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''Blick'' is a Swiss German-language daily newspaper, published by Ringier in Zurich.==History and profile==''Blick'' was established in 1959. The newspaper was the first Swiss tabloid publication.The format of ''Blick'' was broadsheet until 2005 when it was switched to tabloid. The new format induced controversies: protests began and many boycotted the scandalous newspaper. It was nevertheless a huge financial success. However, in 2009 the daily changed its format to broadsheet.''Blick'' has a center-left... read more


==Other uses== ISO country code.chCH postcode areaChihuahua (state)Conservation HaltonPeople's Republic of ChinaChain (length)Championship (dog)Christ's HospitalCompanion of HonourChaudharyMetres above the Sea (Switzerland)Montreal CanadiensCategory:Two-letter disambiguation pages read more


.ch is the country code country codetop-level domain ( country codetop-level domainccTLD ) for country codetop-level domainccTLDSwitzerland in the country codetop-level domainccTLDSwitzerlandDomain Name System of the country codetop-level domainccTLDSwitzerlandDomain Name SystemInternet . It is administered by country codetop-level domainccTLDSwitzerlandDomain Name SystemInternetSWITCH Information Technology Services .The domain ''ch'' derives from ''Confoederatio Helvetica'' (Helvetic... read more

Hugo Blick

Hugo Blick (born 1965), sometimes credited as Hugo E. Blick, is a Welsh writer, producer, director and occasional actor. He has his own production company, called Eight Rooks. Linked 2014-07-09== Early life ==Blick studied in Cardiff at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.== Career ==He has acted in several films, appearing as a young Jack Napier, the character that would ultimately become the Joker in Tim Burton's ''Batman'' delivering the famous line ''"Have you ever danced with the devil... read more

Mount Blick

Mount Blick is a conical peak rising to over 1400 m in the north extremity of Carlstrom Foothills, Churchill Mountains. The peak is on the west side of Bally Glacier, 8 nautical miles (15 km) east-southeast of Pyramid Mountain. Named by Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names (US-ACAN) in honor of Graeme Blick, Geodetic Survey Advisor, Office of the New Zealand Surveyor-General, 1996-2002. From 1998 to the present he has worked closely with the US Geological Survey on geodetic surveys in the Ross... read more

Raymond Blick

Raymond Blick (born 27 May 1930) is a British sprint canoer who competed in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Competing in two Summer Olympics, he earned his best finish of eighth in the K-2 10000 m event at Melbourne in 1956.==References==Category:Canoeists at the 1956 Summer OlympicsCategory:Canoeists at the 1960 Summer OlympicsCategory:Olympic canoeists of Great Britain read more

Joseph Blick

Joseph James Blick (September 20, 1867 – September 5, 1947), sometimes credited as Joseph J. Blick, was an American architect who worked on commercial and residential projects and is best known for diverse residences in Southern California ranging from Mission to Modern styles. Born and raised in Clinton, Iowa, his father James Shannon Blick was a building contractor. The Blick family moved to Pasadena, California in 1887 soon after his sister Blanche married Frederick Russell Burnham, the celebrated... read more

Blick am Abend

''Blick am Abend'' is a German free evening newspaper published in Switzerland and based in Zürich.==History and profile==''Blick am Abend'' was first published on 1 June 2008 Ringier. Retrieved 13 December 2013. as a successor to the afternoon free daily ''Heute''.''Blick am Abend'', based in Zürich, is a free newspaper owned by Ringier. It is an evening newspaper published in tabloid format. ''Newspaper Innovation''. 13 January 2009. Retrieved 5 December 2013 Peter Röthlisberger is the editor-in-chief... read more

Dick Blick Art Materials

Blick Art Materials store on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Los Angeles, CaliforniaBlick Art Materials is a retail and catalog operation that supplies artists and school art programs. It was founded as a mail order business by Dick Blick in 1911 and purchased by Robert Metzenberg in 1948. Its central warehouse and distribution center have always been located in Galesburg, Illinois. Corporate offices are in Highland Park, Illinois. The company operates over 50 retail stores in the United States,... read more

Dick Blick (swimmer)

Richard Adolph Blick (born July 29, 1940) is an American former competition swimmer, Olympic champion, and former world record-holder. He competed in North Central College Swim Club. He later competed at the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome, where he won a gold medal as a member of the first-place U.S. team in the men's 4×200-meter freestyle relay.Blick taught math and physical education for a number of years at the local high school in Cupertino California (Lynbrook High School) and in Kingsburg, California;... read more

Blick nach Rechts

The Blick nach Rechts (''BNR'', ''View to the Right'') is a social democratic German-language information service which appears every two weeks on the Internet. Its concern is the current "information about Far-right activities" (subtitle: "Aufklärung über rechtsextreme Aktivitäten"), which in the opinion of the initiators aren't noticed enough by the German media.== Structure and purchase ==Between 1984 and 2004, the journal appeared as a printed issue, and since then appears as an online-magazine... read more

Auf einen Blick

''Auf einen Blick'' is a German language television and women's magazine published in Hamburg, Germany.==History and profile==''Auf einen Blick'' is part of and published by Bauer Media Group. The magazine has its headquarters in Hamburg. It is published on a weekly basis and covers both news on women-related issues and TV programme listings. Target audience is women older than 40.==Circulation==''Auf einen Blick'' had a circulation of 850,000 copies during the fourth quarter of 1984. During the... read more

CH–CH oxidoreductases

CH–CH oxidoreductases are oxidoreductase enzymes that convert single bonds and double bonds between two carbon atoms. They are classified under EC number 1.3.Note the major difference—the Δ4,5 double-bond on the A (leftmost) ring. (The other differences between the diagrams are unrelated to chemical structure.) read more

CH Crucis

CH Crucis (39 G.Crucis) is a Be star, while also a B-type subgiant in the constellation Crux. This star is not to be confused with 39 Crucis/ 39 Cru. read more

Girona CH

Girona Club de Hoquei is a Catalan rink hockey club from Girona established in 1940. Its women's team plays in the OK Liga, and it has been the championship's runner-up in 2011 and 2012. in the Spanish Skating Federation's website In 2012 it also reached the European League's final, lost to Gijón HC. Marca, 06/05/12 ==External links==Category:Sports clubs established in 1940 read more


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