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Sydney is the state capital of state capitalNew South Wales and the most populous city in most populous cityAustralia and most populous cityAustraliaOceania . Located on Australia's east coast, the metropolis surrounds the world's largest natural harbour , and sprawls towards the Blue Mountains to the west. Residents of Sydney are known as "Sydneysiders". Sydney is the second official seat and second official residence of the the world's largest natural harbourGovernor-General of Australia... read more

Sydney Bus Museum

Sydney Bus Museum (also known as the Sydney Bus and Truck Museum) is a not-for-profit transportation museum and education centre for public benefit located in the suburb of Leichhardt, in Sydney, Australia.It opened in 1986 in the former Tempe Bus Depot being formally opened in April 1988."Tempe Topics" ''Fleetline'' July 1988 page 164 Following the State Transit Authority deciding to re-open the depot for its Metrobus operation, the museum was allocated space in a disused part of Leichhardt depot... read more

South Sydney Bus Company

South Sydney Bus Company was a private company that operated public bus servicea in South-Eastern Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.==History==The company, owned by T. Stalker and W. Langford, emerged from Doncaster and Rosebery White Transit Company.From the 1920s until 31 October 1931, the company operated Route 130 from Central Railway to Maroubra Junction. The service was deemed to be in competition with government trams and was terminated under the State Transport (Co-ordination) Act.The company's... read more

Sydney bus route L90

Sydney bus route L90 is operated by Sydney Buses between Palm Beach and Wynyard station. With a distance of 44 kilometres, it is the longest commuter bus route in Sydney.==History==On 3 August 1953, route 150 Palm Beach to Wynyard station was renumbered 190. In the 1990s, route 190 services were renumbered as L90 to designate it was a limited stops service. Early morning and late night all-stops services continue to operate as route 190. Most services use high capacity articulated buses. It was also... read more

Sydney bus route 144

Sydney bus route 144 is operated by Sydney Buses between Manly wharf and Chatswood station. It was Sydney's first government operated bus route.== History ==In the late 1920s, White Transit Company commenced operating route 144 between Manly wharf and Cremorne Junction where it connected with tram services. It ceased on 31 October 1931, when White Transit Company were forced out of business by the ''Transport (Co-ordination) Act 1931'' with its services deemed to be in competition with tram services,... read more

Sydney bus route 400

Sydney bus route 400 is operated by Sydney Buses between Burwood and Bondi Junction stations via Sydney Airport. It is Sydney's busiest bus route.==History==Route 400 commenced operating as a limited stops service between Burwood and Bondi Junction stations on 17 July 1989. It was operated under the ''Metroline 400'' banner. The route was initially operated every 30 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays."Turning 25...Route 400 Burwood to Bondi Junction" ''Australian Bus'' issue 64 July 2014 pages 20-26On... read more

Bus operators in Sydney

Sydney, Australia is served by a number of bus operators, with the state government's State Transit Authority the dominant player. Other major operators include Busways, ComfortDelGro Cabcharge, Transdev and Transit Systems. Most services are provided as part of the city's integrated public transport system, with routes, fares, service levels, fleet specifications and customer service standards determined by Transport for New South Wales. A small number of services operate outside of this network.==History==Until... read more

North Sydney Bus Depot

North Sydney Bus Depot is a bus depot in the Sydney suburb of Neutral Bay operated by Sydney Buses.==History==On 3 June 1909, the North Sydney Tram Depot opened to replace the Ridge Street Tram Depot. On 15 September 1940, a bus depot opened on the adjacent site. With the closure of the North Sydney tram network in June 1958 and the opening of Willoughby Bus Depot in July 1958, the tram depot closed and sold for redevelopment as the Big Bear Shopping Centre, while the bus depot was downgraded to... read more

North Sydney Bus Charters

North Sydney Bus Charters is an Australian bus company operating charter services in Sydney.==History==North Sydney Bus Charters was founded in July 2002 by Scott Riley to service his Tennis World business at Chatswood, Lane Cove, North Ryde and North Sydney. ''Australasian Bus & Coach'' 28 April 2016It then commenced a contract for Lane Cove Council operating two routes from the Mars Road industrial estate, Lane Cove West to Lane Cove Plaza with two Mercedes-Benz LO812s. The service was discontinued... read more

Rapid bus routes in Sydney

Rapid bus routes form a network of high-capacity cross-regional bus routes in Sydney, Australia. Eleven rapid routes were identified within the existing bus network as part of the New South Wales Government's ''Sydney's Bus Future'' plan in 2013. Two further routes, described as "growth centre rapid routes" were promised to commence as new-release residential areas and town centres developed. In the longer term, these two routes (Rouse Hill–Marsden Park–Blacktown and Liverpool–Leppington–Campbelltown)... read more

Local bus routes in Sydney

Local bus routes in Sydney, Australia, are set by Transport for New South Wales. The network initially evolved from a privately operated system of feeder services to railway stations in the outer suburbs, and a government-operated network of bus services introduced to replace trams in the inner suburbs. Following its establishment in its current form in 1930, the bus network has undergone major reform in recent years, with the government taking responsibility for route and fare-setting, opening contracts... read more

Sydney Metropolitan Bus Service Contracts

The Sydney Metropolitan Bus Service Contracts (SMBSC), ''Transport for NSW'', Retrieved 23 July 2016 are contracts issued by Government of New South Wales to metropolitan bus operators Sydney, Australia. In recent years the government has moved from individual contracts with operators to larger contract regions, leading to the consolidation of bus operators.==History==Until the 1990s all of Sydney's private bus services were run by family owned companies. The Passenger Transport Act 1990 requiring... read more

Suburban bus routes in Sydney

Suburban bus routes form a network of cross-regional bus routes in Sydney, Australia. Nine suburban routes were identified within the existing bus network as part of the New South Wales Government's ''Sydney's Bus Future'' plan in 2013. Eleven further routes were listed for future development.== Randwick to City (372–7) ==Operated by State Transit. These services will be substantially replaced by the new CBD & South East Light Rail.== Bondi Junction to Burwood (400) ==Introduced in the 1990s and... read more

Sydney Olympic Park bus routes

The Sydney Olympic Park bus routes are operated from various places in Sydney to Sydney Olympic Park when significant cultural or sporting events are held at the Sydney Olympic Park precinct.==History==As part of its winning bid for the 2000 Olympic Games, a new complex was built. Only minimal car parking was provided, with it intended that most patrons traveling to the complex would use public transport. Included was a railway line but this still left parts of Sydney without direct access.To address... read more

Randwick Bus Depot

Randwick Bus Depot is a bus depot in the Sydney suburb of Randwick operated by Sydney Buses.==History==In 1881 the Randwick Tramway Workshops were established on the corner of Darley Road and King Street, Randwick as the main workshops for the Sydney tram network. It also had a depot attached. In 1902 the workshops were renamed the Randwick Tramway Workshops.The workshops grew rapidly to become one of Sydney's largest engineering establishments peaking in the 1920s. As well as performing all heavy... read more


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