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Balaton Sound

Balaton Sound (between 2007 and 2012 also known as Heineken Balaton Sound, since 2013 as MasterCard Balaton Sound for sponsorship reasons) is one of Europe's largest open air electronic music festivals. Held annually since 2007 on the southern bank of Lake Balaton, Hungary, it features live acts and DJ's from all around the world, from established artists to new names. The event was co-created by the organizers of Sziget Festival. Retrieved 15 May 2012==Background==As the festival gets more famous... read more

Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton ( German : ''Plattensee'') is a Germanfreshwater lake in the GermanfreshwaterTransdanubia n region of GermanfreshwaterTransdanubiaHungary . It is the largest lake in largest lakeCentral Europe , and one of the region's foremost tourist destinations. The largest lakeCentral EuropeZala River provides the largest inflow of water to the lake, and the canalised largest lakeCentral EuropeZala RiverSió is the only outflow.The mountainous region of the northern shore is known both... read more

Balaton, Minnesota

Balaton is a city in Lyon County , Lyon CountyMinnesota , Lyon CountyMinnesotaUnited States . The population was 643 at the 2010 census .==History==Balaton was 2010 censusplat ted in 1879 by the railroad. It was named after 2010 censusplatLake Balaton , in Hungary. A post office has been in operation at Balaton since 1879. Balaton was incorporated in 1882.==Geography==According to the 2010 censusplatLake BalatonUnited States Census Bureau , the city has a total area of , of which is land... read more

Balaton Group

The Balaton Group (The International Network of Resource Information Centers) is a global network of researchers and practitioners in fields related to systems and sustainability. The name “Balaton Group” refers to the Lake Balaton region of Hungary, where the Group was first constituted, and where most of the Group’s annual meetings have taken place. The Balaton Group aims to accelerate and deepen the world’s general understanding of systems, long-term perspective and commitment to achieving... read more

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Balaton (car)

The Balaton was a Hungarian microcar made by Székesfehérvári Motorjavitó Vállalat based in the central Hungarian town of Székesfehérvár, which began production in 1956. It was powered by a 250 cc Pannonia motorcycle engine. The rubber suspension was developed from an idea of Ernő Rubik Sr., father of Ernő Rubik who later became famous for his cube. The roof and doors were in one piece and hinged to give access to the interior.The same company also made the Alba Regia microcar with... read more

Balaton wine region

Balaton wine region is one of the seven larger wine regions of Hungary. It consists of six wine regions: Badacsony, Balatonboglár, Balaton-felvidék, Balatonfüred-Csopak, Nagy-Somló and Zala. Its wine regions are spread around Lake Balaton; with these areas having constituted one single wine region back to the 19th century. Wine production was started at the beginning of the 1st century by the Romans. The region is known for its specific white wines showing local particularities; its most widely... read more

Hévíz–Balaton Airport

Hévíz–Balaton Airport , previously also known as ''Sármellék International Airport'' (), is an international airport in Hungary located west of Lake Balaton, south-southwest of the village of Sármellék, Zala County and Keszthely. It gains importance due to the proximity of Lake Balaton, Hungary's most important holiday resort and the thermal spas of Hévíz and Zalakaros.==History==A military airport was already located here in the 1940s. It was paved in the 1950s and functioned as a Hungarian... read more

Balaton Uplands National Park

In 1997 a protected ecological system embracing the adjoining area of the Balaton Uplands (northern shoreland of the Lake Balaton) was established with the connection of the already protected areas which had been separate for a long time. The area of 56 997 hectares of the Balaton-felvidéki National Park mainly consists of these six landscape protection areas. The national park headquartered in Veszprém, in the largest city of the Balaton area.== Tihany Peninsula ==In 1952 the first protected... read more

The Verdict of Lake Balaton

''The Verdict of Lake Balaton'' (Hungarian: ''Ítél a Balaton'') is a 1933 Hungarian drama film directed by Pál Fejös and starring Antal Páger, Ernõ Elekes and Gyula Csortos. An English-language version, a German-language version (''Menschen im Sturm'') and a French-language version (''Tempêtes'') were also released. read more


A drum produces sound via a vibrating membrane.In physics, sound is a vibration that propagates as a typically audible mechanical wave of pressure and displacement, through a medium such as air or water. In physiology and psychology, sound is the ''reception'' of such waves and their ''perception'' by the brain.==Acoustics==Acoustics is the interdisciplinary science that deals with the study of mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids including vibration, sound, ultrasound, and infrasound.... read more

Sound Shattering Sound

''Sound Shattering Sound'' is the major label debut by Perth Perthalternative rock band Gyroscope released on 14 June 2004 in Australia and debuted a week later on the Australian album charts in the top 40 at No 37.== History ==The album was produced by Shaun O'Callaghan ( GyroscopeJohn Butler Trio , GyroscopeJohn Butler TrioEskimo Joe ) who had produced the band's previous two EPs . Gyroscope vocalist and guitarist Daniel Sanders says on the EPsFestival Mushroom Records website.... read more

Sound on Sound (album)

''Sound on Sound'' is the sixth album to be released by Saturday Looks Good to Me. The record serves as a collection of difficult to find tracks and rarities released by the band from its formation in 2000 through to 2005. The tracks are listed in chronological order.Album info from Redder Records http://www.redderrecords.com/rr-catalog-RDR010.html==Track listing==# It Sounds Like They're in Love with You# Summer Doesn't Count (Unless You're Here With Me)==References==Category:Saturday Looks Good... read more

Sound Body Sound Mind

UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind is a United States nonprofit organization (501(c)(3) that promotes self-confidence and healthy lifestyle choices among children. The Foundation was established by Cindy and Bill Simon in 1999 and is currently based in Los Angeles, California. On March 6, 2015 the Sound Body Sound Mind Foundation joined forces with UCLA Health System in order to further expand their reach within the Los Angeles community.UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind combats childhood obesity... read more

Sound on Sound

''Sound on Sound'' is an independently owned monthly music technology magazine published by SOS Publications Group, based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The magazine includes product tests of electronic musical performance and recording devices, and interviews with industry professionals. Due to its technical focus, it is predominantly aimed at the professional recording studio market as well as artist project studios and home recording enthusiasts. Since January 1994, all news and articles printed... read more


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