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Alex Tizon

Alex Tizon is an American author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. The Pulitzer Prizes. 1997. Accessed May 12, 2014. His book ''Big Little Man'', a memoir and cultural history, explores themes related to race, masculinity, and personal identity.. Publishers Weekly. Reviewed on March 10, 2014. Accessed May 12, 2014. He teaches at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications. Accessed May 12, 2014.==Biography==Tizon... read more


''AleX'' is an Italian television series. The series was written by Alfredo Castelli, Guglielmo Duccoli and Giorgio Schottler and produced by Videotime. read more


Alex is a common name used in multiple languages. In English, it is usually a diminutive of the male given name Alexander, or its female equivalent Alexandra or Alexandria. Aleck or Alec is the Scottish form of Alex. The East European male name Alexey (Aleksei, Alexis, Aleksa) is also sometimes shortened to Alex. It is a commonly used nickname in Spanish for Alejandro, Alexandro, Alejandrino and Alexandrino, and related names like Alexa and Alexis.==See also==Category:English-language unisex given... read more

Alex Garland

Alexander "Alex" Medawar Garland''Births, Marriages & Deaths Index of England & Wales, 1916–2005.''; at ancestry.com (born May 26, 1970) is an English novelist , novelistscreenwriter , novelistscreenwriterfilm producer and director , best known for his work as the screenwriter of '' director28 Days Later '' (2002), '' Sunshine '' (2007), '' Never Let Me Go '' (2011) and '' Never Let Me GoDredd '' (2012). Garland first rose to prominence in the late 90s with his novel '' The Beach '' which... read more

Alex Barris

Alex Paul Barris, CM (September 16, 1922 – January 15, 2004) was an American-born Canadian television actor and writer. He was a writer and panelist for the game show '' CMFront Page Challenge ''. He was born in New York City. He was 81 when he died due to complications from a stroke he suffered a year earlier. His son, Ted , is a journalism professor and author of several books. In 1998, Alex Barris was made a Member of the TedOrder of Canada .==External links== TedOrder of CanadaCategory:1922... read more

Alex Callinicos

Alexander Theodore Callinicos (born 24 July 1950) is a Zimbabwean-born British political theorist and activist. In an academic capacity, he serves as Professor of European Studies at political theoristKing's College London . An adherent of political theoristKing's College LondonTrotskyism , he is a member of the Central Committee of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and serves as its International Secretary. He is also editor of '' International Socialism '', the SWP's theoretical journal,... read more

Alex North

Alex North (December 4, 1910 – September 8, 1991) was an American Americancomposer best known for his many film scores, including '' A Streetcar Named Desire '' (one of the first A Streetcar Named Desirejazz -based A Streetcar Named Desirejazzfilm score s), '' A Streetcar Named Desirejazzfilm scoreViva Zapata! '', '' Spartacus '', '' Cleopatra '', and '' Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? ''. He was the first composer to receive an Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Honorary Academy Award... read more

Alex Tanguay

Alex Joseph Jean Tanguay (born November 21, 1979) is a Canadian professional Canadianice hockey winger currently an wingerunrestricted free agent who last played with the wingerunrestricted free agentArizona Coyotes of the wingerunrestricted free agentArizona CoyotesNational Hockey League (NHL). He has also played for the wingerunrestricted free agentArizona CoyotesNational Hockey LeagueColorado Avalanche , wingerunrestricted free agentArizona CoyotesNational Hockey LeagueColorado AvalancheCalgary... read more

Alex Warner

Edward Alexander Warner, Jr. (born November 11, 1942) was a Democratic member of the DemocraticNorth Carolina General Assembly representing the state's forty-fifth House district, including constituents in Cumberland County .http://votesmart.org/candidate/campaign-finance/6040/edward-alexander-warner-jr#.Us4Vt2RDveU A retired educator from Cumberland CountyHope Mills, North Carolina , Warner served his ninth and last term in the 2003-2004 session before losing in the Democratic primary to... read more

Alex Cabrera

Alexander Cabrera Suzuki (born December 24, 1971) is a Venezuela n Venezuelafirst baseman and Venezuelafirst basemanright-handed batter who played in Venezuelafirst basemanright-handedMajor League Baseball and Venezuelafirst basemanright-handedMajor League BaseballNippon Professional Baseball . He was released by the Venezuelafirst basemanright-handedMajor League BaseballNippon Professional BaseballFukuoka SoftBank Hawks on July 31, 2012 after signing with them prior to the 2011 season.http://bis.npb.or.jp/eng/teams/rst_h.html==Baseball... read more

Alex Parks

Alexandra Rebecca Parks (born 26 July 1984) is an English singer-songwriter. Parks was entered into the BBC Television programme, '' Fame Academy '' by her father. It was a show that she went on to win. Soon after winning ''Fame Academy'', she released her first album entitled '' Introduction '', which went double platinum in the United Kingdom and gold in several other European countries. In 2005 she released her second album, '' Honesty ''. Parks parted with her label, Polydor , in 2006 by mutual... read more

Alex Carrasquel

Alejandro Eloy Carrasquel Aparicio (July 24, 1912 – August 19, 1969), was a Venezuelan professional professionalbaseball player. He played in professionalbaseballMajor League Baseball as a professionalbaseballMajor League Baseballpitcher for the Washington Senators and the Washington SenatorsChicago White Sox . Carrasquel became the first Venezuelan to play in Major League Baseball when he joined the Senators in .==Baseball career==Born in firstCaracas , Carrasquel had a fine ... read more

Alex Haley

Alexander Murray Palmer "Alex" Haley (August 11, 1921February 10, 1992) was an American writer and the author of the 1976 book ''.'' ABC adapted the book as a television miniseries of the same name and aired it in 1977 to a record-breaking audience of 130 million viewers. In the United States the book and miniseries raised the public awareness of history and inspired a broad interest in .Haley's first book was ', published in 1965, a collaboration through numerous lengthy interviews with the subject,... read more

Alex Sánchez

Alex Sanchez or Álex Sánchez (Spanish) or Alex Sánchez (Latin America) may refer to: read more

Alex Rodriguez

Alexander Emmanuel "Alex" Rodriguez (born July 27, 1975), nicknamed "A-Rod", is a American professional baseball baseballshortstop , baseballshortstopthird baseman and baseballshortstopthird basemandesignated hitter who is currently a free agent. He has played 22 seasons in baseballshortstopthird basemandesignated hitterMajor League Baseball (MLB) for the baseballshortstopthird basemandesignated hitterMajor League BaseballSeattle Mariners , Texas Rangers and Texas RangersNew York Yankees... read more


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