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AurA was a rock band formed in April 2007 in Worcestershire, England.The line up was Dave Small (Vocals), Jamie Guggenheim (Guitar), Blake Probert (Bass), and Jesse Lee Garcia (Drums/percussion)==Background==AurA performed and wrote their own original material written by main songwriter Dave Small (Vocals) with input from various other band members, they also performed songs by artists who had inspired and influenced them in their band style of 1960s/1970s classic rock and blues. Achievements included... read more

Aura-Aura Climber

''Aura-Aura Climber'' is an arcade action video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DSi's DSiWare digital download service. It was released on February 22, 2010.==Overview==''Aura-Aura Climber'' revolves around a fallen star called an "Aura-Aura" climbing back up into the sky. It does this by slinging its arm around pegs in the sky. Along the way, the player can collect items like bombs and extensions. The different modes of play include score attack, and endless. Players also... read more

Aura (satellite)

Aura (EOS CH-1) is a multi-national scientific research in around the , studying the Earth's , and . It is the third major component of the (EOS) following on (launched 1999) and (launched 2002). Aura follows on from the .The name "" comes from the word for air. The satellite was launched from on July 15, 2004, aboard a .The Aura spacecraft has a of about . The body is long with the extended single about long.==In formation, in a "train" ==Aura flies in a , in formation with 6 other... read more

Aura, Finland

Aura () is a municipality of municipalityFinland . The name derives from the river Aura and the plough (aura in Finnish) reminiscent shape of the municipality. The municipality was established in 1917 from parts of AuraLieto and AuraLietoPöytyä .The municipality is unilingually Finnish .==External links== FinnishCategory:Municipalities of Southwest Finland FinnishCategory:Municipalities of Southwest FinlandCategory:Populated places established in 1917 read more

Aura (comics)

Aura is the code name of the Malibu Comics superheroine Morgan DuBay.==Fictional character biography==Morgan DuBay was married to an up-and-coming young attorney and the mother of an infant daughter, she was also one of the most successful models in America. She resigned from modeling at the height of her career opting to spend more time with her family. During her hiaetus she found that she had gained the supranormal ability to generate colorful waves of force. Using this ability, she assumed the... read more

Aura (Norway)

The Aura is a river in Nesset Municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. It starts from Lake Aursjøen and flows first to the west, then north-west through the village of Eikesdalen, and empties into the large lake Eikesdalsvatnet.The river is long and has a catchment area of . Under natural conditions the river has an average water flow at the mouth of , but this is now greatly reduced because of power development. In the 1950s, both the main river and most tributaries were transferred to... read more

Aslauga aura

''Aslauga aura'' is a butterfly in the Lycaenidae family. It is found in Cameroon, Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo (Equateur and Kivu). read more

Aura Sonic

Aura-Sonic, Ltd. (ASL) is a remote recording company based in Queens, New York that specializes in mobile and location production, audio for video broadcasting,Peterson, George. The Secrets of Drum Miking: Remote Recording Engineers Speak Out. Mix Magazine, June 1989. pg. 33. video production, sound reinforcement and on-site automated dialogue replacement. ASL was founded in 1977 by recording engineer and producer Steve Remote. The company owns and utilizes a fleet of adaptable mobile vehicles... read more

Aura River

Aura River may refer to one of the following rivers: read more

Aura Mayfair

Aura Mayfair was a nightclub located on St James's Street in Mayfair, London.In 2010, Tony Fernandes led a consortium that took over the club. The club was owned by Merlot 73 Ltd, in which Fernandes had a 30% stake, and run by Alberto Barbieri.In January 2011, Madonna was rumoured to be buying into the club after her numerous visits and meetings with owners.Notable guests included Rihanna, Madonna, James Arthur, Drake, Ne-Yo, Tamara Ecclestone and Usher.==External links==Category:Buildings and structures... read more

Aura (Sinn)

The Aura is an tributary of the Sinn River in Bavaria, Germany.==Name==The name Aura originates from the Old High German ''Uraha''. The word ''ur'' meant Aurochs, and the word ''aha'' meant stream,Wolf-Armin Reitzenstein:''Lexikon bayerischer Ortsnamen. Herkunft und Bedeutung''. meaning it was a river where Aurochs lived. The river gives the Gemeinde Aura im Sinngrund its name.==Course==The river originates in the in a valley near Aura im Sinngrund and flows in a southerly direction. In Fellen,... read more

Aura Avis

''Aura Avis'' is a Norwegian newspaper, based in Sunndalsøra. It was established in 1947 by Erling Innvik. Innvik edited the newspaper from 1947 to 1954, when he became editor of the Iowa based ''Decorah-posten''. ''Aura Avis'' was then bought by the agency Norsk Arbeiderpresse. Einar Sæter was editor-in-chief from 1954 to 1971. ''Aura Avis'' was the only Labour Party newspaper in Norway which had an editorial stand ''against'' membership prior to the Norwegian European Communities membership referendum,... read more

Ernesto Aura

Ernesto Aura León (Barcelona, January 28th, 1940 - November 4, 2008) was a veteran and accomplished Spanish voice actor. He also made appearances in theater and on television. He died of cancer. With his death, he left a legacy of being one of the greatest masters of interpretation and one of the best dubbing voices in Spain.===Voice acting===Ernesto Aura began his career as a radio actor and debuted in the world of dubbing in 1959 at the hands of Felipe Peña for the Barcelona studios, Voz de España... read more


AURA is an autonomous unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV), being developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation for the Indian Air Force July 16, 2012 and Indian Navy. The design work on the UCAV is to be carried out by Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA). Details of the project are classified.The UCAV will be capable of releasing missiles, bombs and precision-guided munitions. The programme is in its project definition stage. The design is in line with what former DRDO chief controller... read more

Aura (mythology)

Aura ''velificans'', caryatid from the agora of Thessalonica (late 2nd–early 3rd century)Aura, in ancient Greek and ancient Roman religion, is the divine personification of the breeze. The plural form, Aurae, "Breezes," is often found.The ''velificatio'', a billowing garment that forms an arch overhead, is the primary attribute by which an Aura can be identified in art. A pair of ''velificantes'' (figures framed by a ''velificatio'') that appear on the Augustan Altar of Peace have sometimes been... read more


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