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Caracol Televisión

Caracol Televisión is a PRISAColombia n private national PRISAColombiatelevision network, owned by the Santo Domingo Group . == History ==Caracol Televisión started in 1954 when Organización de Radiodifusora Caracol offered to afford national television costs, then state-run, through commercial spots. At that time its board (Fernando Londoño Henao, Cayetano Betancourt, Carlos Sanz de Santamaría, Pedro Navas, and Germán Montoya) started to suggest the possibility of establishing the first... read more

Caracol TV Internacional

Caracol Internacional is the international signal of Colombia's Caracol TV. It offers general programming aimed to Colombians abroad, mostly consisting of old Caracol TV telenovelas, series, and entertainment shows. It also simulcasts ''Noticias Caracol'', ''El radar'', and breakfast television show ''Día a día'' with Colombia's Caracol TV, as well as Venezuela's RCTV flagship newscast ''El Observador''.==External links==Category:Television channels and stations established in 2002Category:Latin... read more

Noticias Caracol

Noticias Caracol (until 9 October 2007 ''Caracol Noticias'') is the name for all the national newscast from the news division of Caracol Televisión which carries the same name. It is broadcast four times on weekdays and twice on weekends. In January 2015 the new director is Juan Roberto Vargas and the second director is Alberto Medina Lopez.Before becoming a network, Caracol Televisión produced the morning newscast ''7:30 Caracol'' in the mid-1990s. Several well-known Colombian journalists, such... read more

Caracol Radio

Caracol Radio (''Cadena Radial Colombiana'', "Colombian Radio Network") is one of the main radio networks in Colombia. Founded in Medellín in 1948 when ''La Voz de Antioquia'' station acquired the 50% of ''Emisoras Nuevo Mundo'', based in Bogotá.Julio Mario Santo Domingo was its main shareholder until 2004, when Spanish Grupo Prisa bought the ''Grupo Latino de Radio'', whose 17% was Santo Domingo's.== History ==In 1945 Colombian Liberal Party politicians César García, Jorge Soto del Corral, Luis... read more

Teatro Popular Caracol ("Popular Theatre Caracol") was a Colombian television anthology drama series, broadcast between 1972 and 1978 on the state-owned channels Primera Cadena and Segunda Cadena. It was produced by Caracol TV.The programme was intended to ''"popularize the works of great writers of the universal literature, including Colombian writers, played by the most important figures at the time"'' in Colombian television. It received a Premio Ondas in 1975.== References ==Category:1970s Colombian... read more


Caracol is the name given to a large ancient Maya archaeological site, located in what is now the Cayo District of Belize. It is situated approximately 40 kilometres south of Xunantunich and the town of San Ignacio Cayo, and 15 kilometers away from the Macal River. It rests on the Vaca Plateau at an elevation of 500 meters above sea-level, in the foothills of the Maya Mountains.Arlen Chase and Diane Chase, 1987 Investigations at the Classic Maya City of Caracol, Belize: 1985-1987. Pre-Columbian... read more

Manolo Caracol

Manuel Ortega Juárez. (July 9, 1909 - February 24, 1973), was a Spanish flamenco cantaor (singer).Born in Seville, Spain, he was descended from a long line of flamenco artists including Enrique Ortega (father and son) and Curro Dulce, and he was possibly related to and El Fillo. The family was also known for its bull fighters.Under the stage name ''El Caracol'',''Caracol'' signifies a "snail" or the "spiral" shape of its shell, as in ''escalera de caracol'' ("spiral staircase"). he "gained international... read more

Caracol River

There are several rivers named Caracol River or El Caracol River. read more

Caracol, Piauí

Caracol is a municipality in the state of Piauí in the Northeast region of Brazil. read more

Caracol Falls

Caracol Falls, or Cascata do Caracol, is a 426-foot (130 meter) waterfall about from Canela, Brazil in Caracol State Park (''Parque do Caracol''). It is formed by the Caracol River and cuts out of basalt cliffs in the Serra Geral mountain range, falling into the Vale da Lageana. The falls are situated between the pinheiral (pine forest) zone of the Brazilian Highlands and the southern coastal Atlantic Forest.''Tropical Fish Hobbyist'', Vol. 44, p. 188. The base of the waterfall can be reached by... read more

Caracol (disambiguation)

Caracol, or El Caracol, from the Spanish term for "spiral (snail–, conch– seashell–) shaped", may refer to: read more

Sopa de Caracol

"Sopa de Caracol" ("Conch Soup") is a song performed by Honduran musical ensemble Banda Blanca. The song was originally written by Belizean singer Hernan "Chico" Ramos, and translated into Spanish by Banda Blanca. It was released by EMI Latin in 1991 and achieved international success, peaking at number-one in the ''Billboard'' Top Latin Songs in the United States.The song debuted in the ''Billboard'' Top Latin Songs chart (formerly Hot Latin Tracks) chart at number 15 in the week of January 19,... read more

El Caracol, Michoacán

El Caracol is a small village in the mountains of the Mexican state of Michoacán, in the municipality of Hidalgo. It is located off the State route of Mexico-Morelia-Guadalajara, about 12 km (7.5 mi) south of Mil Cumbres at an elevation of 2896 m (9501 ft) above mean sea level. Its temperatures varies from 40's to the 70's from July to February and 60's to 80's from March to June with relative low humidity. There are almost no mosquitoes, snakes or other pests.==History==It... read more

Sopa de Caracol (EP)

''Sopa de Caracol'' (Spanish for Snail Soup) Released in 1991 is an EP from the Argentine Ska, Reggae band Los Fabulosos CadillacsThe EP was a mix of four songs that included the song that give name to the album along with a megamix from several of the band greatest hits like "Mi Novia se Cayo en un Pozo Ciego", "El Satanico Dr. Cadillac" and "Silencio Hospital" among othersThe EP was awarded a gold certification.== Track listing ==# "Sopa de Caracol" Original song of La Banda Blanca de Honduras.... read more

Caracol, Nord-Est

Caracol () is a commune in the Trou-du-Nord Arrondissement, in the Nord-Est Department of Haiti. It has 6,236 inhabitants.Caracol was a poverty-stricken fishing village on the north coast of Haiti. It was one of the poorest villages in the country.==Caracol Industrial Park==In 2012 the Caracol Industrial Park was built on a square mile, 600 acre, 252 hectare site near Caracol. The $300 million project, which includes a 10-megawatt power plant, road, a water-treatment plant, worker housing in neighboring... read more


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