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Benjamin Biolay

Benjamin Biolay (; born 20 January 1973) is a French Singersongwriteractorrecord producerVirgin RecordsNaïve Recordssinger , Singersongwriteractorrecord producerVirgin RecordsNaïve Recordssingersongwriter , musician, actor and record producer. He is the brother of singer Singersongwriteractorrecord producerVirgin RecordsNaïve RecordssingersongwriterCoralie Clément , whose two albums he wrote and produced, and the ex-husband of Singersongwriteractorrecord producerVirgin RecordsNaïve RecordssingersongwriterCoralie... read more

File:À l'origine (Benjamin Biolay album - cover art).jpg

== Summary ==This image is being linked here; though the picture is subject to copyright I (SkierRMH) feel it is covered by the U.S. fair use laws because: # it is a low resolution copy of a CD album cover; # it does not limit the copyright owner's rights to sell the CD album in any way; # copies could not be used to make illegal copies of the album artwork on another CD; # the image on the cover is significant because it was made by a famous artist, Benjamin Biolay. read more

À l'origine

''À l'origine '' is an album by Benjamin Biolay, released in 2005. read more

La Disparition (album)

''La Disparition'' is Keren Ann's second album, co-written with Benjamin Biolay. read more

La Biographie de Luka Philipsen

''La Biographie de Luka Philipsen'' is Keren Ann’s first album. The name "Luka Philipsen" is derived from Suzanne Vega's song "Luka" and Keren Ann's grandmother's last name., ''RFI Musique'' (May 2007)== Track listing ==# "Dimanche en hiver" (Ann, Benjamin Biolay) - 3:51# "Décrocher les étoiles" (Ann, Biolay) (duet with Benjamin Biolay) - 3:53# "Jardin d'hiver" (Ann, Biolay, Henri Salvador) - 2:58# "Autour de l'arbre" (Ann, Biolay) - 3:46 read more


Benjamin was the last-born of JosephJacob's thirteen children (12 sons 1 daughter), and the second and last son of JosephJacobRachel in JosephJacobRachelJewish, JosephJacobRachelJewishChristian and JosephJacobRachelJewishChristianIslamic JosephJacobRachelJewishChristianIslamictradition. He was the progenitor of the Israelite IsraeliteTribe of Benjamin. In the IsraeliteTribe of BenjaminHebrew Bible unlike Rachel's first son, Joseph, Benjamin was born in JosephCanaan. In the JosephCanaanSamaritan... read more

Trash Yéyé

''Trash Yéyé '' is an album by French pop artist Benjamin Biolay. It was released on Virgin Records in 2007. read more

Benjamin Benjamin

==Early life and education==Benjamin was born in London on 2 September 1834 to Moses Benjamin and Catherine Benjamin, ''née'' Moses. His family left for Australia in 1843 on a boat named ''London''. He was educated in a school run by the Reverend William Jarrett, a Congregational Church minister.==Working life==After leaving school he joined M. Benjamin & Sons, his father's import and export business. In 1864 he and his brother-in-law Edward Cohen went into business together. He retired from active... read more

Benjamin Stoddert

Benjamin Stoddert (1744 – December 18, 1813) was the first United States Secretary of the Navy from May 1, 1798 to March 31, 1801.==Early life==Stoddert was born in United States Secretary of the NavyCharles County, Maryland , in 1744, the son of Captain Thomas Stoddert. He was educated at the United States Secretary of the NavyCharles County, MarylandUniversity of Pennsylvania , and then worked as a merchant. He served as a captain in the United States Secretary of the NavyCharles County,... read more

Benjamin Schumacher

Benjamin "Ben" Schumacher is an American theoretical physicist , working mostly in the field of theoretical physicistquantum information theory .He discovered a way of interpreting theoretical physicistquantum information theoryquantum states as information . He came up with a way of compressing the information in a state, and storing the information in a smaller number of states. This is now known as informationSchumacher compression . This was the quantum analog of Shannon 's noiseless coding... read more

Shelton Benjamin

Shelton James Benjamin (born July 9, 1975) is an American professional wrestler , and former amateur wrestler currently signed to amateur wrestlerWWE on the '' SmackDown '' brand, currently on a Hiatus due to injury. Benjamin has wrestled for Japanese SmackDownNew Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and SmackDownNew Japan Pro WrestlingPro Wrestling Noah under the SmackDownNew Japan Pro WrestlingPro Wrestling Noahring name Shelton X Benjamin and for American promotion SmackDownNew Japan Pro... read more

Benjamin Bloom

Benjamin Samuel Bloom (February 21, 1913 – September 13, 1999) was an American educational psychologist who made contributions to the classification of educational objectives and to the theory of educational psychologistmastery learning . He also directed a research team which conducted a major investigation into the development of exceptional talent whose results are relevant to the question of eminence, exceptional achievement, and educational psychologistmastery learninggreatness .Bloom,... read more

Benjamin Boretz

Benjamin Boretz (3 October 1934) is an American Americancomposer and music theorist .==Life and work==Boretz was born in music theoristBrooklyn, New York and graduated with a degree in music from music theoristBrooklyn, New YorkBrooklyn College (1954), studied composition with Tadeusz Kassern, and later studied composition at music theoristBrooklyn, New YorkBrooklyn CollegeBrandeis University with Arthur Berger , at the Arthur BergerAspen Music Festival and School with Arthur BergerAspen... read more

Benjamin Hawkins

Benjamin Hawkins (August 15, 1754June 6, 1816, ''Encyclopedia of Alabama'', accessed 15 July 2011) was an American planter, statesman, and U.S. Indian agent . He was a delegate to the Indian agentContinental Congress and a United States Senator from United States SenatorNorth Carolina , having grown up among the planter elite. Appointed by George Washington as General Superintendent for Indian Affairs (1796–1818), he had responsibility for the Native American tribes south of the United States... read more

Benjamin Baillaud

Édouard Benjamin Baillaud (14 February 1848 – 8 July 1934) (86) was a French Édouard Benjamin Baillaud.astronomer .==Biography==Born in Édouard Benjamin Baillaud.astronomerChalon-sur-Saône , Baillaud studied at the Édouard Benjamin Baillaud.astronomerChalon-sur-SaôneÉcole Normale Supérieure (1866-1869) and the Édouard Benjamin Baillaud.astronomerChalon-sur-SaôneÉcole Normale SupérieureUniversity of Paris . He worked as an assistant at the Édouard Benjamin Baillaud.astronomerChalon-sur-SaôneÉcole... read more


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