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Franz Bley

Plate from "''Botanisches Bilderbuch für Jung und Alt''"Franz Bley was a German botanist and illustrator best known for his two-volume book , published in 1897-8 by Adolph Schumann of Leipzig and Gustav Schmidt of Berlin.Each volume contains 24 plates showing nine species to a plate. Though small, the chromolithographs of the aquarelles by Franz Bley are precise and carefully coloured, giving an accurate idea of the plant. The book includes a few of the more common fungi. The descriptive text, in... read more

Theodor Mügge

Theodor Mügge (1806-1861) was a German author.==Biography==He was born and educated in Berlin. His liberal sentiments, expressed in various newspapers and in such pamphlets as ''Die Censurverhältnisse in Preussen'' (1845), led in several instances to his arrest and prosecution. During the 20 years preceding his death he wrote numerous sketches, tales, novels, and romances, which appeared in a complete edition in 1862-67 (33 vols.). Several, including ''Toussaint'' (1840) and ''Afraja'' (1854),... read more

Karl Koberstein

Karl Koberstein (born Schulpforta, 15 February 1836; died Wilmersdorf, 15 September 1899) was a German dramatist.==Biography==He was the son of August Koberstein, a literary historian. He studied at the Stettin gymnasium, and then dedicated his life to the stage (1856). He was a member of the Dresden court theatre from 1862 until his retirement in 1883. He gained renown through his tragedies ''Florian Geyer'' (Dresden, 1863) and ''König Erich XIV'' (Dresden, 1869), and the comedy ''Was Gott zuzammenfügt,... read more

Walter Maria Kersting

Walter Maria Kersting (born 8 July 1889 in Münster – died 5 May 1970 in Waging am See) was a German architect and industrial designer.== Career ==In 1928, he published the ''Bilderbuch für Kaufleute'', (‘Picture book for business people’) a publicity handbook containing examples of catalogues, posters and packaging designs which had been created by Kersting and his wife in a plain and functional style. From 1927 to 1932 he was Professor of Artistic and Technical Design at the Kölner Werkschulen.... read more

Ulrich Vogt

Ulrich Vogt (born May 15, 1941) is a German educator and author. Vogt grew up in Soest, where he attended the Maria zur Wiese elementary school and the Archigymnasium Soest ''gymnasium''. When he was 18, he and his family moved to Paderborn. There, he was a student at the Reismann Gymnasium, from which he received his diploma. He next attended teachers' colleges in Münster and Bielefeld, studying art education, German, mathematics and sports. Soon after passing his qualifying exam at Bielefeld in... read more

Christian Wilhelm Allers

Christian Wilhelm Allers (6 August 1857 – 19 October 1915) was a German painter and printmaker.==Biography==Allers, the son of a merchant, was born in Hamburg. He first worked as a lithographer, and in 1877 he moved to Karlsruhe where he continued to work as a lithographer. In the Kunstakademie (state academy of fine arts) he was a scholar of Prof. Ferdinand Keller.From 1880-81 he served in the German navy in Kiel where Anton Alexander von Werner supported him. In Kiel he got to know Klaus... read more

Justinus Kerner

Justinus Andreas Christian Kerner (18 September 1786 – 21 February 1862) was a German Germanpoet , practicing physician, and medical writer.==Life==He was born at GermanpoetLudwigsburg in Württemberg . After attending the classical schools of WürttembergLudwigsburg and WürttembergLudwigsburgMaulbronn , he was apprenticed in a cloth factory, but, in 1804, owing to the good services of Professor WürttembergLudwigsburgMaulbronnKarl Philipp Conz , was able to enter the WürttembergLudwigsburgMaulbronnKarl... read more

Rheinsberg Palace

Rheinsberg Palace () lies in the municipality of Rheinsberg, about 100 kilometres northwest of Berlin in the German district of Ostprignitz-Ruppin.The palace on the eastern shore of the ''Grienericksee'' is a classic example of the so-called Frederician Rococo architecture style and served as a basis for Sanssouci Palace.== History ==Rheinsberg Palace around 1860, Alexander Duncker collectionIn the Middle Ages a moated castle stood on the site of Rheinsberg Palace. The von Bredow family had... read more

I Heart Sharks

I Heart Sharks are a German-British Indietronica band from Berlin, Germany. They have released on Island Records and AdP Records respectively.== History ==Founded in 2008 after Pierre Bee moved to Berlin from London, I Heart Sharks have supported acts such as Cobra Starship, Laserlaser Management Mainstage Review, Luxor, Cologne BLK JKS, Knust Hamburg Does It Offend You, Yeah? Halle02 Heidelberg and Zoot Woman. Szene Magazin Gorgeous Music Festival In 2011 they went on tour in Germany with Friendly... read more

Adam Lux

Adam Lux (27 December 1765 – 4 November 1793) was a German revolutionary and sympathiser of the French Revolution.===Early life===Lux was born in Obernburg am Main, a village belonging to the Electorate of Mainz, as a farmer's son. However, his parents managed to finance his studies at the University of Mainz (in the Archbishopric of Mainz of the Holy Roman Empire, nowadays in Rhineland-Palatinate), where he became a ''Dr. phil.'' with his Latin dissertation on the notion of ''enthusiasm''.As a... read more

Lukas Beck

Lukas Beck is an Austrian photographer who specialises in music and theatre. He has contributed to virtually all Austrian newspapers and magazines, as well as international papers, such as Die Zeit or The New York Times.Beck was born in 1967, and educated at the University of Vienna, where he read ethnology.His pictures, in a style all of their own, show a keen eye for detail, colour and light. His work has been shown in Vienna's Leopold Museum, the Westlicht Gallery and the Palais Coburg. Beck has... read more

Andreas Untersberger

Andreas Untersberger (1874–1944) was an Austrian painter who worked under the pseudonym A. Juenger. He created hundreds of illustrations for Catholic children's books and holy cards.==Family tree==Andreas Untersberger was the eighth son of a wood carver from Upper Austria, who made altars and other religious and liturgical objects. He was the brother of Josef August Untersberger (1864–1933), who had gained some fame in the 1920s as a sculptor and painter of religious images under the pseudonym... read more

Show Me!

''Show Me!'' is a controversial sex education book by photographer Will McBride . It appeared in 1974 in German under the title ''Zeig Mal!'', written with Will McBridepsychiatrist Helga Fleischhauer-Hardt for children and their parents. It was translated into English a year later and was widely available in bookstores on both sides of the Atlantic for many years, but later became subject to expanded Will McBridepsychiatristchild pornography laws in jurisdictions including the United States.... read more


Kufstein is a town in the Austria n state of Tyrol , the administrative seat of TyrolKufstein District . With a population of about 18,400, it is the second largest Tyrolean town after the state capital TyrolKufstein DistrictInnsbruck . The greatest landmark is TyrolKufstein DistrictInnsbruckKufstein Fortress , first mentioned in the 13th century.==Geography==It is located in the TyrolKufstein DistrictInnsbruckKufstein FortressTyrolean Unterland region on the river Inn , at the confluence... read more


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