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Índice Bovespa

The Bovespa Index () is an index of about 50 stocks that are traded on the São Paulo Stock, Mercantile & Futures Exchange (Bovespa: BOlsa de Valores do Estado de São PAulo).== Overview ==The index is composed by a theoretical portfolio with the stocks that accounted for 80% of the volume traded in the last 12 months and that were traded at least on 80% of the trading days. It's revised quarterly, in order to keep its representativeness of the volume traded and in average the components of Ibovespa... read more

BM&F Bovespa

The BM&F BOVESPA (; in full, ''Bolsa de Valores, Mercadorias & Futuros de São Paulo)'' is a stock exchange located at stock exchangeSão Paulo , stock exchangeSão PauloBrazil . At the end of 2011 it had a market capitalization of US $1.22 Trillion, making it in the 13th largest stock exchange in the world. However, owing the slump in economic growth in Brazil associated with political problems, in addition to the strengthening of the stock exchangeSão PauloBrazilU.S. Dollar vis-à-vis the... read more

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=== How to use this template ===Type the following, replacing ''XXXX'' with the company's stock symbol:==== CVM code (optional) ====If the Comissão de Valores Mobiliários code is known you can enter as follows:Using the CVM code is preferred and will give a direct link opposed to search results.===Where to use this template===The best location for this template is in an infobox about the company, such as , at the top of the article, if one exists. Include this template in the traded_as parameter.When... read more

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The Bovespa (São Paulo Stock Exchange), is located in the heart of the largest city of Brazil, São Paulo, Bovespa is the largest stock exchange in Latin America. read more

List of companies listed on Ibovespa

In January, 2006, more than 450 companies were listed on the Brazilian securities exchange BM&F Bovespa , according to the exchange's website.The following is a list of the components of Ibovespa , Bovespa's index, in the period May - August 2013, their IbovespaBovespa ticker symbol, industry and headquarters location.Note: not all Bovespa-listed companies are included in the list below. For a complete list, see . read more

Banco Nossa Caixa

Banco Nossa Caixa (BM&F Bovespa: ) was a Brazilian bank listed since 2005 on the BM&F Bovespa and focused on State of São Paulo, but active in other Brazilian States. Founded in 1916 originating from ''Caixas Economicas Paulista'', used to have 547 branches. The Bank was incorporated into the Banco do Brasil in 2008 maintaining 99.32% of its stock owned and 0.78% in the market.Banco Nossa Caixa was the exclusive financial agent of the State of São Paulo to manage government's resources, promoting... read more

Banco Cruzeiro do Sul

Banco Cruzeiro do Sul (BM&F Bovespa:) is a Brazil-based bank mainly engaged in the consumer financing segment. It offers redit, investment, brokerage and consulting services, as well as a range of financial products. It also offers public bond market intermediation and loans.The bank's products are distributed in Brazil through a network of banking correspondents which included more than 360 small and midsized companies.Currently the bank is headquartered in São Paulo and is owned by Indio da Costa... read more

Anhanguera Educacional

Anhanguera Educacional ( or ) is the second largest private for-profit professional educational company in Brazil by market value and by number of students, with more than 400.000 students in its education network. The company is the second largest higher education company in the world by number of students, only behind the American company Apollo Group.The Company operates three types of education - 67 campuses, more than 450 poles and over 650 vocational education centers, spread across all states... read more

Aracruz Celulose

Aracruz Celulose S.A. was a Brazilian manufacturer of pulp and paper. In 2009 the company merged with VCP and renamed Fibria. The new company maintained its headquarters in Sao Paulo, and is a supplier of bleached eucalyptus pulp.The company has two pulp making plants, one in Aracruz city in Espírito Santo state and the other at Guaíba in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. It also has forestry operations in these states as well as in the states of Bahia and Minas Gerais.The major shareholders control... read more

Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange

The Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Valores do Rio de Janeiro, or BVRJ) is Brazil's second largest exchange after the Bovespa stock exchange in São Paulo, and the oldest of Brazilian stock exchanges in activity. Its inauguration occurred in July 14, 1820, 3 years after the 1st Brazilian stock exchange inaugurated, the today inactive Salvador Exchange;Marta Barcellos & Simone Azevedo; "Histórias do Mercado de Capitais no Brasil" ("Financial Markets' Histories in Brazil") Campus Elsevier... read more

Wilson, Sons

Wilson, Sons (BM&F Bovespa: ) is a Brazilian shipping company headquartered in Hamilton, Bermudas. The firm was set up in Salvador in 1837 by two Scottish brothers, Edward and Fleetwood Pellow Wilson. The firm is one of the oldest private enterprises in Brazil. It was later run by Edward's son, Edward Pellew Wilson, Jr.Wilson, Sons were responsible for construction and provision of supplies and equipment for the Great Western and Conde d'Eu Railroads in Brazil. The group built the first dry dock... read more


Copel - Companhia Paranaense de Energia, the largest company of the State of Paraná, was founded on October 26, 1954 with ownership control held by the State of Paraná. The Company went public in April 1994 BM&F Bovespa and, in 1997, it was the first company of the Brazilian electricity sector to be listed at the New York Stock Exchange. As from June 2002, the brand is also present at the European Economic Community, having been listed at Latibex - the Latin American index of companies of the Madrid... read more

International Meal Company

International Meal Company (IMC) is a Brazilian holding company in the foodservice sector operating fast food restaurants., ''Folha de S. Paulo'', 11/06/2012 It was founded in 2006 by Advent International and operates 386 restaurants with approximately 14,000 employees in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. The company's restaurant brands include: Viena, Frango Assado, Wraps, Go Fresh, Brunella, Gino's, and Airports Concepts/Airport Shoppes. The company's main competitors... read more


Comgás is a Brazilian gas distributor focused on São Paulo state. It is Brazil's biggest gas distributor, with around 770,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers, as of 2004, who receive gas through about of pipelines. Comgás was founded in 1872. The company had been wholly owned by the São Paulo state-owned power generation utility, ''Companhia Energética de São Paulo'' until April 1999, when CESP's stake was sold to the British BG Group and to Royal Dutch Shell. Comgas... read more

Estrela (company)

Estrela is a toy manufacturer in Brazil. The company was founded in São Paulo in 1937, when it started producing dolls and wooden toy cars. In 1944 it became a publicly traded corporation. As of 2005, Carlos Tilkian is CEO of the company.Its symbol is a four-pointed star, a sort of compass, referring to the company name "Estrela" which means "star" in Portuguese.The company has over four hundred products in their line and three factories in Brazil.It has its shares listed on BM&F Bovespa under... read more


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