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Blitz, German for "lightning", may refer to: read more


''Blitz!'' is a musical by Lionel Bart. The musical, described by Steven Suskin as "massive", was set in the East End of London during the Blitz (the aerial bombings during World War II). The story drew on Bart's childhood memories of London's Jewish East End during the Blitz and, like most musicals, centred on a romance between a young couple, in this case a Jewish woman and a Cockney man, although the largest role and main point-of-view character is that of Mrs. Blitztein, the young woman's mother.Suskin... read more


Blitz++ is a high-performance vector mathematics library written in C++. This library is intended for use in scientific applications that might otherwise be implemented with Fortran or MATLAB.Blitz++ utilizes advanced C++ template metaprogramming techniques, including expression templates, to provide speed-optimized mathematical operations on sequences of data without sacrificing the natural syntax provided by other mathematical programming systems. Indeed, it has been recognized as a pioneer in... read more


''BLITZ'' was a British fashion and culture magazine published between 1980 and 1991.Its contributors included the writers Paul Morley, Susannah Frankel, Jim Shelley, Simon Garfield, Ian Parker, Marc Issue, Fiona Russell Powell and Paul Mathur; photographers included Nick Knight, Russell Young, Gillian Campbell, Marcus Tomlinson, Pete Moss and Julian Simmonds; its fashion editors were Iain R Webb and Kim Bowen. Jeremy Leslie was responsible for the graphic design of the magazine from 1984 to 1989.==History==BLITZ... read more

Chicago Blitz

The Chicago Blitz was a professional American football team that played in the American footballUnited States Football League in the mid-1980s. They played at American footballUnited States Football LeagueSoldier Field in American footballUnited States Football LeagueSoldier FieldChicago , American footballUnited States Football LeagueSoldier FieldChicagoIllinois .== Team history ==The Blitz were one of the twelve charter franchises of the USFL. The ownership group was headed by renowned... read more

Bertone Blitz

The Bertone Blitz is an electric sports car produced in 1992 by the company Bertone , which worked under BertoneFerrari . It is propelled from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in six seconds via two 36 horsepower (27 kW) (continuous output) DC motors applying a combined total of 95 Nm (70 ft·lbf) of torque. It has a weight of 650 kg (1433 lb), 260 kg (572 lb) of that weight is in lead acid batteries. The typical range of this BertoneFerraribattery electric vehicle... read more

Baedeker Blitz

The Baedeker Blitz or Baedeker raids were a series of attacks by the Template:Location_map_many/docLuftwaffe on English cities during EnglishWorld War II . These were in response to a devastating increase in the effectiveness of the EnglishWorld War IIRoyal Air Force 's bombing offensive, starting with the bombing of Lübeck in March 1942.The targets of the raids were chosen for their cultural and/or historical significance, rather than for any military value.==Background==By the winter of... read more

Blitz Kids

The Blitz Kids were a group of young people who frequented the weekly Blitz club-night in Covent Garden , Covent GardenLondon in 1979-80, and are credited with launching the Covent GardenLondonNew Romantic subcultural movement. Among them were Covent GardenLondonNew RomanticRusty Egan , Covent GardenLondonNew RomanticRusty EganSteve Strange , Covent GardenLondonNew RomanticRusty EganSteve StrangeBoy George , his friends Marilyn and MarilynAlice Temple , MarilynAlice TemplePerri Lister... read more

Backyard Blitz

''Backyard Blitz'' was a Logie Award winning Australian lifestyle and DIY DIYtelevision program that aired on the DIYtelevision programNine Network between 2000 through to 2007 before its cancellation. It was hosted by DIYtelevision programNine NetworkJamie Durie and was produced by DIYtelevision programNine NetworkJamie DurieDon Burke .The show featured a very similar premise to the show '' DIYtelevision programNine NetworkJamie DurieDon BurkeGround Force '', in which a team of gardeners... read more

The Blitz

The Blitz, from the German word for 'lightning', was the name applied by the British press to the heavy and frequent bombing raids carried out over Britain in 1940 and 1941, during the Winston ChurchillHugh DowdingFrederick PileOwen Tudor BoydSir Leslie GossageAdolf HitlerHermann GöringHugo SperrleAlbert KesselringHans JeschonnekSecond World War . This concentrated, direct bombing of industrial targets and civilian centres began with heavy raids on London on 7 September 1940, during what became... read more


Blitz BASIC refers to the programming language dialect that was interpreted by the first Blitz compilers, devised by programming languageNew Zealand-based developer Mark Sibly. Being derived from programming languageNew ZealandBASIC, Blitz syntax was designed to be easy to pick up for beginners first learning to program. The languages are game-programming oriented but are often found general-purpose enough to be used for most types of application. The Blitz language evolved as new products were... read more

Blitz (software)

Blitz is a cloud-based load-and performance-testing service (SaaS) that allows developers to "rush" (load test) a Web app or Web API with up to 200,000 concurrent users within seconds from multiple points of presence around the world. The tool allows users to test web applications, websites, and APIs to identify infrastructure weaknesses.==Capabilities==Blitz is a load-testing tool from the cloud to the cloud. Blitz customers tend to be application and website developers who use the service throughout... read more

Bath Blitz

View of the centre of Bath in 1958, still with signs of war damage.The term Bath Blitz refers to the air raids by the German air force on the British city of Bath, Somerset, during World War II.The city was bombed in April 1942 as part of the so-called “Baedeker raids”, in which targets were chosen for their cultural and historical, rather than their strategic or military, value.==Background==Bath was largely untouched during the Blitz, the German night bombing offensive against Britain's cities,... read more

SMS Blitz

SMS ''Blitz'' was an aviso of the Imperial German Navy, the lead ship of her class. She had one sister ship, . ''Blitz'' was built at the Norddeutscher Schiffbau dockyard; she was laid down in 1881, was launched in August 1882, and was commissioned in March 1883. The ship's career was uneventful; she served as a flotilla leader for torpedo boats until 1900. In 1903, she became a fleet tender. She was briefly mobilized at the outbreak of World War I in August 1914, but she returned to fleet tender... read more

Antonio Blitz

Antonio Blitz (born in Deal, Kent, England, 21 June 1810; died in Philadelphia, United States, 28 January 1877) was an English magician, who worked mainly in Europe and the United States.==Biography==At 13 years of age, he began his career in Hamburg, Germany. After traveling for two years in northern Europe, he returned to England, appearing first in Dover in December 1825. He then visited Ireland and Scotland. In 1834, he went to the United States, and, after performing in New York City, traveled... read more


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