Elliana Pogrebinsky, he is a two-time (2015–16) U.S. junior national bronze medalist and placed fourth at the 2016 World Junior Championships.== Personal life ==Alex Benoit was born on October 9, 1995 in Winfield, Illinois. He has French-Canadian and Ukrainian ancestry. His mother has served as a U.S. Figure Skating judge and ice dance controller. After finishing high school through distance education, he enrolled... read more

Bertha Lutz

Bertha Maria Júlia Lutz (August 2, 1894 in São Paulo – September 16, 1976 in São PauloRio de Janeiro ) was a Brazilian Brazilianzoologist , Brazilianzoologistpolitician , and Brazilianzoologistpoliticiandiplomat . Lutz became a leading figure in both the Pan American feminist movement and feminist movementhuman rights movement.=== Early life and education ===Bertha Lutz was born in São Paulo. Her father, feminist movementhuman rightsAdolfo Lutz (1855–1940), was a pioneering... read more

Lutz jump

The Lutz is a Entry to a triple Lutz jump, just before the toe pick. Note the deep left back outside edge.figure skating jump , named after Entry to a triple Lutz jump, just before the toe pick. Note the deep left back outside edge.figure skating jumpAlois Lutz , an Austrian skater who performed it in 1913. It is a toepick-assisted jump with an entrance from a back outside edge and landing on the back outside edge of the opposite foot.==Lutz technique==The following description assumes a counter-clockwise... read more

Lutz, Florida

Lutz is an unincorporated United States Census BureauUnited States Geological Surveycensus-designated place in Hillsborough County , Hillsborough CountyFlorida , Hillsborough CountyFloridaUnited States . The population was 19,344 at the 2010 census.==History==Lutz began with the construction of a small train depot on the Tampa Northern Railroad. The area surrounding the depot officially became known as Lutz when the Hillsborough CountyFloridaUnited StatesU.S. Postal Service authorized a post... read more

Lutz Rathenow

Lutz Rathenow (born 22 September 1952 in Jena) is a dissident German writer and poet who was haunted by the Secret Police until the German reunification. From then on, his fortunes changed, and he received several literary honors and awards.==Life and work==Born in Jena, Thuringia, which in 1952 was part of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), Rathenow studied at the University of Jena after serving in the military. In 1976 he was relegated because he was one of the students who protested against... read more

Lutz Kleveman

Lutz Kleveman (born 1974) is a German investigative journalist and photographer, and author of several books including ''The New Great Game: Blood and Oil in Central Asia'' published in 2004 and "Wanderjahre: A reporter's journey in a mad world" published in 2014. Kleveman's work often deals with the relationship between energy interests, geopolitics, and US foreign policy.==Academic career==Kleveman studied French Literature in Aix-en-Provence and International History at the London School of Economics.http://www.newgreatgame.com/author.htm read more

Lutz Templin

Ludwig "Lutz" Templin (June 18, 1901, Düsseldorf - March 7, 1973, Stuttgart) was a German jazz bandleader.Templin played violin and saxophone, and studied composition before finding work playing and arranging in dance ensembles. From 1941 to 1949 he led a big band in Germany which recorded extensively and was broadcast on German radio. This ensemble also recorded as "Charlie and his Orchestra", doing arrangements of American jazz hits with propagandistic lyrics inserted; these were broadcast on... read more

Lutz Unger

Lutz Unger (born 19 June 1951) is a retired German swimmer. He competed at the 1972 Summer Olympics in the 4 × 100 m medley and 4 × 100 m and 4 × 200 m freestyle relays and finished in second, third and sixth place, respectively. He won three medals in these relays at the 1970 European Aquatics Championships.==References==Category:Olympic swimmers of East GermanyCategory:Swimmers at the 1972 Summer OlympicsCategory:Olympic silver medalists for East GermanyCategory:Olympic bronze medalists for... read more


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