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Bernard Tapie

Bernard Tapie (; born 26 January 1943) is a French Frenchbusinessman , Frenchbusinessmanpolitician and occasional Frenchbusinessmanpoliticianactor , Frenchbusinessmanpoliticianactorsinger , and TV host. He was Minister of City Affairs in the Frenchbusinessmanpoliticianactorsingergovernment of FrenchbusinessmanpoliticianactorsingergovernmentPierre Bérégovoy .==Life and career==Tapie was born in FrenchbusinessmanpoliticianactorsingergovernmentPierre BérégovoyParis . He is a businessman... read more

Georges Tapie

Georges Tapie (February 19, 1910 – January 2, 1964) was a French rower who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics.In 1936 he won the bronze medal as crew member of the French boat in the coxed pairs event.==External links==Category:Rowers at the 1936 Summer OlympicsCategory:Olympic bronze medalists for FranceCategory:Medalists at the 1936 Summer Olympics read more


The masculine masculinegiven name Bernard and its variations are of West Germanic origin. West GermanicAlbert Dauzat , ''Noms et prénoms de France'', Librairie Larousse 1980. p. 38, New completed edition by Marie-Thérèse Morlet .The meaning of the name is from a Germanic compound ''Bern-hard'' meaning "bear-hardy/brave/strong", or "hardy/brave/strong as a bear". ''Bern-'' is the old form of ''bear,'' from West Germanic ''*beran-''.T. F. Hoad, ''English Etymology'', Oxford University Press... read more

Bernard Bernard

Bernard Bernard (21 July 1821 in Mogues, France – 1895) was a French Catholic priest and missionary in Norway, Iceland and Scotland. He was the first Prefect Apostolic of Norway and Lapland from 1869 to 1887.==Life==Bernard was educated as a priest in Rome and received his consecration in Reims by Cardinal Thomas-Marie-Joseph Gousset (1792–1866).First a parish priest in the French Ardennes for a couple of years, he arrived in Norway in 1856, where he was put into service in the Catholic North... read more

Bernard Hinault

Bernard Hinault (; born 14 November 1954) is a French former cyclist who won the cyclistTour de France five times.He is one of only six cyclists to have won all three Grand Tours , and one of two cyclists to have won each more than once (the other being Grand ToursAlberto Contador ). He won the Tour de France in 1978 , 1979 , 1981 , 1982 and 1985 . He came second in 1984 and 1986 and won 28 stages, of which 13 were 1986individual time trial s. The other three to have achieved five... read more

Bernard Quatermass

Professor Bernard Quatermass is a fictional scientist, originally created by the writer John RobinsonAndré MorellJohn MillsBrian DonlevyAndrew KeirJason FlemyngNigel Kneale for BBC Television . An intelligent and highly moral British scientist, Quatermass is a pioneer of the BBC TelevisionBritish space programme , heading the British Experimental Rocket Group. He continually finds himself confronting sinister alien forces that threaten to destroy humanity.The role of Quatermass was featured... read more

Bernard Kerik

Bernard Bailey Kerik (born September 4, 1955)—known as Bernie Kerik—is an American former police officer , consultant and convicted felon, who served as police officerNew York City Police Commissioner from 2000 to 2001, and police officerNew York City Police CommissionerNew York City 's Correction Department Commissioner and First Deputy, overseeing the police officerNew York City Police CommissionerNew York CityNew York City jail system, from 1995 - 2000.Kerik was born in police officerNew... read more

Bernard Accama

Bernardus Accama (1697–1756) was an 18th-century Dutch historical and portrait painter.He was born in DutchFriesland , possibly in Burum , the son of Aeltje Boetes Nievelthttp://tresoar.nl/freegjesam/as_web.exe?dregio03+D+12260196 and Simon Accama, the local church minister. He was christened on 12 July 1697 at Burum. He lived much of his life in BurumLeeuwarden . He worked for and executed commissions for BurumLeeuwardenWilliam IV, Prince of Orange . However much of his work was lost during... read more

Bernard Sumner

Bernard Edward Sumner (born 4 January 1956), also briefly known as Bernard Albrecht,David Nolan ''Bernard Sumner Confusion'' (Church Stretton: IMP, 2007), p. 15 is an English musician, singer and songwriter. He is a founding member of both Bad LieutenantStylus MagazineJoy Division and New Order , and widely credited with the latter band's move towards New Orderelectronica and New Orderelectronicasynthpop . Sumner is widely credited in advancing UK dance music and the popularisation and technological... read more

Bernard Tschumi

Bernard Tschumi (born 25 January 1944) is an architect, writer, and educator, commonly associated with deconstructivism . Son of the well-known architect deconstructivismJean Tschumi , born of French and deconstructivismJean TschumiSwiss parentage, he works and lives in deconstructivismJean TschumiSwissNew York City and deconstructivismJean TschumiSwissNew York CityParis . He studied in Paris and at deconstructivismJean TschumiSwissNew York CityParisETH in Zurich, where he received his degree... read more

Bernard Braine

Bernard Richard Braine, Baron Braine of Wheatley, PC (24 June 1914 – 5 January 2000) was a Conservative Party politician in the Conservative PartyUnited Kingdom . He was a Conservative PartyUnited KingdomMember of Parliament (MP) for over forty years, representing constituencies in Conservative PartyUnited KingdomMember of ParliamentEssex .==Early life==He was educated at Conservative PartyUnited KingdomMember of ParliamentEssexHendon County Grammar School, and served with the Conservative... read more

Bernard Jenkin

Bernard Christison Jenkin (born 9 April 1959) is a politician in the United Kingdom, and the current Member of Parliament (MP) for Harwich and North Essex , for which he was re-elected with an increased majority of 15,174 in the General Election of 2015 . He was elected Chairman of the General Election of 2015Public Administration Select Committee in May 2010. He was Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party , and had responsibility for candidates until 7 November 2006 when this role was given... read more

Bernard Bailyn

Bernard Bailyn (born September 9, 1922) is an American historian, author, and academic specializing in U.S. Colonial and Revolutionary-era History. He has been a professor at Harvard University since 1953. Bailyn has won the Harvard UniversityPulitzer Prize for History twice (in 1968 and 1987).. ''Past winners & finalists by category''. The Pulitzer Prizes. Retrieved 2012-03-17. In 1998 the Harvard UniversityPulitzer Prize for HistoryNational Endowment for the Humanities selected him for the... read more

Bernard Weatherill

Bruce Bernard Weatherill, Baron Weatherill (25 November 1920 – 6 May 2007) was a British Conservative Party politician who served as Speaker of the House of Commons between 1983 and 1992.==Family==He was the son of Bernard Bruce Weatherill (1883–1962) and Annie Gertrude née Creak (1886–1966). He married Lyn Eatwell (1928–) in 1949 and they had three children: Bernard Richard, QC (born 1951), Henry Bruce (born 1953) and Virginia (born 1955). Weatherill was known as "Jack", while... read more

Bernard Kettlewell

Henry Bernard Davis Kettlewell (24 February 1907 – 11 May 1979) was a British Britishgeneticist , Britishgeneticistlepidopterist and Britishgeneticistlepidopteristmedical doctor , who performed research on the influence of Britishgeneticistlepidopteristmedical doctorindustrial melanism on Britishgeneticistlepidopteristmedical doctorindustrial melanismpeppered moth (''Biston betularia'') colouration, showing why moths are darker in polluted areas. This experiment is cited as a classic... read more


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