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Putri Bidadari

Putri Bidadari (English:Princess Angel) is an Indonesian long-running soap opera with full-episode. It was produced by SinemArt Productions and network by RCTI in daily at 17:00 until 18:00 WIB, 18:00 until 19:00 WITA and 19:00 until 20:00 WIT and starred character such as Qheyla Zavyera Valendro, Sandra Dewi and Atalarik Syah.== Plot ==PUTRI (Qeyla) is a beautiful little girl, sweet, cheerful, very kind-hearted, mature for his age, and good-hearted. My daughter lives with her father MAHMUD (Ponco... read more

Bidadari Cemetery

Bidadari Cemetery (Chinese: 比达达利坟场, Malay: ''Perkuburan Bidadari'') is a defunct cemetery in Singapore. It used to serve the Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Sinhalese communities. ==History==The site of Bidadari Cemetery used to be the Istana residence of one of Johore Sultan Abubakar's wives., ''Singapore Infopedia''.The word ''bidadari'' means "fairy" in Malay, which was in turn derived from the Sanskrit word ''vidhya dhari'', which means a nymph of India's heaven or a houri of paradise.... read more

Bidadari, Singapore

Bidadari (, ), also known as Bidadari Estate, is an upcoming housing estate located in central Singapore. It is part of the HDB town of Toa PayohBefore the development of Bidadari Estate, the subzone was the site of Bidadari Cemetery, which served Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Sinhalese communities.====Bidadari Cemetery====In 1903, plans were made to develop a new Christian Cemetery at Bidadari and subsequently land was acquired around the Bidadari Estate. Bidadari Cemetery was officially opened in... read more

Anji Hunter

Angela Margaret Jane (Anji) Hunter (born 1955) works in public relations.Hunter was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya where her father was a rubber plantation manager, and educated at St Leonards School in St Andrews, Scotland and St. Clare's, Oxford, a school whose sixth form she attended. While still in Scotland at 15, she first met Tony Blair.Julia Langdon , ''The Observer'', 1 April 2001 After gaining a First in History and English during 1988 from the Brighton Polytechnic, she began working for Blair,... read more

Anji Kapoor

Anji Kapoor, or simply Anji, is a fictional character in the Eighth Doctor Adventures, a novel series based upon the British science fiction television series, ''Doctor Who''. The Eighth Doctor first met her in the novel ''Escape Velocity'' by Colin Brake, and she went on to become one of his companions. She is the first significant Asian recurring character in ''Doctor Who''.==Character biography==Anji was born in 1973 and was 28 years old when she first met the Eighth Doctor and Fitz Kreiner in... read more

Anji Bridge

The Anji Bridge () is the world's oldest open-spandrel segmental arch bridge of stone construction.This title strictly applies only to the ''sum of attributes given'' (O’Connor, Colin: ''Roman Bridges'', Cambridge University Press 1993, ISBN 0-521-39326-4, p.171): Various Roman stone pillar bridges featured wooden open-spandrel segmental arches as early as the 2nd century CE, among them Trajan's bridge, the longest bridge of the world to have been built for over a thousand years. Also, a dozen... read more

Anji Bee

Anji Bee is a vocalist/lyricist, podcaster, former college radio DJ, and music journalist from Los Angeles. Bee is best known as the vocalist and front person of the band, Lovespirals, and the hostess and producer of music show, The Chillcast with Anji Bee.== Broadcasting history ==Anji Bee began her broadcasting career in 1996 as a college radio DJ at KUCI 88.9 FM, on the UCI Irvine campus. Her first show, aired from October 1996 to May 1997. This was immediately followed by another show, . Bee... read more

Anji County

() is a county in the prefecture-level city of Huzhou in northwestern Zhejiang province, People's Republic of China, with a population of 461,800 as of the end of 2013.http://www.anji.gov.cn/default.php?mod=sysarticle&do=detail&tid=13785&siteids=103156 Anji county is well known for its bamboo, containing as it does 60,000 hectares of bamboo groves, with over 40 different species of bamboo. It has been designated a pilot county for ecological and green building construction.Anji is 65 kilometers from... read more

Anji (film)

''Anji'' is a 2004 Telugu film (dubbed in Tamil as ''Kolli Malai Singam'', Hindi as ''Diler'' and in Malayalam as ''Chekavan'') with Chiranjeevi in the lead role. The film was produced by Shyam Prasad Reddy, and received a National Film Award for Best Special Effects. The Movie is loosely based on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Romancing the Stone.==Plot==The Aatmalingam of the Himalayas possesses enormous divine powers. Once every 72 years, Akasa Ganga from sky flows into the Aatmalingam.... read more

Anji (instrumental)

"Anji" (or "Angi", "Angie" or "On gee") is an acoustic fingerstyle guitar piece composed and recorded by noted folk guitarist Davy Graham in 1961 and originally released as part of his EP debut ''3/4 AD''.data from ''3/4 AD'' EP profile on ''FolkBlues'' site . The piece is one of the most well-known acoustic blues-folk guitar pieces ever composed, with many notable artists covering it, such as Bert Jansch (included on his first self titled album in 1965, renamed as "Angie"data from Bert Jansch album... read more

Anji (cinematographer)

Anji is an Indian cinematographer, who is working in the Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil film industries.http://www.cineulagam.com/tamil/celebs/cinematographer/vetri/profile/http://movies.rediff.com/report/2009/dec/28/south-review-odippolama.htm==Career==Anji made his debut as a cinematographer in Tamil films with ''The Angrez'' (2005), before working on a series of good budget Telugu films until 2009. He then moved to Chennai and worked on good budget Tamil projects including ''Odipolama''... read more

Anji Play

Anji Play () is an early childhood curriculum designed by Cheng Xueqin, Director, Office of Pre-Primary Education, Anji County Department of Education, Zhejiang Province. The key elements that make up Anji Play are its pedagogy, site-specific environments, unique materials and integrated technology. The focus of the program is the participating children's self-determination in choosing what, where, and with whom to play and the role of the teacher as observer, particularly in instances of physical... read more

Bidadari Takut Jatuh Cinta

''Bidadari Takut Jatuh Cinta'' is an Indonesian soap opera musical comedy drama produced by Amanah Surga Productions that airs daily on SCTV. The cast includes Umay Shahab, Gritte Agatha, Endy Arfian, Chantiq Schagerl, and Sharon Sahertian, with cameo appearances from actors from Indonesian films and television.== External links ==Category:2014 Indonesian television series debutsCategory:Indonesian comedy television seriesCategory:Indonesian drama television seriesCategory:Indonesian television soap... read more

Bidadari Bus Interchange

This future bus interchange will be located near the Bidadari Housing Estates due to the high demand of housing estates in Bidadari.The bus might be the only mode of public transport in the area as plans for an MRT line or LRT line has yet to be published by the Land Transport Authority. This bus interchange is now under planning if the area is feasible . read more

Anji bai cha

This tea cultivar was discovered in 1982, is not as widely planted as other teas and has a short harvesting period; it is a comparatively rare tea.It is called "white" tea although it is a green tea. The long, narrow leaves are yellow in colour and have a recognisable fold along the length of the leaf.A 2010 study found that the tea is high in polysaccharides which can inhibit the hemolysis of blood cells.Further Research found that the tea plant has low chlorophyll and poly-phenol content (which... read more


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