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Chris Pavone (born July 23, 1968) is an American novelist. He has written three novels, ''The Expats'', ''The Accident'', and ''The Travelers'' and the non-fiction book ''The Wine Log: A Journal And Companion'' (Lyons Press, 1999, ISBN 978-1558216860).

Pavone's first novel, ''The Expats'', won the 2013 Edgar Award for best first novel by an American author.

Before being a best-selling author, he worked at a number of publishing houses.

He lives in New York City with his wife, Madeline McIntosh, and his two children.

Chris graduated Midwood High School, and then from Cornell University in 1989.

Chris won an Edgar Award for The Expats.

==The Expats==

The Expats was not only a New York Times bestseller, but also an international bestseller. It was printed in twenty different languages. It has a movie deal placed, with CBS films. The Expats was released in March 2012.

==The Accident==

The Accident is printed in a number of languages, but has no movie deal. It was also an instant best-seller. The Accident was released in March, 2014.

==The Travelers==

The Travelers came out on March 8th, 2016. It, too, has a movie deal, with Dreamworks. It is a bestseller.


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