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Category:Proxy check result templates

This is a list of templates used to indicate the result of a proxy test.The table below was copied from before it got deleted:Category:Wikipedia administration templates read more


A diagram of a door, with the jambs labeled.A jamb (from Fr. jambe, leg), in architecture, is the side-post or lining of a doorway or other aperture. The jambs of a window outside the frame are called “reveals.” Small shafts to doors and windows with caps and bases are known as “jamb-shafts”; when in the inside arris of the jamb of a window they are sometimes called "scoinsons."A doorjamb, door jamb (also sometimes doorpost) is the vertical portion of the door frame onto which a door is secured.... read more

Routine Check

"Routine Check" is a 2004 song by the Mitchell Brothers, featuring Kano and The Streets. It was their highest-charting single, charting at #42 on the UK Singles Chart.==Theme==The song is a defiant response to the perceived racism of the UK Police's "stop and search" policy. In 2012, Tony Mitchell said that the song summed him up as an artist and that the song was about a real situation in that many youngsters had to deal with such police interactions. He said that he wanted people "to like it, for... read more

Sanity check

A sanity test or sanity check is a basic test to quickly evaluate whether a claim or the result of a calculation can possibly be true. It is a simple check to see if the produced material is rational (that the material's creator was thinking rationally, applying sanity ). The point of a sanity test is to rule out certain classes of obviously false results, not to catch every possible error. A sanityrule-of-thumb may be checked to perform the test. The advantage of a sanity test, over performing... read more

Gas check

A gas check is a gasket type component of firearms ammunition. Gas checks are used when non-jacketed bullets are used in high pressure cartridges. The use of a gas check inhibits the buildup of lead in the barrel and improves accuracy.Cast bullets as cast (left), with gas check (center) and lubricated (right).==Construction==Gas checks are most commonly found in the form of a thin cup or disc made of a ductile metal. Copper, Zinc, Aluminum, and alloys such as brass have been used. A bullet designed... read more

Check digit

A check digit is a form of redundancy check used for error detection on identification numbers, such as bank account numbers, which are used in an application where they will at least sometimes be input manually. It is analogous to a binary binaryparity bit used to check for errors in computer-generated data. It consists of one or more digit s computed by an algorithm from the other digits (or letters) in the sequence input.With a check digit, one can detect simple errors in the input of... read more

Comp Check

A Comp Check (also known as a "look-up") is a request made to a State Licensed or Certified real estate appraiser, sometimes to assure a minimum opinion of value before an order (typically for lending purposes), is placed. Because providing an opinion of value is the definition of an appraisal in the United States, the practice of the look-up, when excess care is not taken, runs a greater risk of being in violation of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) than an assignment... read more

Perpetual check

In the game of chess , perpetual check is a situation in which one player can force a draw by an unending series of check s. Such a situation typically arises when the player who is checking cannot deliver checkcheckmate , while failing to continue the series of checks gives the opponent at least a chance to win. A draw by perpetual check is no longer one of the checkcheckmaterules of chess . However, such a situation will eventually result in a draw by either checkcheckmaterules of chessthreefold... read more

Double check

In chess , a double check is a check delivered by two pieces simultaneously. In checkchess notation , it is almost always represented the same way as a single check ("+"), but is sometimes symbolized by "++" (however, "++" is also sometimes used to denote checkchess notationcheckmate Tim Just and Daniel Burg, 2003, ''U.S. Chess Federation's Official Rules of Chess'', 5th ed., ISBN 0-8129-3559-4, p. 218).==Discussion==The most common form of double check involves one piece moving to deliver check... read more

Check constraint

A check constraint is a type of integrity constraint in SQL which specifies a requirement that must be met by each row in a database table. The constraint must be a predicate. It can refer to a single column, or multiple columns of the table. The result of the predicate can be either TRUE, FALSE, or UNKNOWN, depending on the presence of NULLs. If the predicate evaluates to UNKNOWN, then the constraint is not violated and the row can be inserted or updated in the table. This is contrary to predicates... read more

Check (chess)

A check is a condition in chess , chessshogi and chessshogixiangqi that occurs when a player's king (or general in xiangqi) is under threat of capture on their opponent's next turn. A king so threatened is said to be ''in check''. A player must get out of check, if possible, by interposing a piece between the threatening piece and the king, capturing the threatening piece, or moving the king to a square where it is no longer in check. If the player cannot move out of check, the game... read more


In chess , a cross-check is a tactic in which a check is played in response to a check, especially when the original check is blocked by a piece that itself either delivers check or reveals a piecediscovered check from another piece. Sometimes the term is extended to cover cases in which the king moves out of check and reveals a kingdiscovered check from another piece (this is also known as a ''royal check''); it does not generally apply to cases where the original checking piece is... read more


Part of the Thomson Reuters Risk Management Solutions suite, the World-Check database of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and heightened risk individuals and organisations is used around the world to help to identify and manage financial, regulatory and reputational risk.The creation of the database was in response to legislation aimed at reducing the incidence of financial crimes. To begin with, World-Check’s intelligence was used by banks and financial institutions as a comprehensive solution... read more

Member check

In qualitative research, a member check, also known as informant feedback or respondent validation, is a technique used by researchers to help improve the accuracy, credibility, validity, and transferability (also known as applicability, internal validity, or fittingness) of a study.http://books.google.com/books?id=_ORLnBU6G5EC&pg=PA104&lpg=PA104&dq=interpretation+of+member+check&source=web&ots=vHqbwbPBmG&sig=amsKnqelNLmLReS8aHYM50ncLxc&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=1&ct=result#PPA104,M1 There... read more

Check dam

A common application of check dams is in bioswales, which are artificial drainage channels that are designed to remove silt and pollution from runoff.A check dam is a small, sometimes temporary, dam constructed across a swale, drainage ditch, or waterway to counteract erosion by reducing water flow velocity. Check dams themselves are not a type of new technology; rather, they are an ancient technique dating all the way back to the second century A.D. Check dams are typically, though not always, implemented... read more


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