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Berlinguer (, ) is a surname of Catalan origin, now also used in Italian. It may refer to: read more

Giovanni Berlinguer

Giovanni Berlinguer (), Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI , (9 July 1924 – 6 April 2015) was an Italian politician and professor of Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRIsocial medicine .==Life and career==He was born in Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRIsocial medicineSassari , Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRIsocial medicineSassariSardinia , the son of Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRIsocial medicineSassariSardiniaMario Berlinguer . Like his brother Enrico , Giovanni Berlinguer was a major figure in the EnricoItalian... read more

Enrico Berlinguer

Enrico Berlinguer ( ; 15 May 1922 – 11 June 1984) was an Italian Italianpolitician ; he was national secretary of the ItalianpoliticianItalian Communist Party (''Partito Comunista Italiano'' or PCI) from 1972 until his death.Considered the most popular leader of the PCI, Berlinguer led the party during a tense period in Italy's history, marked by the ItalianpoliticianItalian Communist PartyYears of Lead and social conflicts such as the ItalianpoliticianItalian Communist PartyYears of LeadHot... read more

Mario Berlinguer

Mario Berlinguer () (Sassari, August 29, 1891 – Rome, September 5, 1969) was an Italian lawyer and politician. He descended from a noble Sardinia n family.Born in SardiniaSassari , in his youth he was a follower of the Meridionalist activist SardiniaSassariGaetano Salvemini . After his graduation in law he collaborated with the newspaper '' SardiniaSassariGaetano SalveminiLa Nuova Sardegna '' and other Italian newspapers.In 1921 he abandoned the SardiniaSassariGaetano SalveminiLa Nuova SardegnaItalian... read more

Luigi Berlinguer

Luigi Berlinguer (born 25 July 1932) is an Italian politician who served in the government of Italy as Minister of Education from 1996 to 2000. He is a member of the Democratic Party.==Early life and education==Berlinguer was born in Sassari on 25 July 1932. He is a cousin of communist leader Enrico Berlinguer, who died in 1984. He obtained a law degree from the University of Sassari in 1955.==Career==Berlinguer served as mayor of Sennori. He was the president of the University of Siena until April... read more

Sergio Berlinguer

Sergio Berlinguer (born 6 May 1934) is an Italian diplomat and he served as state minister in the first cabinet of Silvio Berlusconi.==Early life and education==Berlinguer was born in Sassari on 6 May 1934. He holds a law degree.==Career==Berlinguer began his career at Italian ministry of foreign affairs in 1959. He served as the head of the press office of the ministry. He was the Italian ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1966 to 1983. From 1983 to 1985 he served as the general manager of the... read more

Giuliana Berlinguer

Giuliana Berlinguer (23 November 1933 - 15 September 2014) was an Italian director, screenwriter, and novelist.== Life and career ==Born in Mantua, Berlinguer studied at the Silvio d’Amico Academy of Dramatic Arts, where she graduated in stage direction.Aldo Grasso, Massimo Scaglioni. ''Enciclopedia della Televisione''. Garzanti, Milano, 1996 – 2003. ISBN 881150466X. She later focused on television, directing several RAI TV-movies and series, notably a successful 1969 ''Nero Wolfe'' miniseries... read more


Bianca is a feminine given name or an Italian given namefamily name . It means "white" and is an Italian cognate of Blanche . Bianca may refer to:==References== HeartbreakerBoy (I Need You)Bianca (Spyro the Dragon)Bianca (That's So Raven)Bianca CastafioreBianca DeSousaBianca di AngeloBianca JacksonBianca MontgomeryBianca SolderiniMiss BiancaGravity's RainbowBlue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)Bianca ScottDragon Age IILars and the Real GirlPokémon HeroesBianca (Pokémon)Henry DangerThe DuffBiankaBlanche... read more

Berlinguer, I Love You

''Berlinguer ti voglio bene'' (internationally released as ''Berlinguer, I Love You'') is a 1977 Italian comedy film written and directed by Giuseppe Bertolucci. It is the debut film of both Bertolucci and Roberto Benigni.It is based on the stage play ''Cioni Mario di Gaspare fu Giulia'', that the same Bertolucci wrote and directed in 1975 and in which Benigni played the character of Mario Cioni, a character he later resumed in the variety television ''Onda libera''. The title quotes Cioni's declaration... read more

Bianca Castafiore

Bianca Castafiore, the " Milan ese MilanNightingale ", is a fictional character in '' MilanNightingaleThe Adventures of Tintin '', the comics series by Belgian cartoonist MilanNightingaleThe Adventures of TintinHergé . She is an opera singer whose demeanor comically aggravates MilanNightingaleThe Adventures of TintinHergéCaptain Haddock 's stereotyped sea-captain misogyny as she pops up in adventure after adventure. Castafiore is comically portrayed as narcissistic, whimsical, absent-minded,... read more

Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger (born Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias; 2 May 1945) ICorrect, 9 March 2011. Retrieved on 29 September 2011. is a Nicaraguan social and human rights advocate and a former actress. Jagger currently serves as a socialCouncil of Europe Goodwill Ambassador, Founder and Chair of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, Member of the Executive Director's Leadership Council of socialCouncil of EuropeAmnesty International USA , and a Trustee of the Amazon Charitable Trust.She was formerly married... read more

Bianca (moon)

Bianca ( ) is an asteroid218 Biancainner satellite of asteroid218 Biancainner satelliteUranus . It was discovered from the images taken by '' asteroid218 Biancainner satelliteUranusVoyager 2 '' on January 23, 1986, and was given the temporary designation S/1986 U 9. It was named after the sister of Katherine in Shakespeare's play '' asteroid218 Biancainner satelliteUranusVoyager 2The Taming of the Shrew ''. It is also designated Uranus VIII.Bianca belongs to Portia Group of satellites,... read more

Bianca Russell

Bianca Russell (born 4 July 1978) is a New Zealand field hockey player. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, she competed for the New Zealand women's national field hockey team in the women's event.==References==New Zealand FHW Squad 2009 Champions ChallengeNew Zealand FHW Squad 2010 World CupNew Zealand FHW Squad 2011 Champions TrophyNew Zealand FHW Squad 2012 Summer OlympicsNew Zealand FHW Squad 2014 World CupCategory:New Zealand field hockey playersCategory:Olympic field hockey players of New ZealandCategory:Field... read more

Bianca Răzor

Bianca Denisa Răzor (born 8 August 1994) is a Romanian sprinter who specializes in the 400 metres. She represented Romania at the 2012 Summer Olympics as well as two World Championships.==References==Category:Athletes (track and field) at the 2012 Summer OlympicsCategory:Athletes (track and field) at the 2016 Summer OlympicsCategory:Athletes (track and field) at the 2010 Summer Youth OlympicsCategory:World Championships in Athletics athletes for Romania read more

Bianca Henninger

Bianca Moreno Henninger (born October 22, 1990) is a Mexican-American professional soccer goalkeeper who plays for the Houston Dash of the National Women's Soccer League.==Early life==Henninger attended Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose, California where she was an NSCAA All-American in 2006 http://www.nscaa.com/news/2007/02/2006-nscaaadidas-girls-youth-allamerica-team-revealed and 2007.http://www.nscaa.com/news/2008/04/2007-nscaaadidas-girls-youth-allamerica-team-announced She was named a... read more


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